Gold Or Sterling Silver Star Pendants 

A star pendant looks gorgeous and this is true of both ladies and men's star shape pendants. But for many jewelry buyers wearing a star pendant has much deeper meaning. A star is like a guiding light, it is also something that implies focus on something important or essential. Of all the pendants produced at Kaisilver each year, star shaped pendants always receive the maximum input from the buyer. This could be in terms of design, dimensions and even the option for including a gem stone in the pendant. Like most jewels that have meaning you should know that, the choice of metal does not influence the degree of significance posessed by the jewel. In this report we are going to concentrate on issues related to a ladies or mens star pendant. The emphasis is not on making a sale, if you would like to make a purchase you can always access our main website from the links provided along with the specific design.


Features of a good star pendant.  Firstly keep in mind that, this is not a final checklist of possible features that should be included in a star pendant. We provide details of features that will directly influence the quality and longterm durability of your pendant. The information is general and this makes it all the more useful, most jewelers will not care to educate you regarding such information. They are more keen on pushing you to make a purchase.


(a) Who can wear a star pendant. There is no specific age or religion that limits the suitability of a star shape pendant. Both men and ladies of all ages and all professions can wear a star pendant. You need not be a big believer in traditions and customs to get yourself a star pendant. 


(b) Suitable designs for the pendant. Every jewelry buyer who gets a star pendant would have a design concept choice. This is not something that we can standardise on this report. Broadly you could group star pendants as designs for men and designs for ladies. There would ofcourse be some designs that are suitable for both ladies and men. Make sure that the design is comfortable to wear, pointed or sharp edges and corners can hurt skin. Mens star pendants are generally quite simple but great variations in design can be seen in star shape pendants worn by ladies.


(c) Plain or studded. While this again is a matter of personal preference, a few important issues need to be evaluated when making a decision. Though there is no hard and fast rule, the general trend is for men to choose plain star pendants. Ladies star shaped pendants can be quite intricate and fancy, both gems and diamonds are often used in such pendants. If you do decide to get a gem stone star pendant in gold or silver, you will need to select a suitable gem. If this is going to be a birth stone pendant, the gem actually selects itself based on the month in which you were born. You could also select the gemstone based on a choice of color or, even based on some belief and customs. For example, many people believe that wearing a bloodstone jewel helps improve blood circulation and cures blood disorders. This is not something that we claim but, it has been a belief that has carried on for many decades.


When you choose a gem stone star pendant, you will obviously need to allocate a budget for the gemstone or diamond too. It is also important to know whether and how the overall durability of your gold or 925 sterling silver star pendant will be affected by including a gem. For example, a gemstone like kayanite is quite weak and can get damaged easily. So a silver or gold star pendant would not be durable if it included such a gemstone.


(d) Choice of metal. Every star pendant can be made in gold or sterling silver. It is true that many jewelers do not prefer to make good quality silver jewelry because of the lower profits that silver brings in. However technically there is nothing that stops them from using either of the metals. The steep rise in gold prices has obviously worked in favor of sterling silver. Many jewelry buyers prefer sterling silver star shaped pendants as they are more affordable. If you are thinking of  silver star pendant, try to get one that is not plated with rhodium or any other metal. This is because all plating on silver (no matter who does the plating) will wear off over a period of time. This could make the pendant apper quite patchy and shabby. If you choose a gold pendant, you will need to make a decision between a 14k or 18k gold star pendant. The alloy composition of these two gold karatages makes 14k gold harder (and therefore stronger) than 18k gold. You might want to keep this in mind when deciding between a 14k or 18k gold pendant.


The choice of gold color is generally made between yellow or white gold. If you heard of the story that white gold pendants are wearker as compared to yellow gold pendants, stop believing that rubbish. The fact is that a comparison between the same gold karatage will reveal that both white and yellow gold have the same hardness.


topaz pendant, star shaped pendants

A gorgeous hexagonal blue topaz gemstone set in a star shaped pendant. This pendant can be ordered with the gem stone of your choice.  A yellow or white gold star pendant would look great with a blue topaz stone. We have also provided an option for a silver star pendant, with the same quality of gem stone and craftsmanship... more.


The choice of a gem stone in the center of your star pendant adds beauty and meaning to the jewel. The PG751 gold pendant also has small diamonds to add glitter to the jewel.


Mens star pendant

A sturdy and durable mens star shape pendant. The design of this mens gold or silver pendant shows two points of the star jutting out of the circular boundry. The meaning in this feature is that, a star which is a celestial body cannot be constrained in form or scope. You can however request for a design modification that keeps the entire star within the boundry ... more.  


(e) Dimensions of the pendant So just big should your star shaped pendant be. Once again a feature that will be influenced by your personal preference and likes. In general you would find that, star pendants worn by men are larger than those worn by ladies. If you are looking for a mens star pendant a 1 inch to 2 inch size is likely to satisfy you. This is just a general trend and we have come across mens star shaped pendants in gold or silver that are much larger or much smaller than this. But if you are making a choice for a mens pendant that is smaller than 1 inch or larger than 2 inches, spend some time evaluating the dimensions before making the purchase. Similarly for ladies star pendants, a jewel that is larger than 1 inch might appear quite large.


There is one more important factor besides personal preference that should be kept in mind. The weight of the pendant needs to be proportionate to the dimensions. A jewel with insufficient weight will bend or deform easily. So if your budget cannot get you a gold pendant with a healthy metal weight, you can consider getting the same star pendant custom made with smaller dimensions. This might not be possible in jewelry stores that sell readymade jewels with no production facilities.


(f) Metal weight. Rising gold prices has resulted in jewelers producing jewels with increasingly lower metal weight. While this might make price tags look good, it compromises on longterm durability. Do you know that it is possible to make a 15 gram star pendant and an 8 gram star pendant, with very similar external appearance. If both the pendants have the same dimensions, the one with lower metal weight would have a lower metal thickness and this obviously makes that star pendant weaker. It is more likely to dent, bend or deform. If your budget cannot handle a gold star pendant with good weight and durability, consider two options. If you are getting a custom star shaped gold pendant, talk to your jeweler about retaining the same design concept but, reducing the overall dimensions of the jewel. This jewel will then require a lower gold weight and can be more durable. Another option would be to get a sturdy sterling silver pendant with similar design and gem stone (if any). As a general idea, consider star pendants with a weight of lower than 10 grams to be light weight. For a mens star shape pendant that is 1 inch in height, a gold weight of at least 15 grams is almost mandatory.


(g) Custom star pendants. A readymade pendant would give you little or no scope for personalization. For example, if you liked a readymade gold star shaped pendant but found the price to be shoot out of your budget, it is unlikely that the jeweler would make a silver star pendant for you. You could also want to reduce the dimensions of the gold pedant to bring down required gold weight and therefore the cost of the star pendant. All these are things that can be easily accomplished if you choose the right custom jewelry provider.


Another thing that a custom star pendant would do for you is to, get you better durability. This because the jeweler need not worry about satisfying mass markets, the jewel will be made specifically for you and quality compromises would not be necessary.


Kaisilver star pendants. Like all other jewelry from Kaisilver, each star pendant is fully tailormade as per buyer requirements. Unlike readymade jewels that use machine operators to operate large scale production units, your custom jewel would be attended to by some of the finest craftsmen and artisans in the industry.  Another good thing is that the production unit that works on gold star pendants, also handles the complete production of a sterling silver star shape pendant. You are therefore assured of quality irrespective of the metal that you choose for your jewel.


The choice of gemstones, design and dimensions is unlimited when you go for a Kaisilver pendant. Each gem is handpicked and custom cut by skilled gem cutters. Our support team at can answer all your queries and doubts. We prefer to provide advice and suggestions rather than to push you to make a purchase. So do bear with us if your replies sound honest and frank without any sweet sales talk.