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Pendants are special jewels, they can have meaning and significance, they can take your style statement to the next level and they make tremendous gifts. A custom pendant is what  you should aim for, Kaisilver recommends a gold or 925 silver pendant tailor made to include all your preferences. When choosing a pendant, give a thought to the dimensions of the piece. A pendant with a simple concept and moderate size is more likely to be suited for formal and informal occasions. While you could have a plain silver or gold pendant with no gems, there is no doubt that stones including diamonds add a new dimension to a pendant. You could pick a gem based on color or go for your favorite gemstone. It is also possible to make a special connection to your pendant by choosing a birthstone or some other gem, that has a meaning to you. Beliefs and traditions attached to gems are often born thousands of years ago. You might have heard that, a garnet pendant can boost confidence and inspire creativity. Many crystal healers recommend wearing an emerald pendant to help build, maintain and repair relationships. Kaisilver can custom make a pendant for you with your design or ours, you can even send in design images or sketches of your own. We also allow you to pick the stone or diamond of your choice, there is no need to limit your selection to what is mentioned on our website. Get in touch with our experts at if you wish to  discuss any issue related to gems and jewelry. 

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While each Kaisilver pendant is meticulously crafted by expert jewelry artisans in Thailand, jewelry lovers wear pendants for various reasons - not always for their style and beauty. Not all pendants are encrusted with gems and diamonds, it is possible to have a fine pendant with no gems - a cross pendant  is an excellent example. You could surely pick an elaborate cross pendant with precious gems and diamonds but, the meaning of the jewel will always be symbolized by the cross shape. Kaisilver crafts fine Hayabusa pendants in gold and silver, this pendant is generally designed and made with no gemstones. Having said that, you always have the final say in deciding the design and gems and diamonds for your pendant. 

When it comes to gemstone pendants, almost no other jeweler can provide the high level of customization that we do. With preferential access to over 200 million carats of gems, we place absolutely no restriction on your choice of gemstones. We can procure just about any gem for your pendant, from any corner of the globe. Each gem is checked multiple times by qualified gem experts, every gem is then sent to an external gem testing office - this to certify the authenticity of the gemstone. The bottom line is that, you always get the best gemstone at each price point. 

The fact that you have an unrestricted choice of gems, can make it a challenging task. You are always welcome to contact the team of Kaisilver experts at for any questions that you might have. Traditions and beliefs in gems are many, let us know what interests you and we can gather additional information to help make gem suggestions. Wearing a green gem pendant for example, is believed to bring calm and reconciliation, green also symbolizes regeneration and progress. Green gems include emerald, peridot, green jade, green tourmaline, tsavorite, chrysophrase, demantoid etc. Aquamarine pendants are believed to bring peace and harmony to a home. Yellow citrine is often referred to as a 'merchant's stone'. It is not uncommon for businessmen to wear a citrine pendant or ring, this to attract success and prosperity. Citrine with its bright yellow color is also worn to bring happiness and joy.

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We can go on and on talking about gemstones and gem options for your gold or silver pendant but, let us do that in future reports. But before we move to the next aspect of your pendant, we should spend a moment talking about birthstones. Keeping the explanation as simple as possible. The concept is that each one of us makes a connection to a specific gem(s), this based on the month in which we were born. Wearing your birthstone is believed to bring good luck and keep bad times away. A gemstone pendant with the birthstone of the wearer, would therefore have an added meaning and significance. We have included the well known Kaisilver birthstone chart at the bottom of this page - refer to it and email our support team if, you need any further information. When going for a birthstone pendant in gold or silver, it is best to go for a custom pendant  - this is where you get to choose the metal, gemstone and dimensions for your pendant.

You can pick any pendant design from our websites or send us your own design concept, next choose the metal (gold or silver) and let us know your choice of metal. Our experts will handcraft a pendant that looks great and also rates high on durability. When comparing prices for a pendant across a range  of jewelers, please make a fair comparison based on gem quality, metal weight and quality of workmanship that we provide..


How To Order: All the items on this page will have a link, that takes you to a detailed report. Details of pricing, gem options, dimensions, mode of payment, delivery time etc. are clearly mentioned. You are welcome to contact us at at for any further information that you might need. We did mention above that, Kaisilver pendants can be crafted based on a design provided by you - email us the image or sketch if you would like us to craft a unique pendant for you. We also craft rings, pendants, bangles, bracelets, earrings and cufflinks in gold and silver, all gem options and your design or ours.

Who Is Kaisilver: The leading online provider for high end custom jewelry in Thailand, Kaisilver today serves over 12,000 gem and jewelry lovers in 15 nations. We craft all types of jewelry in gold and silver, no restriction on design or gemstone. Gold and silver jewelry is expertly handcrafted, by some of Thailand's finest artisans. Both metal options are crafted to the same premium standards. Networked to almost every gem mining and cutting location across the globe, we have preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones. This is precisely why your gem selection, need not be restricted to what is shown or mentioned on our websites. Rest assured that you will always get the best gem at each price point. Contact us at with any queries or requirements, related to gemstones and jewelry that you might have. We will be glad to help even if, you plan to buy nothing from us. 

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