Green Gemstone Claddagh Rings 

Options for claddagh rings with green gemstones could depend on your personal preference and also on your budget. We would like to add one more factor that will help you choose the right green gem for your claddagh ring and this relates to, the environment in which your ring would be worn. You might for example be lucky enough to have a hefty budget allocation for a green gem claddagh ring, this could probably get you a high quality emerald claddagh gem stone ring. But if you would be wearing your claddagh gem stone ring when doing a lot of heavy physical activity then, emerald is not the gem stone for you. You also need to remember that paying a high price for a gem does not mean that the gem will be very tough and durable. It is therefore important to have a fairly good understanding of various gems before making a choice of the green gem stone for your gold or silver claddagh ring. In this section we will discuss some important green gem stones that can be used for your claddagh green gem ring. If you need more information on any topic related to gems or jewelry, email us at and our team of experts will be glad to guide you and make suggestions.


One of the very popular green gems is emerald. There was a time when every green gem was presumed to be an emerald. Much like every red gem was thought to be a ruby.  If you were looking for a claddagh birthstone ring, emerald is the birthstone for May. This gem belongs to the beryl group, this group includes other gems like Aquamarine (blue), Morganite (pink) and Bixbite (red). One interesting and important thing about emeralds is the presence of natural inclusions and fissures. These visible inclusions can be noticed even in the expensive emerald price ranges. While these might appear to be unacceptable to buyers with no gemstone knowledge, gem lovers who know emeralds fondly refer to these inclusions and fissures as 'birthmarks'. It takes millions of years for an emerald to be formed and these inclusions happen over these years. When you order  Kaisilver emerald claddagh ring, you get to choose from a medium or good grade emerald gemstone. The image shows a good quality emerald gemstone in a 14k yellow gold claddagh ring.

claddagh ring with emerald gemstone
claddagh peridot ring

There is one more feature of almost every emerald gemstone that is rarely explained to buyers. This relates to the treatment of emerald gemstones. More than 95% of the emeralds that are used in jewelry are treated with natural oils. This process has been used for many centuries and is nothing new. Emeralds are soaked in natural oils, the oil seeps through the fissures in the gem. Once the oil enters the stone, it 'softens' the visibility of the cracks and fissures. This enhances the overall color of the emerald and also adds to it's lustre.  


So you can safely presume that the gem in your claddagh emerald ring is also treated in this way. A green gem stone claddagh ring with an emerald would not be cheap, remember that emerald is one of the most expensive green gemstones. Despite the price tag, the gemstone can break with moderate physical impact. The fissures are the main reason for such breakage. You should therefore not wear your claddagh emerald ring when doing a lot of physical activity.

The oil treatment used on emeralds has other implications too. Anything that causes the oils to dry up should be avoided. Similarly, soaking your emerald claddagh ring in soap water can cause the stone to absorb the water. This will affect the oils in the stone. Washing an emerald ring in an ultrasonic cleaner is also not recommened. Exposing your claddagh emerald ring to heat will cause the oils in the gemstone to dry up.  

So while you can surely go for an emerald for your green gem claddagh ring, you need to be aware of the features and characteristics of the gemstone. Kaisilver emerald claddagh rings can be ordered in 14k or 18k gold. Another very good thing about green gems is that they look great in both, yellow and white gold. You can therefore follow your personal preference when choosing a yellow or white claddagh ring with a green gem.

Make sure that you choose a reputed jeweler to get your claddagh emerald ring. There are many fakes and imitation emeralds peddled by gem and jewelry providers.


Another good option for a gold or silver claddagh green gem stone ring is peridot.  History records some very interesting and almost amusing story about peridot. Cleopatra was a great fan of emerald jewelry, her collection included some invaluable jewels that were thought to contain some awesome emeralds. However as the science of gems become more advanced, it was found that many of her 'emerald' jewels included peridot and not emerald gemstones! Peridot is another green gem that is also a birthstone, it is the August birthstone.

 While we do not intend making a feature by feature comparison of emerald and periodt as options for a green gem jade ring, some points can be highlighted. For one, peridot will be much more moderately priced as compared to emerald. It is also possible to get eye clean peridot gems in sizes of around 8mm. It is however quite possible that your peridot gemstone shows a few black spots. This is quite common with Chinese peridot and much of the peridot that is used in jewelry today comes from China.

A peridot gemstone has a higher degree of durability as compared to emerald. Unlike emeralds which are almost always treated (with oils) for enhancing color and lustre, peridot gems are not treated. As of now, peridot stones are untreated and there seems to be no effort being made to develop processes that can treat a peridot.

The normal precautions taken when wearing any jewel will suffice for your peridot claddagh ring too. You can safely clean your peridot ring with clean water and a mild detergent, ultrasonic cleaners will also not affect the gemstone negatively. If you consider the price, clarity and availability of fairly large gem sizes for peridot, this is a gemstone that you must consider for your gold or sterling silver claddagh ring with green gem.

green tourmaline gem claddagh ring
green jade gemstone claddagh ring


Another green gem that is often talked about is green tourmaline. This gem has a fairly dark green color and is not as bright as an emerald or peridot. If you are considering a transparent gem for your green gemstone claddagh ring, green tourmaline will be one of the most durable green gems for you to choose. Talking about the price of green tourmaline, the gemstone is priced higher than peridot but in most cases is lower than the price of emerald.

Talking about green tourmaline do ensure that you do not get talked into buying chrome diopside instead. This is a very soft gemstone mined in Russia and should ideally not be used in rings at all.


Green jade is another popular gem stone and should be one of the gems to be considered for your claddagh green stone ring.  In scientific and gemological terms, the name jade includes both nephrite and jadeite. The internal structure of jade consists of numerous microcrystalline fibres. Occuring in the form of bunches, these make the stone very tough and durable. This is very interesting and makes it one of the very few gems that is tough despite an average hardness rating (of 6 to 6.5) on the Mohs scale.

Gemstone treatment is once again something that needs to be explained when it comes to jade gems. Many jewelry buyers are a bit surprised when we tell them that, the gem in their jade claddagh ring is treated to enhance color and uniformity of color. The truth is that over 85% of the jade used in jewelry is treated to enhance color.

 Most of the natural jade that is mined has color zoning in the form of patches of even as streaks of different colors. If you needed a gemstone as shown in the RG236 image but wanted an untreated piece of jade, you could pay as much as 500 U.S$ to 1,000 U.S$ for just the gemstone. But the above ring in silver actually sells for under 250 U.S$ and the gold ring for around 700 U.S$. This is made possible because of the treated jade used in the ring. Since every Kaisilver jewel is made with a custom cut gem, you can request for an untreated jade to be used in your green gem stone claddagh ring. The price will ofcourse be revised to reflect your requirement.

Like always, you can order your jade claddagh ring in gold or sterling silver. The options for yellow or white gold claddagh jade rings is also available. Remember that green stones look awesome in all gold colors.

When comparing the prices of green gemstone claddagh rings, keep a few things in mind. You need to make sure that the green gem set in your  ring is natural and not a manmade imitation. This gets even more critical when it comes to green gemstones in this higher price bracket. In the case of gems like emeralds, you will have different gem quality options and prices will vary based on the grade that you select.

 Many jewelry buyers give importance only to external appearance and price tags. For example, you can get ring that looks quite similar to RG236 shown above with half the gold weight that we offer. Such a claddagh green stone ring would obviously be cheaper but, in the long run lack of durability will result in frequent repair expenses. If you heard the story about rings with good metal weight appearing bulky and clumsy, stop believing that story. A proper design combined with good craftsmanship will ensure that, the metal stays quietly tucked away in the background while it provides durability.

Other Green Gems Available:

  • Chrysoprase
  • Tsavorite
  • Moldavite
  • Green Sapphire
  • Bloodstone

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