Small Sapphire Rings, Increasing Demand

By small sapphire rings we mean, sapphire rings with small sapphire gemstones. There has been a growing interest in gold or 925 silver rings with small sapphire gems in recent years. It is interesting to analyze this demand as it is surely caused by more than one factor. In this report we will see how a small sapphire ring can give you a quality jewel with good quality gems - all this at an affordable price. We are going to talk about the relationship between the size of a sapphire gemstone and it's price (per carat). The entire report is going to be as simple as possible, the idea is to educate gem and jewelry lovers who might not be experts in this field. One thing that we need to clarify right at the beginning is that, we will refer only to natural sapphire gemstones.

Kaisilver experts agree that the increased demand for small sapphire gemstone rings is here to stay. It is not just the rising prices of gold and silver that is driving this trend. Remember that sapphires have been one of the most desirable gems for decades and even for centuries. This has spurred large scale mining for a long time, reducing the sapphire output from mines. It is not just the quantity of sapphires that has reduced, the quality has deteriorated too. So what is actually happening is that, you can today buy increasingly lower quality sapphire gems at the same price, that you could get much better quality a decade ago. The scarcity of sapphire gems can do only one thing to the price, push it up. And somewhere in all these cause and effect scenarios, is the gem and jewelry buyer who never seems to get enough of gemstones like sapphires.

Sapphire Rings With Small Gems

If you take a look at the sapphire rings in the above image, there is something common to all of them. The sapphire gems in these sapphire rings are not very large - they are all small sapphire rings. Do not confuse the term small with the ring size or dimensions of the jewel - we are talking about small sapphire gemstone sizes. Let us now talk about sapphire sizes that can be classified as 'small' and also understand the quality and price equation for these sapphire gemstones.

We need to explain the term small, in small sapphire rings. While we are aware that sapphires can be had in sizes as small as 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm or 2.5mm - we are not going to include these sizes in our discussion. We will presume that the sapphires applicable to our concept of small sapphire gem stone rings, will be in the size range of 3mm to 5mm or probably 6mm. When we say that these rings can be made with good quality sapphires and yet, not be very expensive, we owe you an explanation. We will now talk a bit about the price structure of sapphires.

Most gems are sold by weight and sapphire is not an exception, the weight unit used to measure cut and polished gems is the carat. Just for your information, 1 gram = 5 carats, or 1 carat is 1/5th of a gram. Let us presume that you wanted to define the quality of a sapphire, you would have to check and evaluate, the color, clarity and lustre of the gemstone. Now just presume that you have a 2 carat blue sapphire with a grade that you just evaluated - let us call this Grade G1. The carat gemstone with the grade G1 might have a market price of around 800 U.S$ per carat. Remember that this is 800 U.S$ per carat which makes the stone have a price of 1,600 U.S$ since it has a weight of 2 carats. This gemstone size would not fall in our category of small sapphires but, we need it to explain an important concept - we handle this in the next paragraph.

Now presume that you had a small sapphire gem stone ring in mind probably, RG237 from the above image. This ring has 3mm round blue sapphires, 4 or 5 of these would together weigh a carat. Let us now consider that, you want the same G1 sapphire quality that was described for the 2 carat sapphire. Remember that the 2 carat G1 grade stone was priced at around 800 U.S$ per carat. But if your RG237 was to use the same grade with 5 to 6 sapphires having a size of 3mm and together weighing 1 carat - you would pay no more than 400 U.S$ per carat. The important point is that, as the sapphire gem size decreases, the price per carat descreses EVEN if you the quality of the gems remains the same.

If you have not clearly understood the above two paragraphs, ready them slowly and carefully once again. The concept on which this report talks about small sapphire gem stone rings is based on the above information, you should therefore make sure tha you have understood it clearly. A small sapphire ring can accomodate good quality sapphires in a modest price tag. If you were working on a limited budget but, insist on getting a 2 carat or above sapphire for your sapphire gem stone ring - the quality of the gemstone would have to be compromised.

The equation between sapphire gem stone size and price is applicable to all sapphires and not just to blue sapphire gemstones. Most jewelry buyers think only of blue sapphires when talking about a sapphire ring but, sapphires are available in colors besides blue too. White, pink, green, yellow, orange and blue are some of the sapphire colors that you can choose from. You could get a unique and exclusive, small sapphire gem stone ring by combining sapphires of different colors in the same ring. A reminder that, at Kaisilver your jewelry can be made with gems of your choice, you could therefore combine gems other than sapphires in the ring too.

When you choose a small sapphire ring it is very likely that, the design has more than one sapphire in the ring. Some exceptions do exist, and you can see that in the gorgeous white gold pink sapphire ring RG233 shown in the adjacent image. A good design concept, can add beauty and value to sapphire rings with small gems - the ring need not look like a budget jewel and can appear far more expensive than it actually is.

We often receive queries from buyers who want to know whether, a small sapphire ring would be appropriate for a sapphire wedding or engagement ring. This query is based on the fact that, many Kaisilver sapphire rings with small sapphires are priced very modestly. We would be glad if you would buy a large sapphire gem stone wedding or engagement ring, it gets us bigger profit margins. But the fact is that, a small sapphire ring will well designed and crafted would make a perfect sapphire gemstone wedding or engagement ring. The looks of the ring would justify their status as a special ocassion ring even if, the price tag makes them affordable enough for a casual or daily wear jewel. Many buyers love to add a few diamonds in their small sapphire ring for the glitter. Just make sure that the diamonds are small and not too many, you do not want them to take away the focus from the sapphire gems!

We now need to say a few things about the option for a gold or 925 silver sapphire gemstone ring.  Firstly, do not worry about what other people might think or say. If your budget for a small sapphire ring cannot accomodate a gold ring, work with your jeweler to get a good quality sapphire silver ring. Do not strain your finances just, to do what others would do. Stagnating or diminishing economic conditions are a global reality today - the demand for steel and titanium jewelry is on the risze. In such a situation just keep in mind that, both gold and silver are precious metals. If you plan to get a small sapphire ring in 925 silver, we would suggest that you leave it unplated. All types of plating on silver will wear off after some time. It is easier to get an unplated sapphire silver ring and then, polish it with a readily available silver polish lotion or fabric to take away any tarnish that might appear on the metal.

For a gold sapphire ring, a choice between 14k and 18k rings would need to be made. Kaisilver jewelry is always custom made with healthy metal weight, this means that our sapphire rings in 14k or 18k gold would be equally strong and sturdy. However if you are getting your small sapphire gold ring from another jeweler keep in mind that, most jewelers today make jewelry with low weight to keep the price tags attractive. In such circumstances you should know that,  14k gold is harder and therefore somewhat stronger than, 18k gold.

The above report was compiled by the experts at Kaisilver. We custom make all jewelry with your designs or ours. The choice of gold or silver is available for all types of jewelry. We give equal importance and attention to gold or silver custom jewelry. The same quality of gemstones, craftsmanship and designs will be provided for your gold or 925 silver sapphire gemstone rings. You can discuss your requirements and queries with our expert team at See a fine collection of small sapphire rings at