Sterling Silver Rings 

Sterling silver rings are very popular, the cost factor is one reason for the popularity of silver jewels. For various reasons, jewelers prefer not to make good quality silver rings. The profit in dollar terms is much higher in the case of gold jewels, this makes many jewelers restrict their production to gold jewelry. This attitude gets even more strong when it comes to custom made 925 sterling silver rings. The generalization that all silver jewelry buyers are after cheap prices and willing to compromise on quality is basically wrong. Many silver jewelry lovers like the classic and confident look and feel of 925 silver rings. Kaisilver realizes that people buy and wear jewelry to feel and look good. Keeping this in mind we give equal attention to gold and silver ring.

By using the same production and design team for gold and sterling silver jewelry, we prove our commitment to deliver quality jewelry irrespective of the design, metal or gemstone selected. Gemstones are another area where, 925 silver rings get secondary importance. Technically there is no reason why specific gems cannot be set in silver jewelry. However conventionally good quality gems are reserved for gold jewelry. The gem stone quality used in sterling silver jewelry are of medium grade. Kaisilver once gains differs from the general trend when it comes to silver gem stone rings. We provide the same gem selection and quality for gold and silver rings.

Since all Kaisilver jewelry is fully custom made, the design for your silver ring can be decided by you. Our wide selection of jewelry can be made in gold or 925 silver. All design modifications can be accomodated and you can send us your designs and sketches at We will then work together to finalize specifications and provide you with a specific price quote.

What is sterling silver? Silver in it's natural form is quite soft. This does not make it suitable for jewelry production. Certain alloys are added to pure silver to increase it's hardness.

If there was no standardisation on the proportion of alloy, to be added to pure silver the whole concept would be confusing and chaotic. Keeping this in mind, the definition of sterling silver was made clear and comprehensive.

It is globally agreed that the alloy portion when added to pure silver, should not exceed 7.5% of the total mass. This would mean that the silver element in this alloy would be 92.5%. Silver with these proportions is referred to as sterling silver. 925 silver and 925 sterling silver have the same meaning as sterling silver.

The RG150 is a stunning silver ring, in this case the design is well suited for a mother's ring. The classic design of this 925 silver mother's ring can be producd in gold or sterling silver ... more.

Gemstone silver rings can be as gorgeous and meaningful as gold rings with gemstones.  The RG150 shows a very popular Kaisilver gem stone silver ring. This mother's ring can ofcourse be ordered in gold too. The center gem stone in this silver ring is an oval iolite gem stone. The pear shaped gem stones on either side are citrine. Though there is no technical restriction on setting some specific gems in 925 silver rings, generally the medium to to lower priced gems are used in silver jewelry. Kaisilver silver rings are available with the gem stone of your choice. Multi gemstone silver rings like the RG150, can have gems with specific meaning. For example, this silver ring could be made with two different gems on either side of the center gem stone.

It is quite common to see sterling silver rings with bad quality craftsmanship. Silver jewelry buyers often get a bad deal, that includes low grade craftsmanship. When you order a 925 silver ring, make sure that the jeweler provides good craftsmanship for the jewel. It is not easy to find jewelers willing to produce good quality silver rings but, keep trying and you will find a good and reputed custom jewelry provider.

The RG213 sterling silver ring has a stupendous antique design. The large dimensions of this antique silver ring are supported by a healthy metal weight ... more.

Antique silver rings, like the RG213 would not appear this gorgeous if made in gold. The classic color and reliable appearance of sterling silver is well suited for making these rings. The RG213 is a 925 sterling silver ring is based on an antique ring design. Since all Kaisilver 925 silver rings are fully custom made, you can request for the dimensions to be modified to make the ring suitable for your ring size.

Most antique silver rings will need to be custom made. These rings have an exclusive clientele, the demand is for good quality and not much stress is laid on cheap prices. Custom antique silver rings will allow you to customize the ring dimensions based on your preference.

Going back in time by a few centuries, jewels in gold or silver were made with substantial metal weight. If you need to replicate an antique style silver jewel, make sure that the jewel is provided with a healthy metal weight. This is something that wholesale jewelry cannot handle as, the emphasis in such jewelry is on cheap prices meant to attract mass markets.

Plain silver rings have a large following. The fact is that with a good design, many plain 925 silver rings can look better without gems. Rings with etchings or designs on the band are good ideas for plain sterling silver rings. Simple plain silver wedding band rings have remained popular for many decades now.

A pretty and sturdy plain silver wedding band ring. The entire band has an etching, and depicts an ivy creeper. The design to be etched and the band width of this 925 silver wedding ring can be decided by you ... more.

When you choose a silver ring without a gem stone, do not push for the cheapest ring, this might be a longterm nightmare for you. The RG234 is a durable jewel that is provided with a healthy metal weight. There is no metal scooping done inside the band of this 925 silver band ring, this makes the ring more comfortable to wear. Insufficient metal weight would have made the ring quite thin, something that is often responsible for denting and bending in jewels.

Remember that etchings in silver wedding bands, can be done on the outside or inside of the jewel. You could even request for a short simple message to be etched inside the band of the ring.

The RN001 silver cat ring by Kaisilver has been one of the best selling cat rings for the past few years. The center gem in this silver cat ring is neither too large nor too small. This allows the ring to have a modest price for all gem options ... more.

Silver rings are very suitable for young children. Wearing expensive gold jewelry can be dangerous, silver jewelry offers a better choice. Animal jewelry is very often made in sterling silver, the slight tarnish that develops on such 925 silver rings adds to the beauty and charm of the jewel.


Silver tarnish is something that needs to be explained and understood. Tarnish is the color discoloration that occurs on all silverware including, silver rings and other sterling silver jewelry. If left to itself, the tarnish will develop more strongly and could then need the services of a professional jeweler to clean it. So called anti-tarnish platings can include rhodium, gold or even platinum plating on your silver ring. The truth is that such platings wil wear off after a while. When this happens the wear off appears as patches, your silver ring could then appear quite cheap and shabby.

Our recommendation would be to choose unplated 925 sterling silver rings. At the first sign of tarnish, you can use any recommended polish or lotion to wipe the tarnish away. In many cases, just wiping your 925 sterling silver ring with a damp, soft cloth can reduce the chances of tarnish developing.

When you clean a sterling silver ring with commercial silver polish lotions, make sure that the gem is sturdy enough to withstand the chemicals in the lotion. Your jewelry can guide you with the details. It is always a good idea to wash away all residue of the polishing lotion once the polishing is done.

If you are considering a pair of silver wedding rings or wedding bands, select a design that is suitable for men and ladies. You can use the same design concept for both rings but, choose different gems for each of the silver wedding rings. While each person can wear their own birthstone in their wedding ring, it is also a good idea to exchange birth stones in wedding rings.

When it comes to men's silver rings, there are some clear reasons why men prefer silver to gold. Mens rings will generally have fairy large dimensions and a large ring size too. To ensure that these rings are sturdy and durable, you will need to provide a proportionate metal weight. Once this happens, gold mens rings move to a fairly high price range. It then becomes more feasible to produce the ring in 925 sterling silver.

The MAN02 silver ring is shown above with a citrine gem stone. This is a sturdy mens ring with good weight and craftsmanship. The texture on this 925 silver ring can be customized to your requirement ... more.

Another reason why men prefer 925 sterling silver rings is not related to the price factor. Many men love the confident and yet sobre apperance of silver jewelry. The best option is to go for a custom made mens 925 silver ring, such a ring can include all your preferences for the jewel.

The demand for mens sterling silver rings is not limited to casual wear rings. Mens wedding rings including mens wedding bands are often ordered as silver rings. When it comes to such special occassion 925 silver rings, we would strongly suggest going for custom made rings. No one would like to compromise on the quality and features of a wedding ring, customized jewelry can include all your preferences.

The MH-01 is a sturdy and durable mens silver wedding ring. The classic design of this 925 sterling silver ring ensures that the ring looks awesome even after getting slightly tarnished. Such designs are perfectly suited for silver jewelry ... more.

When it comes to Kaisilver silver rings, you are really not restricted in your choice. All our plain and gem stone rings can be ordered in gold or 925 silver. You can pick one of our designs or email us at with any sketches or designs that you might have. The wide selection of gems are made available for both gold and 925 silver rings.

We would like to mention a few things abut the pricing of sterling silver rings. We frequently receive emails from buyers who are looking for some very specific silver ring that cannot be found in readymade jewelry stores. These buyers then realize that a custom made sterling silver ring is a good option.

What they need is a single piece silver ring custom made to their specifications. However the price that they have in mind is that of a wholesale silver ring which is produced in large volumes. When you mass produce silver rings, the expenses related to design and moulding are shared over a large volume of rings. This gives a low per piece price. On the other hand a custom silver ring that is produced in a single piece order has no quantity to share the overheads. That single piece needs to bear overheads related to design, moulding and block preparation. This raises the price of the sterling silver ring.

This report on silver rings provides useful guidelines and explanations related to plain or gem stone rings. The emphasis is more on educating buyers rather than making a sale. The link provided below each ring image provides takes you to a web page with complete information on that specific product. You can email our support team at with any doubts or requirements that you might have. You are not obligated to make any purchase so, make sure that you get complete information from our experts before chosing a jewelry provider for your requirements.