Custom Rings For Men, Size 13,14,15

There is an interesting fact about men's big rings in the size range of 13 to 15 or thereabout - good quality will almost always mean going for the custom made option. Few jewelry stores stock ready made men's rings in these large sizes, there are 2 reasons for this. The first is surely the limited demand as not many men wear such big rings and secondly, making these rings just to keep them in inventory can involve substantial investment in metal, gems and diamonds. And if you do happen to come across a ready made men's 12 or 13 ring in gold or silver, it is unlikely that it would meet the ideal standards expected of quality jewels in large sizes. Presuming that you wish to get a gold or 925 silver ring with a big size of 14 or 15, what exactly are the essential features that you need to look for. This is exactly what we will discuss in this report, you will learn how to pick the right big ring - we will also introduce you to some excellent design concept ideas that you can adapt to your requirements and budget. 

Gold Or Silver: The fondness that men have for the classic look of silver has existed for a couple of decades, it does not look like going away any time soon. A good custom ring in the 12 to 15 size range can be crafted in gold or sterling silver,  don't believe in the old story that silver jewelry does not deserve the same attention to detail as gold jewelry. Since one of the vital requirements for jewelry in general and large rings for men in particular, is the necessity of metal weight being proportional to the ring size and dimensions - the price point of the metal does come into play. Crafting a size 13 or 15 men's ring with low metal weight means that, the jewel can lose shape or dent quite easily. If the budget allocated for a large men's gold ring is insufficient to get you a sturdy and durable jewel, you can try two ways to reign in the price tag. Talk to your jeweler about reducing the dimensions of the ring or, take a look at sterling silver as a metal option. We at Kaisilver assure the same quality of workmanship, design and gems for both gold and 925 silver jewelry. Men's gold rings can be ordered in 14k or 18k white, yellow or pink gold - specific price quotes can be worked out for 10k gold requests. 

Plain Or Gemstones: Men are quite clear in their mind about basic design, gem selection etc when they begin their search for jewelry. But here are a few very useful suggestions to guide you along. A large size 12, 13 or higher men's ring with no gemstone need not be dull and uninteresting, work on designs with meaning and significance and you should surely find something that interests you. Large cross rings for men can look awesome even when, there is no gem or diamond incorporated into the concept, the same is true of men's big dragon rings. One of the hottest selling plain men's ring at Kai Silver is the four century old claddagh ring for men, this jewel can be crafted with or without a gem in the center. The ring is widely acclaimed as one of history's most meaningful jewels. Selecting a gem that fits your liking and budget with sufficient durability can be quite a challenge. If you choose to buy your jewel from us, you are welcome to communicate with our experts and get a better idea of what to select. Gem prices vary widely and high price does not mean higher durability! Most gems carry a premium price as the gem size increases, this might influence the type of design you choose for your men's size 12, 13, 14 or 15 ring. If you plan to pick a gem merely by color, here is an important suggestion for you. Natural gem colors like blue, red, green, yellow, black, white etc can be seen in more than one gem. Let your jeweler explain gem options and also the price and toughness issues related to each of them. For example, a large men's gold or 925 silver ring with a blue gem could have a blue topaz, violet-blue tanzanite or iolite or even a blue tourmaline or sapphire. Similarly a green gemstone ring for men could have a peridot, emerald, green jade or green tourmaline gem. 

Design: For you as a buyer the design of a men's large ring needs to look good and impressive, for a capable jeweler it should mean much more. We just explained above that, the design of a big men's ring might need to be adapted to the gem being selected. For example, a large amethyst ring can boast of a big 12x10mm oval amethyst stone. Use the same design dimensions for a men's sapphire ring and the gem would not only be hard to find but also, very expensive. If you need to keep a check on metal weight to moderate the price tag of your size 12 or higher men's ring, it is a good idea to make a proportionate reduction in the dimensions of the design. You might be surprised to hear that the design details of a jewel can directly influence the durability of the piece. Gem setting is a good way to explain this statement, prong settings tend to gradually open up when they get stuck in pockets and other places. On the other hand a bezel setting for the gem in your men's large ring, provides a strong and secure gem setting and also protects the stone from side impact. At Kaisilver each design whether yours or ours, is carefully analyzed to optimize good looks, long term durability and wearing comfort. 

Craftsmanship: Like design, craftsmanship affects both looks and long term durability of your big men's ring. Loose gems, sharp corners or insufficient finishing inside the band of the ring can all negatively affect the comfort, durability and beauty of a jewel. The quality of workmanship should not be dependent on the metal or price level of your mens big size ring but, sadly most jewelers give secondary importance to 925 silver jewelry. At Kaisilver we use the same team of highly skilled artisans and expert gem artists to work on silver and gold jewelry orders. This has always been our commitment since the quality of an accepted jewelry order, cannot vary with the price paid by the buyer. The reason why we are not obsessed about competing on price is that,  a drop in price can never come without a compromise in quality of material, craftsmanship or both. 

Kaisilver: More than 17,000 quality conscious clients across the globe proudly wear fine custom jewelry crafted by us. We are the leading online provider of high end custom made jewelry and accept orders, for all types of jewelry in gold or sterling silver. You can pick the design for your big size men's ring from our websites or, email us at with your own concepts in the form of images and sketches. We do not place any restriction on the design or gems that you can choose for your custom jewelry. A thorough grip on the gem procurement activity, gives us preferential access to output from almost every mining location on the globe. Gem manufacturers open up more than 200 million carats of cut and polished gems for us to choose from, this ensures that we do not limit your selection to any fixed set of inventory. Review our Men's Large Rings Report and get more ideas and advice for your jewelry requirement. 

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