Garnet Gemstone Pendants, 14k or 18k Gold Pendant 

A garnet pendant could be worn as a January birthstone jewel. The beauty of red garnets makes them suitable for people of all ages and you really do not need to be born in January to get yourself a nice garnet gem stone pendant. Men often do not like bright red gems, red garnets are not bright or flashy. A gold pendant with a deep red garnet gemstone would look great for a man or lady. The design and dimensions of a pendant might need to be customized to suit individual preference. Some jewelry lovers might love small pendants just to give a hint of beauty and style while others, might be impressed by the rarity of large garnets and go for the pendant with the largest gem that can possibly be found and budgeted for. In this report on garnet gem stone pendants, we discuss few design concepts that are suitable for garnet gemstone pendants. The idea is not to sell you something, we have our regular websites to do that. We would rather use this space to discuss various issues related to garnet pendants. The information is general and will therefore be useful to almost everyone.



About GarnetsMost people are aware only of red garnets but, the garnet family is really quite large and includes gems of many colors. If you find that most garnet pendants are made with red garnets, there are a few reasons for this. The durability of garnets is almost uniform across all garnet varieties. Red gems have always enjoyed a special position as far as demand is concerned. Comparing features, size and price red garnets give you great value for money. While rubies and spinels in red can are options, they are far more expensive as compared to good quality red garnets.


Red garnets are a deep red and do not look loud or gaudy. This makes them appeal to both men and ladies. As of today, no treatment is applied to red garnets to enhance it's clarity or beauty. So if you get a red garnet gold or silver pendant with a genuine red garnet gemstone, you can be sure that it is a natural untreated red garnet. This is true of most garnet varieties. The situation could change once the availability of the gemstone is restricted due to heavy mining that depletes resources.


Garnet is the January birthstone, and a red garnet pendant is a great option for a man or lady. Kaisilver garnets are procured directly from the mines, after careful selection of the rough our skilled gem cutters custom cut each piece to precisely fit the gold or silver mountings that we produce. The color red symbolizes love and caring, it is about passion that need not be limited to matrimonial relationships.


The PG1100 is an awesome gold pendant with garnet gemstone. The most attractive part of this garnet gem stone pendant is the large center stone. For those of you who are familiar with gemstones and red garnets in particular, you will agree that big square garnets that are about 15mm in size are indeed quite rare. This is one of the reasons why you do not come across readymade garnet pendants with such big gemstones. Each red garnet is handpicked by our gem buyers from miners, and it is not often that the miners have such large gems to give us.

Another interesting thing about this garnet gem stone pendant is that the design is suitable for ladies and men. Since each gold pendant is fully custom made, the dimensions of the jewel can be customized to suit your preference. You could therefore get a 7mm to 8mm gemstone set in a gold pendant with the same design concept. Observe the gemstone cut and you will notice that it is not the conventional faceting that has been done. The Kaisilver pendant is shown here with a multi-faceted cut which is also known as the checkerboard cut. By using custom cut gems for your yellow or white gold garnet pendant, we give you the option to request for a conventional faceted gem, a smooth (cabachon) gem with no facets or a checkerboard cut. More details for the PG1100 14k or 18k gold pendant can be accessed at


We would like to mention that, the same pendant concept can be ordered with the gem stone of your choice. In the case of expensive gems like ruby, emerald, sapphire or tanzanite sizes as big as 15mm are almost impossible to find and even if found, would wear an enormous price tag. We have therefore provided gem size options for this gold pendant.

When you  buy any jewel there is one factor that you need to consider and that is the durability of the jewel. This is all the more important when it is a highend gold pendant like the ones discussed on this report. Longterm durability of a garnet pendant or any other jewel for that matter, will be influenced by a number of factors, and one of these is the durability of the gemstone. Red garnets have a hardness of around 7.5 which is impressive considering the fact that, the Mohs scale that is used to measure gem stone hardness runs from 1 to 10 where 10 is the hardest. Color stability is another good feature of red garnet gems, the gem will not fade in color when exposed to normal sunlight or household lighting devices.


It is widely known that pendants go through less wear and tear as compared to rings or even bracelets. Coupled with a good design and skilled craftsmanship, your garnet gold pendant can last for generations. We would like to mention that healthy metal weight is also essential for building longterm durability into any jewel. Kaisilver custom jewelry is normally made with a metal weight that is 50% to 70% more as compared to what other jewelers would provide for similar designs. The benefits of this can be felt in the longterm when you need not spend money on frequent or expensive repairs. It is for this reason that a simple price comparison between Kaisilver jewels and other jewels that look similar, is not the right way to make an evaluation and buying decision.



The PG2000 is another classic Kasilver gold pendant. Once again a large 15x7mm red garnet gemstone set in 14k or 18k gold. The red color of this garnet ensures that it will look equally gorgeous in a yellow or white gold pendant. This custom gold pendant is a bit more lavish and extravagant as compared to the PG1100. The small gems on either edge can be diamonds or white sapphires. Notice how the gemstone has been entirely bordered with gold. this protects the edges from chipping or breaking. The garnet pendant as shown here is a 'slider' which means that the chain slides into a slot provided on the backside of the pendant. Full customization allows you to request for a regular movable bale to be provided on top of the pendant.


You can see that the total length of this yellow or white gold garnet gem stone pendant is 2.5cm or a complete inch. If you prefer smaller jewel formats, email us the dimension requirement at and your support experts will come up with suggestions and specific price quotes. Like always, the choice for gemstones is yours and each gem will be handpicked and custom cut. Get more details on this custom gold pendant at


Kaisilver jewelry is custom made in gold or sterling silver. You choose the design, dimensions and gemstone for your jewelry. The designs can be selected from our collection or suggested by you in the form of sketches or images. We rely completely on the skills of artisans and craftsmen, each jewel is crafted by them. Your choice is not restricted by a fixed set of moulds or a limited inventory of gemstones. Our support team can be contacted at with any queries or requirements that you might have.