This is a resource page that provides important information related to custom jewels and gemstones.  We regularly update this page with topics and you should make it a point to come here often. There is a lack of information made available to casual buyers of jewelry and gemstones. Most jewelers are interested in pushing a sale rather than in working in the longterm interest of the buyer. At Kaisilver we always believe in helping the buyer making the right decision rather than in pushing a sale.

Square gem stone rings, understanding the relevance of design and durability for your gold or silver ring with a square gem stone ... more.  


Jade has been known to man long before it was used in jewelry. The toughness of jade caused the stone to be initially used for making tools and weapons ... more.


Mens diamond rings need to be understood before being purchased. Readymade options provide little flexibility and custom made jewelry is the right way to go when ordering your mens diamond gold ring ... more.


Silver rings are popular not only because they are cheaper but also, because of their classic appearance. More men prefer 925 silver rings as compared to ladies. Mens silver wedding rings have grown in popularity in recent times ... more.


Mens onyx rings are in demand for more reasons than one. Men prefer the sobre and yet confident appeal of black gems. Traditional belief in the properties of onyx also add to the demand for this jewel ... more.


Another report on the very popular antique onyx silver pendant from Kaisilver. Based on an ancient Thai jewel, this sterling silver pendant can be made with a few other gemstones too ... more..


A star pendant can be worn by ladies and men. Kaisilver custom star pendants in gold or sterling silver ensure good looks and durability. You can also personalize your star shape pendant to match your style and preference ... more.


The nature of an emerald gem stone needs to be understood before chooing a mens emerald ring. Our report makes constructive suggestions to help you choose the right 14k or 18k emerald gemstone ring for men ... more.


Two unique gemstone bracelets, each one of these Kaisilver bracelets has something that is unique - something that is not very common. A great report for those who feel the true passion and excitement of wearing unique jewels ... more.


For men's ruby rings, the issue of gem size is an important factor. Since rubies get to be very expensive as the gem size increases, you should know the gem size that gives you the best value for money spent ... more.

Tanzanite wedding rings can be gorgeous, choosing the right silver or gold tanzanite gem stone wedding ring can also make the jewel more meaningful. Read about how a tanzanite claddagh wedding, perfectly symbolizes a marriage ... more

Male jewelry has come a long way in the past decade. Both gold and 925 silver male jewelry is now available with fine design and craftsmanship. Kai Silver male jewelry is preferred by buyers across the globe. We tell you what to expect and demand from your male jewelry ... more.

Yin Yang jewelry has retained it's popualrity for many years. What is the meaning of yin yang and is the concept of yin yang relevant in todays world. Mens yin yang rings are more popular as compared to yin yang rings for ladies. Check the Kaisilver report on yin yang and get to know more about how it can be interpreted for your benefit ... more

Cufflinks today combine utility and style. Custom cufflinks allow better expression of your preferences. Both gold and 925 silver cufflinks can be customized as plain or gemstone cufflinks. Cufflinks as corporate gifts are also gaining popularity. This report on cufflinks gives you some great ideas for customizing cuff links ... more.

Demantoid a rare gemstone is also a type of garnet. The rarity and relatively high price of demantoid garnet, keeps it away from mass marketed jewelry. The gemstone has a fire and brilliance that beats the diamond at it's own game. Get to know one of the most exlcusive and exotic garnets ... more.

Bridal gemstone rings have emerged from the belief that, diamonds are not absolutely essential when it comes to bridal rings. The shift towards bridal rings with natural gemstones has,  opened up a wide range of natural gems - almost all requirements for color, durability and price can be accommodated. The wide range of gems also means that, couples need to be guided to make the right choice and this is where, a reputed jeweler proves beneficial ... more

Men's January birthstone rings are generally made with red garnet as this garnet, is gorgeous, sturdy, natural, untreated and priced moderately. Kaisilver experts talk about red garnet and make some awesome suggestions for your men's birthstone ring with red garnet ... more. 

What should you look for when you buy a big men's ring. Rings for men with size 12 to 15 should ideally include some very specific features. Since ready made rings in these large sizes are not easily available, custom made rings are highly recommended ... more



Mens pendants, the case for custom mens pendants is strong. Readymade mens pendants cannot cater to individual requirements ... more.  


Green jade claddagh rings can be made in gold or sterling silver. Your budget and personal preference will influence which green gem stone you choose for your claddagh gemstone ring ... more.


Bracelets can be gorgeous but choosing the right bracelet is critical for the longterm durability of the jewel. Gold or silver bracelets can have good craftsmanship, design and gemstones. Equip yourself with some invaluable information that will help you choose the right bracelet from the right jeweler ... more.


Amethyst the February birth stone has been used in jewelry for many centuries. The gem was not only used to make jewelry but also, carved into goblets used for drinking wine and whiskey. The belief was that drinking from an amethyst goblet ensured that the drinker never got drunk. Check out some amazing amethyst gem stone jewelry ... more.


Antique onyx pendant, the PG750 is a classic antique silver pendant shown with a black onyx gem stone. Customizing the dimensions, metal and gem stone opens up great options for you. It is also possible to get a set of earrings and pendant with the same design concept ... more.


Garnet pendants are worn by ladies and men, red garnet gold pendants are the most popular option for garnet gemstone pendant. The report discusses issues related to 14k or 18k garnet gold pendants ... more.


Tanzanite gems, selecting loose tanzanite gemstones and understanding the relationship between tanzanite size and price. Also color suggestions for your tanzanite gemstones ... more.


Moonstone rings are popular among ladies and men. While moonstone gold rings are popular among ladies, the demand for mens silver rings is higher than that for gold rings ... more.

Bangles can be made in gold or silver. How do you choose the right bangle, what is the right weight for a bangle. Kaisilver bangles are custom made in gold or silver. Equal emphasis is given to good looks and longterm durability ... more.


Cleaning diamond rings is not tough, but trying to clean your diamond ring without understanding all related issues could damage your the ring. Without a bit of caution, you could lose your diamond ring forever in the process of cleaning it ... more.

Antique emerald ring, salvaged from ship wreck after 400 years. Kaisilver discusses why the big emerald in this antique gold ring was not completely damaged after soaking on the ocean bed for 4 centuries ... more.

There is a growing trend for men to wear a single ring for the engagement and wedding. This decision to wear the same ring for wedding and engagement is not always dictated by budget limitations. Check out this Kaisilver report for details ... more.

Small sapphire rings, provide an opportunity to get good quality sapphire gems at a modest price. Kaisilver discusses options for gold or 925 silver sapphire rings with small sapphire gems. The equation between size and price for sapphires, results in high prices for larger sapphire gemstone sizes ... more.

Black has always been a popular gem color choice for mens jewelry. This trend is visible even in mens cufflinks, we tell you how to pick a pair of great black onyx gem stone cufflinks. Custom cufflinks, allow you to choose all features according to your preference ... more.

Jade pendant, request for the gemstone to touch the skin. We discuss the very popular PG3001 jade gemstone pendant and the possible changes to be made to accomodate requests for the jade gem to touch the skin from the back side of the pendant ... more.

Mens white gold rings have shown a steady increase in demand. It is not just the current popularity of white metals that has drawn men to white gold rings. A better understanding of the metal has brought about a change in the mindset of men. The notion that white gold rings cannot be tough is wrong and is better understood today. Our report on white gold rings for men, will put you on the right track ... more

Tanzanite rings have become hot favorites and it is not just the beauty of the gem that is winning hearts. As knowledge about this African gemstone increases, jewelry lovers realize that the gem which is acclaimed to be rarer than diamonds, has some tremendous features. The single origin theme of tanzanite impresses many jewelry buyers ... more

Claddagh rings, a comprehensive report explaining the meaning and history of claddagh rings. Explained with some awesome product examples ... more


Lace agate stones, what is the meaning of lace agate and how is the lace pattern on this agate formed. ... more.


A lesser known variety of opal is pink opal. Many gem and jewelry lovers have never heard of pink opal stones. This is a gorgeous opal gemstone, off the beaten track right away. It is mined in Peru and not in the 'Opal Country' Australia ... more.


Mens cross wedding bands are popular for two reasons. They have a religious meaning and can be produced with a plain design without any gems or diamonds. The MH-02 is a custom plain cross wedding band ring for men from  Kaisilver ... more.


The ruby is often referred to as the queen of gems. Known to man from many centuries, it was at one time the privilege of the rich and powerful. The Kaisilver ruby gem stone collection has something for everyone. We also discuss the issue of fissure filled and flux heated ruby gem stones ... more.


Information and suggestions for an initial pendant. Worn by both ladies and men, gold and silver initial pendants can be custom made to suit your budget and preference. We discuss two very popular Kaisilver initial pendants, using them as an example to explain the essential features of a good initial pendant ... more.


Rough amethyst gemstones, the issue of yield when cutting rough amethyst stones. Also how bi-color amethyst gems can increase the yield in amethyst cutting operations ... more.


Mens Topaz rings are popular in gold and sterling silver. We show you the color options for a blue topaz mens ring and also discuss the lack of durability of the newer treatments used to give color to white topaz gems ... more.


The big blue sapphire wedding ring won by Kate Middleton for the 2011 royal wedding is gorgeous. This ring boasts of a rare big ceylon blue sapphire that weighs around 18 carats. We look at the story behind this awesome sapphire and diamond ring ... more.

Small gemstone rings, the issues related to ring with small gems. The option for a gold or silver small gem stone ring allows you to customize the price point of the jewel. The gem type will often influence the exact size of a 'small' gemstone. This Kaisilver report is comprehensive and extremely useful ... more

Star sapphire rings, the introduction of diffused star sapphire gemstones has brought a bigger interest and more affordability to these rings. This is true of both gold and 925 silver star sapphire rings with diffused star sapphires ... more

Do men wear topaz? A question that is strange to some, given the high demand for mens topaz rings. While both gold and silver blue topaz rings for men have maintained a consistently high demand, the question whether topaz gems are suitable for men is asked quite often ... more


Sapphire rings, jewels with a tremendous history. How do you cope with rising metal and sapphire gem stone prices. The RG237 sapphire diamond ring is a great choice for a custom made sapphire ring with good looks and a moderate price. This sapphire ring is gorgeous enough for a sapphire wedding or engagement ring and yet, priced to fit the budget for a casual wear sapphire ring ... more

Marquise gemstone rings are not very common. The challenges that this gem shape poses to the gem cutter and jeweler are well known. In this report we talk about a gorgeous and sturdy marquise tanzanite and diamond ring. This ring is a breakthrough in terms of design and construction, a spectacular tanzanite and diamond ring that combines grace and durability ... more.

Opal one of the oldest gems known to man, it is also a gem that has enjoyed tremendous popularity throughout history. What is also true is that, most opal lovers have little information regarding this gemstone. The situation gets even more confusing when complicated technical jargon is used by sellers and gem experts. Our report on opal gems tries to provide an explanation of the main terms used to describe opal gems ... more.

Discussion about the durability factor in moonstone rings. Learn why a gold or 925 silver moonstone ring need not be weak or fragile despite it's moderate 6-6.5 hardness rating. With a little bit of care, moonstone rings can give you many long years of wearing pleasure ... more

Sapphire rings are jewels that few ladies could resist, men's sapphire gemstone rings are also very popular. Browse through some fine sapphire rings and get to know more about what you should be looking for when ordering a gold or 925 sterling silver sapphire gemstone ring ... more