Diamond Rings For Men

Issues related to diamond rings for men. What you should know about men's diamond rings before making a buying decision. We will also discuss the difference between 14k and 18k diamond gold rings.  The information on this page is meant to educate you regarding diamond rings for men. Many buyers believe that, a white gold diamond ring for a man would be weaker or more delicate as compared to a similar diamond gold ring made in yellow gold. Unfortunately most jewelers are too keen to make a sale and conveniently forget to provide relevant and useful information to the buyer. The information related to men's diamond gold rings provided here is nothing new, it is just that buyers were never informed regarding these issues.

men's diamond ring

A broad diamond ring for men, custom made by Kaisilver. Highly skilled jewelry artisans handcraft each men's diamond ring. The single can be ordered in single or dual gold colors, sterling silver is also an option. Can combine gems and diamonds in the same men's ring ... more

diamond ring for men

A sturdy diamond ring shown in white gold, available in 14k 18k gold in white, yellow and pink gold. The silver men's diamond ring has the same quality standards as the gold ring. The ring durable and feels comfortable to wear. The design is suitable for both men and women ... more

A survey conducted by Kaisiler provided some interesting information regarding how, buyers go about choosing and buying men's diamond rings.  The factor that is given the most attention is external appearance, the next factor is the price point. While it is true that each one of us would like to choose a diamond gold ring with the design of our choice and ofcourse stay within our budget, there are other important factors that need to be considered too.


Let us presume that you find a diamond men's ring that you like. The price of the ring is 2,000 U.S$. You continue your search and come across anothre jewelry provider who promises you a similar (or even same) diamond gold ring at a price of just 1,300 U.S$. Most buyers would jump to pick the cheaper ring and probably even curse the jeweler selling the higher priced ring. But the the facts could be different, and this is where the need for useful and relevant information is felt.

Before you make the ring purchase sit back and evaluate a few essential features of both rings. Assume that both are gold diamond men's rings. Check the weight of each ring, similar looking rings can often be produced with 50% gold weight. This is done by keeping the gold thickness down, much like using a thin sheet of gold. Technically we say that, the gold weight is not proportional to the dimensions of the ring. Such a ring is prone to bending and denting, it might even result in flimsy mounting of the diamonds in the ring. In the long run the cheaper and lighter diamond gold ring is bound to require repairs and replacements, this can be expensive and will in effect add to the price of the ring.

gold or silver men's diamond rings

A broad diamond ring for men, expertly crafted delivers an extravagant look - at a modest price tag. You can order your silver or gold men's diamond ring with a combination of diamonds and gemstones. Diamonds can also be crafted with a design concept provided by you ... more

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A classy diamond ring for men and women. A great design if you plan to go for a pair of 'his and her' diamond ring. Custom made in Thailand with a high polish or satin finish as shown in the image. The ring can also be made with 3 diamonds and have a bigger band width ... more

When it comes to diamond men's rings there ofcourse is the issue of diamond quality. Let us presume that both rings have genuine diamonds. It is possible that the ring with the higher price has better quality diamonds. The price difference between diamond grades can be substantial, even when the size, weight and shape of the diamonds are the same. It is ofcourse not necessary to always aim for the best quality diamonds, but a fair comparison needs to be made before drawing any conclusions.

There is an interesting thing about diamond prices. The diamond grade (quality) shape and size work together to define the price of a diamond. Keep this in mind when choosing a mens diamond ring. For example, a 3.5mm diamond of could cost around 100 U.S$ but stay within the same quality and shape and move to very tiny size increase to a 4mm diamond and the price could shoot up to 300 U.S$! Jewelers will give you a tall story about diamond weight difference in the 2 sizes. The truth is that the appearance of your ring will see a tiny diamond size increase of 0.5mm which might not even be visible to the naked eye.  

square diamond ring princess cut for men Kaisilver

Awesome value for your money, a thick band for this men's ring with a princess cut (square) diamond in the center. A solid gold or sterling silver band with no metal scooped inside the band. If you want that high value look and yet, wear a ring that is comfortable and convenient ... more.

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Diamond band rings for men, perfect for a men's engagement or wedding band with diamonds. You could also combine gems and diamonds in this very sturdy men's diamond ring - finely handcrafted in gold or silver rings crafted to the same superior quality standards ... more

When we talk about diamond rings, we refer to diamonds that look good to the naked eye. It is true that many wholesale and readymade jewelry providers use very low grade junk quality diamonds. This is an insult to the buyer as the diamonds have absolutely no glitter and are cloudy and awful. Another gimmick is to use very tiny diamonds in the 1.2mm and even 1mm size. These diamonds cause various problems as they can hardly be set firmly, loose diamonds can fall off and result in frequent repairing and replacement expenses. Kaisilver does not encourage or perpetuate such gimmicks or frauds.

While very low diamond grade is rampant among wholesale diamond ring, there is another extreme. Plush jewelry names and showrooms stock diamond mens rings with high quality diamonds. This is fine if you have a bundle of dollars to splurge, but most of us need to strike a balance between ring appearance and price. A good custom jewelry provider can give you a better deal on diamond gold rings, there is no doubt about this.

For those of you who are interested in silver diamond rings, you should know that technically there is no reason why diamonds cannot be set in silver rings. The price of diamonds has made people believe that all diamond rings should be made in gold.

In this report we will discuss various issues related to men's diamond rings. The idea is not to make you buy one of our rings. Our objective is to educate you regarding features that you should expect from a good and durable diamond ring. Once you feel confident, you can make your purchase from any jeweler of your choice.

Genuine or simulant diamonds: Your diamond ring can have a natural diamond or a manmade or simulated diamond. A natural diamond would be one that is mined from the earth. Color enhanced diamonds are natural diamonds that are treated to give them a color. While colored diamonds can be found in natural form, they are very expensive. Another thing about color enhanced diamonds is that, they generally utilize fairly low grade diamonds and are therefore much cheaper than untreated diamonds.

Moissanite is a factory made (not natural) diamond that chemically simulates a real diamond. This is not a very cheap simulant and you can expect to pay around 30% to even 40% of a natural diamond price for this fake. So a men's diamond ring with a moissanite will not be very cheap despite the stone being artificial.

Cubic zirconium or cz as it is also known is another artifical stone that appears like a diamond. In this case, the stone resembles a diamond only in appearance and not in chemical composition. The gem stone is available in various colors and is cheap. Those big flashy 'diamonds' that you see in silver plated 'diamond' rings are generally produced with CZ gems. This is not a very popular stone for men's diamond gold rings.

Natural simulants: These are interesting options for those who want a diamond men's ring appearance for their ring. While CZ and moissanite are factory made material, gems like white sapphires and even white topaz are sometimes used to create a 'diamond' look. Not to be confused with cubic zirconmum is another natural stone called zircon. This stone has often been used as a diamond substitute. The glitter of zircon is much more than that of diamonds as it posesses the double refraction property. White sapphires can also be used to produce the diamond men's gold ring effect without that hefty price tag. White sapphires are hard and durable, they are almost as hard as diamonds and therefore are a good substitute for diamonds.

Kaisilver men's diamond rings are quoted for genuine diamonds. In most cases, we provide an option for quality of diamonds. This basically allows you to customize your ring to suit your budget. You can ofcourse contact our support team at sales@kaisilver.com for any queries and requirements.

Diamond size is another important issue that needs to be understood. As most men's diamond rings would have fairly large dimensions, you would expect to find large diamonds in them. But the price factor does not always make this possible. As an example, a 6mm (0.6cm) diameter round diamond might not seem very big but, the cost puts it out of many budgets. If you needed a mens diamond ring with such a diamond in good (VS2) diamond quality, you could pay as much as 3,500 U.S$ to 4,000 U.S$ for such a diamond gold ring. You can ofcourse get a similar ring with a moderately good diamond of the same size (SI1) and the price becomes much more friendly at around 2,000 U.S$ to 2,500 U.S$. The interesting thing about diamond quality, is that the naked eye can see SI1 and VS2 as appearing quite (not exactly) similar, this to the casual buyer. For this reason, a custom mens diamond ring will allow you to choose the diamond quality and size. This makes diamond custom rings a better choice for most buyers.

Ring design is another factor that needs consideration when buying a diamond ring for men. Jewelry designers love to design rings for men with large dimensions. Such a diamond men's ring would appear awesome but, if not supported with a proportional gold weight can be flimsy. When it comes to diamond size, some innovation and creativity is required. The ideal design in terms of design and diamond quality and price, will work on this concept. Diamonds need not be very large nor very small, the diamond size of 3mm to 4mm provides a good choice. The design can set more than one such diamond in a small portion of the ring, this gives the ring an extravagant apperance without an extravagant price. On the contrary if you choose a good quality diamond that is around 6mm, the price of the diamond itself could shoot as high as 3,000 U.S$. There is ofcourse no problem if you are blessed with a budget of 4,000 U.S$ to 6,000 U.S$ for your diamond gold ring.

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