Yin Yang Jewelry, Meaning Of Yin Yang

If you had to wear a diamond ring or a solitaire ruby ring, not many people would enquire about the meaning of the jewel. However when it comes to jewelry with meaning, it is the significance and meaning of the jewel for which it is worn. This is very true about yin yang jewelry and that is what we are going to talk about in this report. What is the meaning of yin yang, is the yin yang belief and tradition relevant in today's world. The yin yang concept has it's roots in feng shui, it basically teaches us that the universe is made up of two opposite forces. Both these forces can reside peacefully next to each other. Going deeper into the yin yang interpretation you will learn that, neither of the 2 opposing forces that we spoke about, are entirely free from each other.

The demand for yin yang jewelry cuts across nationalities, gender and religion. Most people who believe in the yin yang concept, feel that it is relevant in their daily life too. For example, a time of hardships and pain will not last forever, good times will eventually come by. If you do not believe in this theory, you could miss some good opportunities that come your way during the tough phase that you currently face. The reverse is also true, be modest and constrained about your success and fame, reserve a bit of your energy to tackle problems that could surface in the future. It is important to understand that the yin yang theory does not teach you to be pessimistic but, rather suggests that you be aware that there will always be opposing forces at work. 

yin yang meaning

The above image shows the very famous yin yang symbol. Though the symbol has it's roots in the Chinese Feng Shui, it is today known and respected in many other countries. You would have come across the symbol not only in yin yang jewelry but, in architecture and literature too. A quick explanation of the yin yang would say that, it is a union of two opposing forces that reside next to each other. The small dots in the white and black portions have an interesting interpretation too. They imply that a part of the opposing forces are present in each other.

The above meaning of the symbol is historic but, there surely is more (reason) that draws thousands of people to wear various types of yin yang jewelry. It is very likely that people wearing gold or 925 silver yin yang jewelry, relate the interpretation of the yin yang to their daily lifestyle. At the same time we should mention that, it is not necessary to wear yin yang jewelry to experience the benefits that a yin yang englightened lifestyle can bring to you. Jewelry lovers however, love to wear jewelry with meaning and that accounts for the consistently high demand for yin yang jewelry. We will talk about how the yin yang theory can be adapted to help you cope better with yourself, your family, your profession or your business.


yin yang jewelry, mens yin yang ring

The MAN76 mens yin yang ring, is a classic mens jewel. A majestic design and a handsome metal weight combined with a very effective depiction of the yin yang symbol, have resulted in a high order rate for Kaisilver. Such yin yang jewelry adds style and class to the yin yang symbol, but the underlying theory and interpretation of the symbol remains the same. Available as a gold or 925 sterling silver yin yang ring, this men's jewel takes the help of gems and diamonds to create the yin yang symbol. The black portion is a piece of black onyx, the white portion is made from mother of pearl. These stones are intricately and precisely cut to fit the metal mountings that are designed and crafted to make the yin yang ring. The smaller stones that you will notice in the ring are natural diamonds - a white diamond adorns the black portion of the symbol and vice versa.

We now need to relate the interpretation of the ancient yin yang symbol to life today. There surely is such a relevance and this is what drives more and more people to respect the yin yang symbol. The demand for yin yang jewelry is huge and keep in mind that, not everyone who believes in the yin yang theory wears a yin yang jewel. This gives you an idea of the awareness of this ancient belief or theory. 

mens ring, yin yang gemstone

The MAN31 custom mens ring is another example of the yin yang symbol being used in jewelry. In this case the center piece of the ring is a gemstone, a natural iolite with a cushion and checkerboard cut. On either side of the center gem is a symbol with some belief or tradition attached to it. You can see the lightning symbol on the left and the yin yang on the right. This is a good example where, generally jewelry design concepts can be made to include the yin yang symbol. To give you some suggestions, a mens birthstone ring with the January birthstone (garnet) can be designed to include the yin yang symbol too.

Now let us see how we can interpret the yin yang concept to todays world. The yin yang symbolizes harmony even between opposites. This can be referred to as tolerance for differing views and ideas, even tolerance between people of different nationalities and religions. In family life, the husband and wife will need to respect each others views and sentiments even, on issues where common ground can be found. Remember the small dot in the black and white portions of the yin yang symbol (first image on this page). These dots reminds us that nothing is perfect and at the same time nothing is completely useless or worthless. We had mentioned that the states of yin and yang are never constant, they keep changing and transforming.

We have often been asked whether yin yang jewelry is suitable for wedding and engagement rings, and we have always replied with an affirmative answer. If you plan to wear an engagement or wedding ring, give serious thought to rings with meaning. The yin yang would be a great concept for a special ocassion ring. We have often said that there is no magic in this jewel but, believing and respecting it's interpretations can help you in your everyday life. It is not about any religion so let your religion or nationality not come in the way of your decision making. It is interesting to note that there are more men's yin yang wedding rings around as compared to, yin yang wedding rings for ladies - have not been able to find any logical reason for this.

The above report has been compiled to support and encourage jewelry with meaning and signifiance. While we at Kai Silver will be glad to custom make a yin yang jewelry or any other jewelry of your choice, we do not claim to be the only source. Our support experts at sales@kaisilver.com will always be glad to answer your questions and provide suggestions even if, you need not intend to buy anything from us. We have a large database of resources related to gems and jewelry that you can access. The information will help you in evaluating various options and sources when buying gems or jewelry.