Do Men Wear Topaz Gem Stone Rings

The consistently high demand for mens topaz rings reported by Kaisilver the world's leading online custom jewelry provider, has not managed to effectively answer one frequently asked question. Do men wear topaz? In this report we will discuss two main issues - the demand for mens topaz jewelry and the suitability of topaz gems for mens topaz rings and other types of topaz gem stone jewelry for men. This report on the popularity of mens topaz gem stone rings is not meant to get us more sales, it is just to educate, inform and answer some frequently asked questions. If you had to talk about mens rings in the medium price range, topaz gems would reveal a solid impact. It is true that some color shades of topaz are more popular as compared to others, there are some interesting things for this and we will talk about that in just a moment.

When we talk about topaz gemstone rings for men, we will include both gold and 925 silver mens topaz rings. An interesting issue would be whether topaz is indeed suitable for silver jewelry. If yes, what is it that makes topaz stones suitable for mens silver rings. We do hope that you have an opportunity to ready this report and understand the various issues before, you purchase your topaz ring. It is not important where you purchase the jewel from. A well informed decision will give you better and longer satisfaction, a hurried purchase could mean wasted dollars!

Topaz is a natural gemstone, and is mined in countries like Brazil, Nigeria and Sri Lanka. If you look at the image above, you will see a familiar blue topaz gemstone ring for men, next to that is another mens topaz gemstone ring which not be familiar to many of you. Blue topaz gems (in a few shades of blue) are the most popular color selection for topaz jewelry. Before we move to the external beauty of this awesome gemstone, let us talk about durability as that is an important factor when it comes to mens jewelry.

Topaz Hardness: Topaz gems rate an 8 on a hardness scale that reads from 1 to 10, (where 10 is the hardest). This might seem like a small technical detail but, it translates into something very good for a men's topaz ring. At Kai Silver we always say that, incorporating durability into the features of mens topaz rings is a brilliant idea - this because men are known to be (most men) quite careless with the jewelry that they wear. So you plan to get a men's gold or silver ring, consider gemstone durability as an essential factor. In gemstone jargon, we would say that the topaz gemstone has very good wearability. So to answer the question, whether men wear topaz gem stone jewelry - we would answer with a big YES and continue that, the gemstone is very suitable for mens rings too.

Topaz Colors: If you had to rephrase our initial question to read, do men wear pink topaz gem stone rings - we would surely say no. Out of the hundreds of custom mens topaz rings made by Kaisilver over the past few years, we must say that pink topaz has never been a favorite with men. In general men keep away from pinks and bright greens. Most of the topaz jewelry made by the jewelry industry includes blue topaz, this is true of mens topaz gem stone rings too. When you talk about blue topaz gems, you have some exciting color shades to choose from. Pale blue (sky blue topaz), bright blue (swiss blue topaz) and the impressive dark blue (london blue topaz) gems ensure that, there is a blue to interest every gem and jewelry lover.  The MAN19T mens topaz ring shown in the above image, is a highend jewel with a fine handpicked and custom cut London Blue Topaz (dark blue) gemstone. If you had to compare the demand for swiss blue topaz and london blue topaz when it comes to mens topaz gemstone rings, the two stones would come quite close to each other. However one important thing is that, the preference for mens gold topaz rings generally inclines towards london blue topaz. The deep saturated color of london blue topaz gives it an expensive and exclusive appearance. Many fashion experts prefer to club london blue topaz with more expensive gems like blue sapphire, blue spinel, tanzanite and even iolite. The extravagant impression that this blue color creates probably, accounts for it's high demand in gold topaz rings.

White Topaz: The release of the MAN75 mens white topaz ring from Kaisilver, brought in a significant number of queries from prospective buyers and fashion critics. The reactions of gem and jewelry lovers was interesting, most of them wanted to know whether white topaz was a natural gemstone. While many men do now wear white topaz rings, insufficient information and knowledge is to blame for this situation. Here are some facts about white topaz gems, the most important of these facts is that, white topaz is NATURAL. Infact it is the form in which more than 90% of the topaz mined occurs. Many other color of topaz including, all shades of blue topaz are derived by treating natural white topaz gems. If you wondered whether white topaz is suitable for yellow or white gold, the answer is yes for both metal colors. In the hands of expert gem cutters, the facets combined with their size and orientation can give a brilliant look to the white topaz gemstone. This can look amazing in yellow, white or even pink (rose gold color) metals.

Other Colors: We once received a nasty email from a fashion expert in France, the lady felt disturbed when we mentioned that natural pink topaz gems are very rare and expensive too. She went on to claim that she could get a large 7 carat pink topaz gemstone for under 50 U.S$! We are often amazed at the brave front put on by fashion experts, who know nothing about gemstones. Though many men would not go for a gold or silver mens topaz ring with a pink topaz, this information is essential to all topaz gem lovers. If you look around the jewelry markets these days, you will find gorgeous red topaz, green topaz, yellow topaz, pink topaz and even some stunning bi-color topaz gemstones. These gems are not in short supply and so the Kaisilver claim that, such topaz colors are very rare does not seem to make sense. The fact is that most, of these colored topaz stones are treated to acquire those fancy colors. What is more important is that, the color is ONLY ON the surface of the gemstone. The stone inside is a white topaz, the surface color means that a damaged surface would reveal the colorless white topaz stone inside! On the other hand, if you refer to natural topaz with natural color, you will indeed find that they are very very rare.

All blue topaz gems are treated to give the gemstone the required color. Kaisilver blue topaz gems have the color through the gemstone and NOT merely on the surface. So you will still have a blue topaz even if the gemstone is recut, repolished or scratched. We might tell you that, it is possible for your mens blue topaz ring, to have a blue topaz that is color treated only on the surface - make sure that you get this clarified with your jeweler before you make the purchase. 

Pricing:  Almost all of us would do some kind of a budgeting before spending money. The price of a mens topaz ring would obviously include the price component of the gemstone itself. It would not be right to say that topaz gemstones are cheap mainly because, a cheap gem or jewel always implies a compromise in terms of quality. What we would say is that, blue topaz gems are moderately priced. If you had to set the price against the features of the gemstone, the price will seem far more attractive. If your mens topaz gem stone ring needs a blue topaz that is as large as 4 to 6 carats, the gem cost would not put a big strain on the price tag. In terms of a price graph beginning with the smallest first, white topaz, sky blue topaz, swiss blue topaz and finally london blue topaz would take their respective positions. You should know that this price structure applies to white topaz, all shades of blue topaz and ofcourse even to colored topaz that is surface treated to acquire a range of colors.

Size and Cut: Let us presume that you wanted the MAN19T london blue topaz ring, made with a large blue gem that had a multifaceted cut. Considering that the gemstone in this ring would weigh around 4 to 5 carats, blue sapphire and even blue spinel would be very expensive. This would be even more true, because of the large gem size, the fancy (checkerboard) cut - expect a stone with good clarity and you would be further adding to the price. In the case of blue topaz, this is a very manageable requirement. You can get a blue topaz ring with a big topaz that weighs as much as 6 to 8 carats, at a modest price. It would also not be a big dream, to expect an eye clean blue topaz gem even in that size. The modest price also makes it possible to request for fancy cut topaz gems for your ring. The price factor is one of the strong reasons why, men do wear topaz rings.

Gold or Silver: When it comes to choosing a gold or sterling silver men's topaz gemstone ring, budget is not always the influencing criteria. Many men love the classic look and feel of 925 silver rings, this brings a significant amount of demand for mens silver topaz rings. This combined with the rising price of gold, does mean that many more men wear silver rings with topaz gems as compared to gold rings. So with the conclusion that budget and personal preference decides the choice of metal, we will look at a few technical issues related to metal.

If were considering to get a mens gold topaz ring, two issues need to be considered. The first relates to the gold karatage, highend jewelry is normally crafted in 14k or 18k gold. The fact that 14k gold is a bit harder than 18k gold could, imply that 14k mens rings are harder (sturdier) than 18k mens gold rings.  Talking specifically of Kaisilver mens rings, this might not make a big difference. We say this because the hefty gold weight that we provide for mens rings, ensures that both 14k and 18k mens rings are strong and tough.

Another decision related to mens gold topaz rings would be the choice of, yellow or white gold. If you still believe that men's white gold rings are less sturdy as compared to similar, rings made in yellow gold - change your thoughts right away. The technical composition of the gold alloy in 14k or 18k gold remains equally strong in both white and yellow gold. This ofcourse presumes that, you are making a comparison between gold of the same karatage. The good news is that, blue or white topaz gems look stunning in yellow or white gold and even in sterling silver.

If you choose to have your topaz ring made in sterling silver read this paragraph and understand the contents. At Kaisilver we recommend that silver jewelry not be plated with rhodium, gold or any other metal. The main reason is because, all platings done on your mens topaz silver ring would wear off after a while. This can make the ring appear quite dull and drab especially because, the plating does not wear off uniformly all across the ring. Now having said that, most of you will be aware that silver jewelry will tarnish as time goes by. Fortunately this is easily cleaned with, commercially available silver polish lotions and fabric. Another good thing is that, topaz gems will withstand the cleaning operation without any negative effects. It is our recommendation, to thoroughly wash the silver ring in clean water after the polishing task is complete. This will wash away any residue from the polish lotion that might be stuck to the gemstone or the metal mounting.

Topaz Birthstones: If a man wanted to wear a birthstone ring for the month of November or December, there are high chances that he would wear mens topaz ring. Traditionally, yellow topaz was recommended for the November birthstone. The rare nature of natural topaz with a natural yellow color combined with the fact that, such topaz (when found) is seen only in small sizes - required some alterations to be made in the November birthstone options. This is the reason why many birth stone charts recommend another yellow gem, citrine as the November birth stone. Blue topaz is one of the birthstones recommended for the month of December. You could choose any of the blue shades for your December birthstone mens ring but, swiss blue topaz and london blue topaz are favorites.

We do hope that you have gathered some useful and valuable information related to mens topaz rings from this report.As we have mentioned at the very beginning, the objective of this report is not to make a sale, we can do that from our regular websites. All we intend do is to emphatically answer the question - do men wear topaz and then go on to explain why, topaz is suitable for mens rings. The Kai Silver web page at has more information on the topaz. You are always welcome to send us your queries or questions at Our experts will be glad to assist you without ever pushing you to make a purchase. The actual buying and selling is secondary to us because, we are on your side.