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Kaisilver custom jewels are produced in gold or sterling silver with gemstones of your choice.  The rings shown below are just meant to give you an idea of the type of design and craftsmanship that we provide. You can actually request for any gold or silver ring to be made with the metal, design and gemstones of your choice. The fact that we provide the same level of quality in terms of design and craftsmanship for both gold and sterling silver rings, shows our commitment to providing quality jewelry. Our support team can be contacted at sales@kaisilver.com and will be glad to answer any queries or doubts that you might have. We do not hire smart talking sales staff and instead, manage all queries through a team of gem and jewelry professionals.

One of the best selling rings from Kaisilver. This mens gold or silver ring has a handsome design and construction. Custom made with over 20 grams of gold, the custom ring can be ordered with your choice of gem stone. The MAN57 ring is shown here in 14k yellow gold with a genuine custom cut deep red garnet gem stone. ... more.




A mens tanzanite ring, the MAN61 tanzanite diamond ring from Kaisilver has every good feature that is expected of a highend custom ring. Tanzanite is a gem that needs to be kept away from phyical impact, the researched design provides a recessed mounting for the gemstone. The shoulders of this custom mens ring has 3 princess cut diamonds on either side. You ofcourse get to choose the center and side stones when you order your custom mens ring ... more.  



 A classic claddagh ring, one of history's most meaningful jewel. A history that dates back to over 375 years, the RG232 is a custom jewel from Kaisilver. Available in gold or sterling silver, you can choose the gemstone of your choice for the claddagh ring that you order. Shown above with a pink tourmaline gem and diamonds in the crown ... more.

A majestic mens amethyst gemstone ring. Finely crafted as a gold or 925 silver amethyst ring for men, this custom ring has a handsome gold weight. The ring is comfortable to wear and has a number of features to ensure longterm durability. The MAN19A mens amethyst ring is shown above as a two tone gold ring, you could however request for a single gold color too. The handpicked gemstone for this ring, is a medium purple amethyst gem. This is the color shade for amethyst that is very popular for ladies and mens amethyst rings ... more

Mens cross wedding band, durable and sturdy. The MH-02 is designed to withstand daily use. Handsome design and metal weight give you great value for your money. The custom made cross band ring can be ordered in gold or sterling silver. Like all other custom jewelry from Kaisilver, the ring size and band width can be selected by you ... more.




A gorgeous three gem stone ring, perfect for a mothers gem stone ring. Take advantage of the complete customization of Kaisilver custom jewelry, select a gold or sterling silver mothers birth stone ring. The RG150 is shown here with an oval iolite gem in the center, on either side are pear shaped citrine stone. Select family birthstones or gems by color. You can ofcourse choose the gemstone of your choice when ordering the Kaisilver mothers ring ... more.  



A unique sapphire diamond ring, shown here is the RG224 white gold blue sapphire ring. If you are looking for an extravagant look for a sapphire engagement or wedding ring, give this custom jewel a close look. Pink sapphires, rubies or any other gemstone is what you can choose for your custom ring in gold or silver. Awesome custom ring in yellow or white gold, choose from 14k or 18k sapphire rings ... more

mens peridot gemstone ring

A mens peridot ring with an oval peridot gemstone. This custom peridot ring can be ordered in gold or sterling silver. rest assured that you will get the same quality of service, gemstone, diamonds and worksmanship for the gold or 925 silver peridot mens ring. Peridot is the August birthstone and has a gorgeous lime green color. The hint of golden yellow shows up within the green color of the gemstone and, seems to light up even the cloudiest of days. It is true that blue and green gems appeal to everyone irrespective of age, gender and religion. We have more details for this stunning peridot and diamond ring ... more.

Kaisilver custom jewels are custom made by some of Thailand's finest craftsmen. Each jewel is provided complete attention for every single detail.  There are no restrictions on design, metal, gemstones or dimensions. In most cases, the only limitation that you will be experienced when choosing Kaisilver custom made jewelry would be related to budget and imagination.


Kaisilver was the first and remains the only, high end custom made jewelry provider to offer the same quality of design, gemstones and craftsmanship for gold or silver custom jewelry. Our commitment can be seen from the fact that, the same production, design and quality control for gold and sterling silver jewelry orders.


We custom make all types of jewelry and not just custom rings. The Kaisilver range of custom made jewels include pendants, cufflinks, earrings, bracelets and just about any other jewel that you need. We specialize in traditional jewelry like claddagh rings and even cross pendants and rings. A research team studies the background and customs related to each design. This allows us the retain the essential elements in every jewel.


While you can choose from our wide design collection and request for any modifications that you need, we also produce custom jewelry as per customer design and specifications. Email us your queries and doubts related to gems and jewelry at sales@kaisilver.com and our team of experts will be glad to make suggestions and provide advice.

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