Rings With Gemstones

custom jewelry

The popularity of gemstone rings is at an all time high, style conscious men and women have opened up to the entire galaxy of natural gemstones. There was a time when ruby, sapphire and emeralds along with diamonds were presumed to be the only worthy gems. Kaisilver with its direct contacts with almost every gem mining location on the globe, allows you to select a gem without any restriction. Both gold and sterling silver gemstone rings should have the same quality standards. Most jewelers give secondary importance to 925 silver gemstone rings but, Kaisilver standards apart from the rest. You can order a ring with a design picked from our websites or send us your own design sketches and images. We craft rings for both men and women, all rings are designed to be long lasting. Our rings generally have a metal weight that is 40% to 60% more than, what other jewelers would provide. Every jewelry expert knows that, a healthy metal weight is one of the most important requirements for durability. Email our experts at sales@kaisilver.com if you have any questions or requirements related to gems and jewelry. 

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sapphire gemstone rings

While blue sapphires retain their centuries old popularity, you might be interested to know that a sapphire gemstone ring can include a yellow, white, pink, green, orange or blue sapphire gem. The RG800 is a fine sapphire ring with diamonds ... more

cat ring with gemstone silver gold

It's cute, it's gorgeous, it's awesome and it is from Kai Silver. A custom cat ring in gold or silver with just about any gemstone that you fancy. Choose your birthstone or pick your favorite gem.. An fun choice for a mother's day, Valentine's or graduation day gift ... more

pink sapphire gemstone ring

A stylish and slim gemstone ring from Kai Silver. The square pink sapphire in the center is mounted in a gold or 925 sterling silver ring that is crafted by extremely skilled artisans. You can order this square gem stone ring with the gem of your choice ... more

spessartite ring for men

If you every thought that garnets are all about red, the MAN122 will come as a pleasant surprise. This big men's ring features the rare orange garnet. Gem quality spessartite is a 100 times rarer than red garnet. The gem looks awesome in all metal colors ... more

claddagh gemstone ring

Widely believed to be the history's most meaningful jewels, the Claddagh ring has a 400 year old history. Kaisilver claddagh gemstone and plain rings are crafted for men and women. You get to choose the gem stone for your ring and pick gold or sterling silver ... more

star sapphire ring

A classic look for this diffused star sapphire gemstone ring, the ring can be ordered in gold or sterling silver. You can order this star sapphire ring in gold or 925 sterling silver, all size requests can be accommodated. There are two pear shaped gems in this ring ... more

amethyst gemstone ring for men

A broad gemstone ring for, shown with a custom cut amethyst gem. You could order this ring in 14k or 18k gold and silver is also an option. The design concept in this ring is suitable for setting a garnet, citrine, blue topaz, aquamarine, tourmaline etc gemstone ... more

aquamarine gemstone ring

A round gemstone ring, gold or silver with an unlimited choice of gems to choose from. Aquamarine is the pastel blue version of beryl. Interestingly both aquamarine and emerald, are members of the same mineral family - beryl. Learn all about this ... more

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