Understanding Square Gem Stones. It might seem that square gems are just like any other gems but, the issue is not that simple. Square gems almost always have sharp pointed corners, these corners can get damaged or break by physical impact. This is more likely to happen if your custom or readymade jewel does not have a researched design. It is ofcourse not easy to get such attention provided for wholesale mass produced jewelry but. For this reason we would strongly suggest that you consider a custom made jewel when choosing a gold or sterling silver jewel with a square shaped gemstone. The information on this page will highlight the main issues that you need to consider when buying a ring or other jewel with a square shaped stone.

 If you observe a faceted square gemstone a few features will immediately become apparent. The first thing that the corners of the gem would be quite pointed. It is also true that the edges of a faceted gem including the corners, are always thinner than the remaining part of the gem. This does mean that a square shaped gem is more likely to have it's corners damaged by physical impact. It is not sufficient to say that, the buyer needs to take care of the jewel, this ignores the responsibility of the jeweler. In the next few paragraphs we will try to cover issues related to square gems and jewelry that uses them.


Jewelry design: While pendants, rings, earrings and bracelets can all be custom made with square shaped gems, rings and bracelets need special attention as they experience more wear and tear when worn. The design that uses a square shaped stone should ensure that, the corners of the gem are well protected from physical impact. This is best done by using right angled 'L' prongs when mounting the gem. Ordinary prongs cannot cover the pointed corners and are therefore not suitable.

Gem Cutting: This is something that will not be possible to control if you buy a mass produced jewel with a square gem stone. However a good custom jewel will use custom cut gems and the cutting can be tailored to suit the exact shape and size of the gem stone. It is a good idea to avoid cutting square stones with very thin edge areas. Many gem manufacturers cut shallow square stones to either lighten the gem color or to save on stone weight. Shallow stones have lower durability and there are no two thoughts about that.

Craftsmanship: It is often said that bad craftsmanship can ruin a wonderful design and a gorgeous gemstone, this is very true. When setting a square gem stone, it is best to use a very skilled gem setter. This will help avoid the corners from breaking or scratching when the prongs are folded over them. The gem type and gem thickness will need to considered when deciding just how much pressure can be safely applied to the stone. Insufficient pressure can mean a loose gemstone and too much pressure can damage the square stone.

Handling and Wearing: If the above issues have been taken care of during the designing and production phase, most of the issues that you need to take care of will be reduced. Avoid keeping a square gem stone jewel with exposed corners bunched together with other jewels. This is especially true if the pointed corners are naked on the mounting. When cleaning a jewel that is set with a square gem, make sure that it does not hit against hard objects like wash basins and water taps. The degree of care and attention that you need to give your square gem jewel will depend on the amount of efforts that the jewel has put in to make the jewel more durable. 


Directstones has put together a very useful report on square gemstones. The directstones gem resource is maintained by Kaisilver, and caters to gem buyers of all sizes. Even single piece orders are welcome and there is no minimum requirement in terms of value or quantity. You will also see some gorgeous square shaped gems in the same report. ... more.  

Below are a few interesting options for a ring with square gems. Kaisilver can custom make any of these rings with gems of your choice. You can ofcourse send us your favorite designs and queries at sales@kaisilver.com and we will work out a specific price quote for your requirements.   


The MAN05 shown above is one of Kaisilver's hottest selling rings. The ring firmly mounts the center blue sapphire gem in a yellow or white gold mounting with a good weight. You can order this square gem ring in gold or silver and with the gem stone of your choice. ... more.  


 The RG184 shows the right and best way to set a square gemstone. Notice the 'L' shaped right angle prongs in each corner. This prong setting gives a firm gem mounting and also protects the gem corners from chipping or breaking. ... more


An excellent ruby square gem ring in 14k or 18k gold. The diamonds on the shoulder of this square ruby gemstone ring add a subtle glitter to the ring. Once again 'L' prongs ensure a firm square gem mounting and protection for the sharp corners on the gem stone. ... more.  


The RG226 is a classic square diamond ring, also referred to as a princess cut diamond. This square diamond ring has a good weight and no scooping inside the band. This makes the ring sturdy and also more comfortable to wear. ... more.


When you look at the above jewels you need to remember that, these are just examples of what we can do for you. With complete control over the entire design and production processes, we can custom make just about any jewel in gold or sterling silver for you.  

A fine jewel crafted to perfection, this square pink sapphire gem stone is strong and sturdy despite it's sleek and slender design. Solid gold with no scooping is the secret. Excellent protection for the center square sapphire gem. Like always, available in 14k or 18k gold and yellow or white gold options. Custom cut gem stone of your choice. ... more.


The RG171 square gem ring should ideally not be worn throughout the day. Treat it as a special occassion ring since the gem mounting does not support the sharp corners. This is a fashion jewel and was designed and made to give that 'open' and 'free' appearance to the ring. ... more.


The classic three gem stone ring with three sware gemstones. This is a very sturdy and durable ring. The square gemstones are firmly mounted in the gold and no edges are left exposed. Available with gems or your choice in 14k or 18k, white or yellow gold.  ... more.


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