Lace Agate, Information About Lace Agate Gems. 

Most people know that there are many types of agate. However the scant knowledge about lace agate is rather surprising. Given the classic appearance of lace agate gems, it is sad that gem and jewelry providers have made little effort to provide information regarding this agate. In this section we will learn about Lace Agate and also understand how the 'lace' or lines on this agate type are formed. The idea is to give you a good understanding about this impressive gem stone.

The LAG-01 is a custom cut lace agate from Kaisilver. While most agate gems that you come across will not be as smooth and tidy as this one, the image gives you a good idea of what to expect when you choose a lace agate gem stone. The color of this agate is a greyish blue, more of grey and less of blue. An interesting thing about blue lace agate is that, there is a distinct purple tone to the blue.

You should know that an agate is a type of chalcedony and lace agate is a variety of agate. The lace pattern on this gem can go from side to side or from top to bottom. This obviously depends on how the stone is oriented when cut.

So how are these lace patterns formed? This is an interesting explanation so do read and understand it. Typically it takes a few million years for a gem stone to naturally form. In the case of lace agate, the formation of the stone happens in layers. The process is referred to as 'progressive solidification' and the layers are a result of this. If traces of other elements are found in the agate, the various layers will have different colors influenced by the trace elements.

Coming to the technical details about lace agate gems, we already know that an agate is a type of chalcedony. The gem is considered to be suitable for jewelry since it has a hardness rating of 7.

How to choose a lace agate? This is not an big problem if you are working with a gem or jewelry provider who has your interests in mind. However most sellers think more of their own profit margins and give secondary treatment to buyer requirements. When you choose a lace agate gem stone, choose the color preference right away. So if you feel that the purplish-blue color of the blue lace agate is not something that you like, choose the greyish-blue color shade as shown in the image.

Once you have decided on the color, work on the size and shape requirements. It is very possible to get lace agate stones in sizes as large as 20mm, the image shows a lace agate gem with a size of 22mm. When it comes to the cut of agate stones, most gems are cut with a smooth (cabachon) cut. You can ofcourse request for a custom cut gem from your jeweler. Coming to shapes of agates, ovals and rounds are the most popular. You can also try lace agate in square or trillion shapes.

Make sure that the lace agate that you choose has a clean appearance without any holes, cracks or scratches on the surface. It is not easy to find such agate gems, the LAG-01 agate stone has been cut from a good rough rock and handled by skilled gem cutters. Cracks can be dangerous as the stone can break quite easily along the cracks.

There is one more type of chalcedony with white stripes on a brown background, many gem lovers have asked whether this stone is also a lace agate gem. This gem stone is similar to agate but is not a lace agate stone, it is named 'sardonyx' and has been known to man for many centuries.

If you are thinking of getting a set of matching lace agate gemstones keep in mind that, the lines on these stones cannot be exactly the same. This is because the lines on an agate occur naturally and exact duplication is not common in natural creations.

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