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The Claddagh ring is more than just a jewel, it holds tremendous meaning and has been a tradition for the past four centuries. Kaisilver was the first jewelry provider to conduct an intense research into the history and meaning of this historic jewel. The story of the Claddagh rign began in a small fishing village in Ireland, that was 4 centuries ago. Our team spent several months in that country, we talked to renowned researchers and visited some prominent libraries. As we unraveled the mystery behind this gorgeous jewel we realized that, we had to be very responsible and accurate when working on the specifications for the ring. We published our story and in a short while, people across the world came to know of the touching story behind this jewel. Each Kaisilver claddagh ring is crafted by skilled artisans in gold and 925 silver, there is no limitation on gem selection. Our experts ensure that, every ring retains the complete meaning of the first jewel made centuries ago. The ring crafted by us is regarded as the world's best and most accurate rendition of the jewel. We offer claddagh rings for men and women. 

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History Of The Claddagh Ring: As disclosed by the Kaisilver study, the first claddagh ring was made about four centuries ago. An Irish slave by the name of Robert Joyce is credited with making the first ring. The young man was a fisherman by profession, the boat in which he was sailing was once raided by pirates and Robert was captured to be sold as a slave. A wealthy goldsmith 'bought' the man, he was forced to learn the trade. As time went by Robert Joyce kept thinking of his beloved who lived in the same village. The young man kept feeling depressed and wished to do something that would raise his morale. He decided to make a ring for the lady in his life. He wished to express his feelings through the features of the ring, he dreamed that he would one day be a free man and be reunited with her. A few years later, Robert was released from slavery and he rushed back to his village. He was glad to see that his beloved was faithfully waiting for him. He gave her the ring, the couple were soon married and set up home in the same village. The name of the village was Claddagh and that is where the ring got its name from.  

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What Does The Claddagh Mean: We read above that, the Claddagh ring gets its name from the small village in which Robert Joyce lived. It was this young man that first made the ring centuries ago. The features of the ring were specifically meant to reveal Robert's true feelings for his beloved. It is the heart, hands and crown that give the claddagh ring its meaning. The hand denote togetherness, the heart symbolizes love and the crown signifies loyalty. The meaning of the ring is held in these three features, you really cannot have a claddagh ring with any of these important features missing. It is true that the first claddagh ring was crafted with no gemstone, it was an all metal piece. Kaisilver was the first jewelry provider to craft fine claddagh rings with an unlimited range of gemstones. Besides adding to the beauty and elegance of the jewel, a gemstone can also add meaning to the jewel. You could for example, pick a birthstone for your 925 silver or gold claddagh ring. [ Full Report ]

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Kaisilver Claddagh Rings Highlights

  • Each ring is fully custom made in gold or sterling silver. Both metal options are designed and crafted to the same superior quality standards.
  • We offer claddagh rings with or without gemstones. There is no limit on gem selection. 
  • All Kaisilver claddagh rings retain the entire meaning of the first ring made 4 centuries ago.
  • Rings are crafted to look gorgeous and provide long term durability.  
  • We craft claddagh rings for both men and women.
  • We provide an option where 3 diamonds (2mm, 2.5mm, 2mm) can be set in the crown. 
  • You can order a 10k, 14k or 18k gold claddagh rings in yellow, white or pink gold.
  • Sterling silver claddagh rings have the same quality standards as the gold rings.

How To Buy: To begin with, do not be in a rush to make a purchase. Ensure that you have all the details for the item that interests you. Every item shown on this web page has a link to a full report page. Access the page to learn about options, price and other details. Kaisilver can craft any type of jewel for you in gold or 925 silver, with your design or ours. Our experts at  would be glad to answer any doubts or requirements that you might have.