Topaz Rings For Men, Gold or Silver Mens Topaz Rings 

In this section we are going to discuss about mens blue topaz gem stone rings. The content is going to have more of useful information and less of sales talk. We will discuss the features of some Kaisilver tanzanite gem stone rings. The idea is to give you an idea of what to expect and what to demand when you choose a gold or 925 silver topaz men's ring. Recent developments in the color treatment have created some gorgeous topaz gems with fancy colors. Many gem and jewelry lovers are not aware of the fact that, most of the new treatments are superficial. This means that the color is basically present only on the surface of the stone.


The most popular topaz mens rings today can be found with blue topaz. The three main color shades for blue topaz are sky blue topaz, swiss blue topaz and london blue topaz. We will discuss facts and be frank about various issues involved in the selection of blue topaz gems. 

Firsly we need to understand what blue topaz is and how blue topaz gemstones are derived. Most of the topaz rough gemstone that is mined across the world consists of white topaz. This stone is colorless and transparent. There was a time when topaz rough miners occassionally claimed to find very pale blue topaz in natural form. We have not heard that happening for almost a decade now.


A Mens London Blue Topaz Ring

Before we talk about the color shades of blue topaz gems that can be chosen for a gold or sterling silver blue topaz ring, we would like to explain the process used to get blue topaz. Plain white topaz is irradiated and heated to produce shades of blue topaz. The process is very safe and has been developed and researched for at least 4 to 5 decades. Another thing is that this process used to produce blue topaz does not weaken the gemstone in any way. It is also permanent and there is no possibility of the blue stone turning white again. Get more information on the MAN19T Mens Topaz Ring ... here


You can therefore rest assured that the stone in your blue topaz mens ring would be strong and have good color stability. You will also be pleased to know that the blue color in topaz treated in this way, goes all through the gem. It is not a color that is present only on the surface of the stone.


There is one very intersting thing about blue topaz, the gem looks awesome in gold or sterling silver. You can therefore choose the metal for your mens topaz gem stone ring based on your personal preference and ofcourse depending on your budget. When it comes to a topaz mens gold ring, the options would be a yellow or white gold topaz ring. Once again something that you can choose as the gem itself is suited for both gold colors.


We would like to explain a little more about the choice of a 14k or 18k mens gold topaz ring. At Kaisilver we provide 14k and 18k gold options for all jewelry however, there is one essential piece of information that we always share with our buyers. Technically speaking, 14k gold is harder than 18k gold. This obviously makes a 14k mens topaz ring stronger than a similar ring made in 18k gold. For rings made with good design and metal weight, the difference in hardness between 14k and 18k gold would not make a very big difference. From facts and figures it is quite clear that, most men buying gold rings prefer 14k white or yellow gold.


We will now mention a few things about some new gem treatments being used to get some very attractive colors on topaz gems. These processes used what is basically a surface color enhancement process. White or colorless topaz is cut and polished to the required size and shape. In the next stage a type of vapor deposition process is applied to the stones. By the addition of various chemical compounds, fancy colors like orange, red, green and even colors that reveal a rainbow effect can be produced. You should know that even colors like swiss blue topaz and london blue topaz can be produced using this process. The disadvantage of using the diffusion process is that, the color is formed only on the surface of the stone. Since the color of such topaz gems are not present all through the stone, recutting, repolishing or scratches can reveal the white topaz inside. 

mens white topaz gemstone ring
 Mens White Topaz Gemstone Ring

The MAN75 mens white topaz ring, is another classic jewel from Kaisilver. This hefty and durable topaz men's ring, can be custom made in gold or sterling silver. While you could choose a gem stone of your choice for this ring, we would suggest that you spend some time and read the next paragraph regarding white topaz gems. With blue topaz being the most common topaz gem used in jewelry, the fresh, calm and yet confident appeal of white topaz gems is bound to impress you. 

When Kaisilver released the MAN75 white topaz gold and silver rings, a number of queries related to the gemstone were received by our support experts. It is very interesting that, white topaz which forms almost 90% of all topaz rough mined, is not seen very often in the gem and jewelry markets. Even regular gem and jewelry clients at Kai Silver wanted to know, whether white topaz gems are natural. A young lady who wanted to buy a silver white topaz ring for her boyfriend, asked whether the color of the gem in this ring was natural or derived by some color enhancing treatment. Our experts have provided complete details on the MAN75 White Topaz Men's Ring ... here

The questions related to white topaz gems are quite understandable. Despite the fact that over 90% of topaz mined is white in color, blue topaz in various shades of blue forms 75% of the topaz gems sold in gems and jewelry markets. The sky blue topaz, swiss blue topaz and london blue topaz gems that you come across are actually, white topaz put through color enhancing treatments. The color stability of blue topaz after treatment, is accepted by gem experts across the globe. It is for this reasons, the you will often not find the mention of gemstone treatment for blue topaz gems. 

In ancient times it was widely believed that, sapphire was the only natural blue gemstone, even the holy bible seems to have presumed blue lapis to be blue sapphire. Though gemology has today developed into a full fledged science, many people are still not aware about other natural blue gems other than blue sapphire. Many gem and jewelry sellers seem to love this lack of knowledge because, it allows them to sell expensive blue sapphire gemstones. It would however be much better for the industry as a whole if, customers are provided some facts and details about gemstones. It is likely that overall jewelry sales would increase if buyers knew that, blue gems like topaz are a good and much more affordable option as compared to blue sapphire. 

If you had to analyze for reasons to explain the popularity of blue topaz mens rings, the findings would be very interesting. Blue gems have always been popular for mens rings, blue topaz with the shades it's offers has something that will interest every man. From the view point of being a birth stone, a blue topaz mens ring would represent the month of December. Another important fact is that this gem stone is reasonably priced. This comes as pleasant surprise considering the durability and availabiity of large sizes. Since most mens gem stone rings would be designed to accomodate fairly large gems, the cost factor for the gem can become a prominent part of the ring cost.


Mens Swiss Blue Topaz Ring

Look at the gem color on the MAN08 and MAN19T kaisilver topaz mens rings shown on this page. Basically blue topaz is available in three shades, the first is a very pale blue color also called Sky Blue Topaz. This is one color shade of blue topaz that is rarely requested by buyers of blue topaz mens rings. The interesting thing about sky blue topaz is that, it can sometimes look similar to the more expensive aquamarine gemstone. However you should know that aquamarine and topaz are distinctly different gems. We have more details and pricing information for the MAN08 Blue Topaz Men's Ring ... here

The MAN120 is a new addition to  the scintillating collection of men's topaz rings from Kaisilver,  the leading online high end custom jewelry provider. Widely regarded as the world's best rendition of the 4 century old claddagh ring, Kaisilver claddagh rings retain all the features and significance of the first ring made by an Irish slave. You can order your men's claddagh ring in gold or 925 silver with the gemstone of your choice. Get to know all about the MAN120 Claddagh Men's Topaz Ring ... here.  


When it comes to the color shade choice for topaz gems in mens gold or silver blue topaz rings, london blue topaz shown in the MAN19T ring is the clear leader. The next choice is swiss blue topaz probably more popular with the mid age male. The MAN08 Kaisilver 925 silver or gold topaz ring is shown with a swiss blue topaz gem.


Mens Topaz Diamond Gold or Silver Ring

As mentioned above, the affordability of the blue topaz gem makes it a great choice for a mens gem stone ring. Taking advantage of the complete customization provided by Kaisilver, you can select a gold or 925 sterling silver mens blue topaz ring. It is quite common for men to choose a blue topaz gem stone ring as an engagement or wedding ring. The RG106 shows a mens topaz diamond ring, the addition of the diamonds on the other side is optional. However if you plan to get a mens topaz wedding or engagement ring, we would suggest that you opt for the diamonds. A full report with pricing, for the RG106 Men's Topaz Diamond Ring can be reviewed ... here


The information in this report has been compiled by the experts at Kaisilver. You can contact the support team at with any questions or queries that you might have. We produce all custom jewelry in gold or 925 silver with gems of your choice. The designs for your jewelry can be yours or ours, all design modifications are possible since each jewel is fully custom made.

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