Ruby Rings, 14k or 18k Ruby Gold Rings

Before you spend your money on a ruby ring, you should understand the various issues involved in selecting the right 14k or 18k ruby ring. A few decades ago, buying a ruby gem stone ring was a fairly straightforward affair. There were natural rubies in various grades, you matched them with your budget and made the purchase. As gem manufacturers became aware of the internal composition of natural rubies, they started using practices that are quite often unfair to the buyer. Couple this with the fact that, most jewelers including the world's top jewelry houses prefer to push a sale rather than educate the buyer and you know that things are not very easy for a jewelry buyer today. This Kaisilver report on ruby rings is not going to make you a gem stone expert but, it will go a long way in allowing you to make a well informed decision.


We often receive queries from buyers inquiring about our ruby rings. Some buyers claim to have seen a ruby ring with a 4 carat, eye clean 'ruby' gem at a price that is almost 60% cheaper than our price! Translated to dollar terms it would mean that a ring that has a larger and better ruby than our ruby ring that is priced at around 3,000 U.S$, costs only around 1,200 U.S$!. When we come across such cases, we prefer to explain the facts to the buyer rather than try to justify our pricing. The point is that, a 3,000 U.S$ ruby ring from Kaisilver would most probably have a ruby that is around 2 to 2.5 carats in size, this will surely NOT be an eye clean ruby gem. The ring that the buyer claims to have a 4 carat eye clean ruby gem should be in the price range of around 30,000 U.S$ to 50,000 U.S$ and surely NOT 1,200 U.S$. To be honest, it is almost impossible to get a 4 carat natural ruby that is eye clean today. With direct contacts at ruby mining sites across the globe that include, Mozambique, Thailand and Burma we can say that a 4 carat eye clean natural ruby gem stone would sell for around 10,000 U.S$ to 15,000 U.S$ per carat. We are not trying to say that the buyer wasy lying, the sad part is that the jeweler trying to sell him that 'ruby' ring never cared to inform him about something. Such a ruby has to be a fake which is a mandmade imitation, there is also a distant possibility that it is a fissure (glass) filled ruby. An imitation ruby or a glass filled ruby, should not cost you more than 10 U.S$ per carat even in retail price.


In this report, we put together some important and useful information regarding ruby gems and ruby rings. We also talk about the latest treatments used to enhance the appearance of rubies. No other jeweler would care or dare to expose these details but, at Kaisilver we believe that a well informed decision made by a buyer is good for the jeweler too. Once you have read and understood this report, you will be better equipped to evaluate various ruby gem stone rings from different jewelers.

The ruby gem stone has been known to man for many centuries. The interesting thing is that many red gems that were presumed to be rubies were infact not rubies at all! Some of the rubies, present in the jewelry owned by the British royals, were later found to be red spinel and not rubies. The red color of the ruby gave it a unique identity. There was a time when every red gem was taken to be a ruby, just as every green stone was believed to be an emerald. Rubies are the birthstone for July and represent love and affection. If you believe in gems that represent the day of the week, your ruby ring would signify the Tuesday gem stone. Many jewelry lovers order or even gift ruby gold rings as anniversary gifts. This gem represents the 15th, 40th and 80th anniversary years.

The RG215 yellow or white gold ruby ring is suitable for ladies and men. The center ruby is a 7mm round gem, the diamonds in this ruby gold ring are of size 2.5mm. Like all other Kaisilver jewelry, you can order this ring in 14k or 18k gold ... more.


The ruby belongs to the corundum mineral family, included in this family is the famous sapphire gem stone too. The color of rubies can range from pinkish-red to blood red. Gemstone experts refer to the blood red rubies as 'pigeon blood' red rubies. This is a tough gem stone with a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale. You will be interested to know that 10 is the maximum ranking for hardness alloted to gems and diamonds. That top spot is occupied by diamonds, ruby gems come a close second at 9. The impressive hardness this gem is one of the reasons for the popularity of ruby rings.


For several centuries Burma was the best source for fine rubies. Most of the ruby rings and other ruby gem stone jewelry owned by the rich, powerful and famous wear gems mined in Burma. As the demand for the gem stone increased, mechanized mining operations began to intensify. There are two reasons for the low supplies of good quality Burmese rubies these days. The first reason is obvious, the best gems have already been mined out from these mines. Few good pieces remain and they are generally sold on contract to high end jewelry providers. Kaisilver is one of the custom jewelry providers to get preferential access to rubies right at the Burmese mines. Another reason for the low ruby supply from the mines in Burma is the embargo on Burmese rubies implemented by the U.S.A. This step was in retaliation to the shabby human rights record in Burma. But this move by the U.S has met with partial success, rubies are still sold out from Burma. Some of these are smuggled into parts of Africa and then imported back into the gems and jewelry industry as, African rubies!

A sleek and yet sturdy, ruby diamond engagement ring. The center oval gem stone in this ring is flanked by 2 genuine diamonds. Both white and yellow gold options are available for this ruby gem stone ring ... more.  


At Kaisilver, every ruby is picked directly from the miners. After close inspection, the gem is custom cut to fit our custom made ruby rings, ruby pendants or other jewelry with ruby stones. The fact that we procure rubies directly from the source brings dual benefits to our custom made jewelry buyers. There is no possibilty of fake rubies entering our inventory. By eliminating the chain of middlemen and brokers, we provide better value for your money. In the normal course of gem business, each broker or middle agent, adds his share of profit to the gem.

A tremendous square ruby gem stone ring, sturdy design and construction. Prongs provide protection to the corners of the gem stone. Diamond accents on the shoulder for the RG131 custom Kaisilver ruby gold ring ... more.


Square ruby gem stone rings are not very common. Most gem manufacturers are of the opinion that square gem cuts involve a high degree of weight loss. The high degree of customization provided for Kaisilver ruby rings allows you to choose something that is unique and not common. The RG131 ruby diamond ring would make a stunning engagement or wedding ring. With square gems you need to provide good protection for the pointed corners, the above image shows you the ideal prong setting for square gem stone rings.  

Let us now talk about the clarity of ruby gem stones. As a general rule you can say that, finding a ruby that is more than 2 carats in weight and eye clean is very tough. This ofcourse refers to natural rubies and not manmade fakes. The inclusions in rubies come through the millions of years that it takes for the gem to be formed. Environmental and climatic changes and even dust and other particles can all show visible inclusions in the ruby stone. As the size of the ruby gem increases the number of inclusions also goes up.

A sturdy, durable and impressive mens ruby gold ring. Packing a hefty 20 to 25 grams of gold, the MAN50 custom mens ruby ring can be ordered in 14k or 18k white or yellow gold. The center gem stone is a 7mm round ruby gem stone ... more.  


If all rubies have natural inclusions that can be seen even with the naked eye, what exactly is a good ruby gem. If you are looking for a ruby ring with a good quality ruby, give attention to these details. The gem should not have too many inclusions, the inclusions should not substantially affect the clarity (transparency) of the ruby. The surface of the gem should not be cracked or show fine holes or pits. The fissures in the ruby should not rise upto the surface. The gem should be well cut, to proportions and shape. If you check your ruby gem stone ring from under the stone, make sure that the gem is not chipped or broken on the lower side. Since rubies should always have some degree of transparency, defects on the bottom of the gem can show up through the top surface.


We now come to the important issue of gem treatment processes used for rubies. Let us first understand what gem treatments are used for. This is important as it is highly unlikely that your ruby gem ring, would have a ruby that has not been treated or enhanced in any way. Gem treatments are used for various reasons, but generally the objective is to beautify the gem. In the case of rubies, heat treatment is the oldest process used and this actually enhances the clarity and color of the gem. The earliest heat treatment for rubies has been practised for several decades and involved, plain heating in specially prepared crucibles and ovens. A ruby ring that is set with a heat treated ruby gem, is accepted by everyone including gem stone experts.

The historic claddagh ring with a ruby gemstone. This yellow or white gold claddagh ring has a 7mm heart shaped rub gemstone. The tremendous history and meaning of this jewel makes it one of history's most respected jewels ... more.


As the deposits of rubies in the mine depleted, much of the output consisted of lower grade rubies. These could not be beautified by simple heart treatment. However not using these rubies would mean heavy losses for the miner and gem manufacturer. A new heating process was developed that could beautify even the lower grade rubies. Without getting too technical, we will refer to this as the flux method. In this process a chemical (like borax) is used in the oven. The purpose is to reduce the melting point of the rubies in the oven, this is the work of any flux agent. As the rubies heat up, the portion near the internal fissures starts melting. The molten ruby 'flows' into the fissures and cracks and 'fills' them up. This increases the lustre and clarity of the ruby, such rubies are referred to a fissure filled rubies. The demand for fissure filled rubies is on the rise, increasing quantities of flux filled rubies are being used in the gems and jewelry industry these days.

We now come to another form of fissure filling used for ruby gems. Rubies treated with this process are called glass filled rubies, the name makes the process quite clear. We would ideally suggest that, you do not choose one of these rubies for your yellow or white gold ruby ring. A glass filled ruby is a very low grade ruby that is treated with glass, this gives the stone a pretty color and good clarity. However the durability of the ruby is drastically reduced.

When it comes to gold color, yellow or white gold ruby gem stone rings look awesome. Pink and red gems are always the least fussy when it comes to gold color. Kaisilver ruby rings are available in 14k or 18k gold, you can ofcourse make a selection of yellow or white gold.  

Contact the Kaisilver support team at if you have any requirement for a ruby gold ring or any other jewel. You can even send us your favorite designs to be custom made, or choose from our collection. Ruby gems used in our jewelry are procured directly from miners, we leave out the middlemen from the gem procurement process. This means that you get better value for your money, you can also rest assured that no gimmicks or tricks have been played with the ruby gem stones that you get. When you talk about a ruby ring design there is really is no limitation at Kaisilver. All the old or silver rings on our website can be produced with the gem stone of your choice. The fact that we even accept your designs to be custom made, further adds to your freedom to choose.