Male Jewelry, Demanding Quality

Male jewelry is today more than just a piece of metal shaped to be conveniently worn. Most fashion critics agree that the entry of Kaisilver into the male jewelry market segment, brought about some impressive changes in the industry. Not so long ago, jewelers fooled buyers into believing that, well designed and crafted male gold or 925 silver jewelry could not appear masculing. Buyers believed that well made male jewelry would appear dainty and feminine! This wrong notion allowed jewelers to sell clumsy pieces of metal with hurriedly set gems, these jewels were not cheap either.

Kaisilver did not do any magic to change the scene, there was a lot of hard work and research. And ofcourse, there was a lot of resentment from other jewelers who never had to work hard until then. A team of experts from Kai Silver conducted a long and intense research, studying male jewelry and the lifestyle patterns of the modern male. The findings of this research helped us develop jewelry that suited the habits and lifestyle of men. It also allowed us to educate men about their 'right' to demand and get good quality male jewelry. In this section we will discuss various issues related to male jewelry, we will not worry about selling you anything. We have always committed ourselves to educating and informing buyers. Once you are equipped with relevant information and knowledge, you can make a balanced decision to select the right jewel and the right jeweler. At that point it does not matter whether you buy from Kaisilver or any other jeweler.

The Popularity Of Male Pendants

An interesting thing about male jewelry is that, pendants are more popular as compared to male rings. One of the possible reasons is that, pendants are generally not very visible whereas, rings can draw a lot of attention. Many mine like their jewelry to be quietly confident and impressive.

The CROSS88 male silver or gold cross from Kaisilver has been a steady seller for almost half a decade. This male cross is sturdy and impressive, two features that are very essential for male jewelry. We have had a large number of male jewelry buyers specifically from Europe, who requested for the stones or diamonds to be left out of the design. Jewelry buyers from the U.K often request for a rope effect to replace the gemstone portions in the pendant. You can read more details on this male cross pendant here

The realm of male pendants in the male jewelry collection does not begin and end with male crosses. What is however quite predictable is that most men, were pendants with meaning. The dragon pendant, the hayabusa pendant, the ankh pendant and even the initial pendant are good examples. The market for male jewelry and more specifically for male pendants for sheer style and fashion is definitely limited.

When wearing a male pendant, there is something that you need to understand. While it is normal for a pendant around the neck to turn around and show it's back side - you do not want to expose ugly craftsmanship and deep metal scooping on the back. A highend jewel whether made in gold or silver, should be well crafted in every portion and every corner. This is what Kaisilver does for all male jewelry and infact for all jewelry that we custom make.

Some people wonder whether cufflinks can be included in the category of male jewelry at all. Much of that aimless debating comes to an end, when you see the sheer grace and quality of Kaisilver male cuff links. With the unrestricted choice for designs, gems and dimensions there is no doubt that cufflinks can be included in the category of 'jewelry'. The CUFF-06 male cufflinks shows a custom cut pair of African amethyst gems set in finely crafted sterling silver cufflinks. Without getting into a sales pitch, we would advice you to seek full information on these gold or silver male cuff links here.

When it comes to male cufflinks with or without gems, mens seem to prefer cufflinks with some significance or meaning.  If you wondered what was the meaning of amethyst gems, here are some interesting bits of information. Besides having some tremendous folklore associated with it, amethyst also happens to be the birth stone for the month of February.

While male 925 silver jewelry has always been more popular as compared to men's gold jewelry, recent trends have further moved male jewelry buyers towards sterling silver. The historic rise in gold prices has still left the gold jewelry markets in shock. Given the fact that durability is influenced substantialy by metal weight, sturdy male jewelry in gold is getting to be increasingly more expensive by the day.

Male jewelry in the form of bracelets is also showing an increase in demand, however the market for male pendants and male rings is bound to outpace male bracelets at least for the next 5 to 10 years. When you talk about male silver or gold bracelets and bangles, make sure that they have an impressive design and metal weight. You would prefer to have that masculine feel and look on your wrist. Affordable options can be discussed with your jeweler.

Male silver rings are one category of male jewelry that has benefitted immensely from the rapid increase in gold prices. Kaisilver male rings are always available as gold or 925 silver rings. An added benefit of getting your male 925 sterling silver ring from Kaisilver is that, you are assured of the same quality in terms of metal weight, craftsmanship, design and gems for our gold or 925 sterling silver male rings.

Below is a good example of, how men look for meaning in the jewelry that they wear. The MAN31 men's 925 silver ring has etchings done on either side of the center gem stone. The etching you see in an image is that of a lightning symbol. On the other side, is an etching of the famous and highly respected yin yang symbol.

male silver jewelry, male iolite ring 925 silver

Many people who have seen the Kaisilver MAN31 male ring confuse it with a gold ring. This is mainly due to the fine design and craftsmanship provided for the jewel. While we can custom make all male jewelry including this iolite gem stone ring in white or yellow gold, it is also available in 925 sterling silver.  You can customize the meaning or significance that your male 925 silver ring can have for you. For example, the lightning symbol could be replaced with a cross or some egyptian character. There is more detailed information on the MAN31 Kaisilver male ring here

The above information is compiled by the experts at Kaisilver, the world's leading online highend custom jewelry provider. A full report on male jewelry with some interesting ideas and suggestions can be reviewed at Our support team is always available at to answer any queries or requirements that you might have. With no obligation to buy anything form us, we urge you to take complete advantage of our expertise in every aspect of gemstones and jewelry.