Claddagh Jade Rings, Gold And 925 Silver

Wearing a jade ring is like celebrating a jewel that has remained famous for thousands of years. And when this ring happens to be the famous claddagh ring from Kai Silver, you lift the jewel to an entirely new level. With a history that dates back to around 4 centuries, the claddagh ring is widely rated as the most meaningful jewels in history. Before we tell you more about the claddagh ring, let us say a few things about jade the gem featured in the claddagh rings shown on this web page. The term jade covers two stones jadeite and nephrite, both stones are tough and durable because of their internal structures. The name 'jade' is derived from the old belief that the gemstone could relieve kidney related ailments. The word jade originated from the Portuguese phrase 'piedra de ilharga' meaning 'stone of the loins'. The Spanish name for jade is 'piedra de ijade' and in French it is 'piedra de l'ejade'. The Chinese have believed since ancient times and until today that, jade ensures a long life and prosperity. 

The interesting thing about jade is that it is found in a variety of colors, white, green, yellow, red and brown. In ancient times, green was the only jade that people heard of those were the days when minerals and crystals were identified merely by color - some interesting mistakes followed! Knowledgeable gems and jewelry enthusiasts today seek gems with an interesting theme or background and jade, in colors other than green are drawing appreciation. Kaisilver jade claddagh rings are available with green jade or lavendar jade but, we can accommodate requests for other jade colors too. Both gold and sterling silver claddagh rings are provided with fine craftsmanship and custom cut jade gems. The rings are custom made in all sizes and there is no limitation on gem selection. 

Let us now talk a bit about the meaning and significance of the claddagh jade ring. The claddagh ring is named after a small fishing village (named Claddagh) in Ireland, the time was four centuries ago and the village is now a well developed town. A humble fisherman named Robert Joyce who lived in this village with his beloved, was one day captured on the seas by pirates and sold as a slave. Robert was sold to a wealthy goldsmith and started learning the trade from his master. While the physical hardships of slavery was something that he could shrug away, the thought of being separated from his beloved mentally tore him apart. He decided to make a ring for his beloved and wished that the jewel, would portray his true feelings for her. Years later when he was freed from slavery, the young man rushed back to his village and presented the ring to his beloved. The lady was waiting all these years from him and rushed into his arms, the couple were soon married and set up family in the village of Claddagh. The world came to know about the story behind the ring and gradually interpreted the features in the jewel. The ring is often referred to as the 'heart, hands and crown' ring or the 'hands clasping the heart ring'. The meaning and significance of the jewel is captured in the three features, the hands denote togetherness always, the crown showed his loyalty to her and the heart signified true love. The jewel is often referred to as the friendship, loyalty and love ring. 

Your Kai Silver jade claddagh ring retains the complete meaning of the first ring made centuries ago. Our team of experts spent several months researching the origin, meaning and tradition of this jewel. The findings from this research provided vital inputs for the design. Some of the finest artisans and gem cutters work on each claddagh ring, you get the same quality irrespective of the metal selection. The gold jade claddagh ring can be ordered in 14k or 18k gold with color options for, white, pink and yellow gold. For the silver ring we would recommend no plating as any plating done on silver will wear off after some time. But if you still prefer plating for your gold or silver jade claddagh ring with lavendar or green jade, we can provide white rhodium, yellow gold or pink gold. 

Ring Highlights:

  • Fully custom made in gold or 925 silver, all ring sizes available. 
  • Gemstones of your choice, no restriction on gem selection.
  • Jade options include green jade and lavender jade. 
  • Gold and silver rings have the same quality of gems and craftsmanship.
  • 14k or 18k gold, choose from white, yellow or pink gold.
  • Plating options for silver ring but, plating will wear off after a while.
  • Healthy metal weight for gold and silver rings. 

Kaisilver: As the leading online global provider of highend custom made jewelry, we craft jewelry with no limitation on design or gemstones. Both gold and 925 silver jewelry is given the same quality with reference to design, craftsmanship and gemstones. We will gladly work with your own design and procure just about any gem that you might need for your jewelry order. Contact our experts at with any questions or requirements that you might have. 

Pricing For Ring With Green Or Lavender Jade, Is In The First Group Of Gems

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