Gemstone Rings, Adding Meaning And Beauty 

As the name suggests, a gem stone ring is a ring with one or more gems set in it. You can have gold or sterling silver gem stone rings. It is interesting to know the reasons and way in which jewelry lovers choose the gem for their ring. Most gemstones have some color though, certain gems like white topaz, white sapphire and danburite are transparent white. A large proportion of jewelry buyers choose a gem stone ring based on the color of the gem set in the jewel. So if you were to love the color blue, you might choose a blue topaz, a blue lapis, blue sapphire or some other gem with a blue color shade. The color of the gem in a ring could be your favorite color or, it could be a color that you feels best matches your dress attire.

claddagh gemstone ring

A gorgeous emerald  ring with tremendous meaning and significance, the 4 century old claddagh. Emerald a green variety of the mineral beryl is the birthstone for the month of May. The green gem denotes harmony, reconciliation and regeneration. This rare and expensive gem invariably, has visible inclusions and fissures. These are caused by the very violent and volatile, conditions under which it is formed. Learn all about the RG144 emerald ring ... more

tanzanite gemstone ring

A white gold tanzanite ring with diamonds, showcasing one of the rarest gems of all time. Found in just one location on the planet, tanzanite is believed to be 1,000 times rarer than diamond. One the options for a December birthstone, tanzanite has a scintillating violet to violet-blue color. The RG214 ring is a great design for a wedding or engagement ring, you can order the ring with the gem of your choice - check out our tanzanite ring collection ... more

There is another important reason why people choose particular stones in their gold or 925 silver gemstone rings. For many centuries, people have believed in the properties and special powers of certain gem stones. For example wearing a carnelian ring is supposed to make a person feel calm and composed. Wearing a bloodstone ring is supposed to help blood circulation. The belief in birthstones is also born from a similar tradition. In this case, the color of the gem is not the main attraction to the buyer, the importance is in the birth stone. So a person born in the month of April would wear a diamond ring as a birthstone jewel. The March birth stone is Aquamarine, so you can expect a person born in March to wear an Aquamarine gem stone ring.

gemstone ring for men

Amethyst the birthstone for the month of February offers great value for your money. Extremely beautiful the purple gemstone is reasonably priced even in sizes as large as 6 to 8 carats. When ordering a gold or silver amethyst ring, make a choice between pale, medium and deep purple for the gemstone. The MAN30n men's ring with amethyst or any other gem, is sturdy and impressive. Preview our collection of amethyst gemstone jewelry ... more

tanzanite ring for men

Tanzanite rings for men, the gem is a suited for both men and women. When picking the design for a men's ring with design, it is important that the features of the ring cater to the specific characteristics of the gem. The MAN137T tanzanite men's ring is a good example of how the design elements for a men's ring, can improve the durability of the jewel. Check out the Kaisilver collection of men's tanzanite rings, custom made in all ring sizes ... more

The use of gems in rings is not limited only to casual wear rings. Special occasion rings like wedding and engagement rings also use diamonds and other stones. In this case, the significance of a diamond is high. Diamonds are the hardest stones used in jewelry, they represent the 'last forever' theme. And since it is expected that every marriage will last forever, using a diamond in a wedding or engagement ring is very appropriate. Wedding rings have recently followed a new trend, the practice of exchanging birthstones. In this case the husband and wife wear each other's birth stone in their wedding or engagement ring. This is believed to build a stronger bond between the two, it also helps them feel close even when they are separated by a large geographical distance.

sapphire rings

Gone are the days when sapphire gemstone rings, implied blue sapphire. Science has today confirmed the existence of this amazing gem in a galaxy of colors. Kaisilver sapphire gemstone rings can be ordered with white, pink, yellow, orange, green, purple or blue sapphires. You could even choose to mix different sapphire colors in a ring like the RG224. Sapphires are priced high and are very rade aand durable. Review some of our sapphire rings ... more

big rings for men

We are talking about big rings, these large gemstone rings would be in the size 12, 13, 14 or even size 15 (and bigger) range. As expected almost all these rings with big gem stones would be for men. Big rings as expected would have larger price tags, this is not just because of big gemstones. Large rings would require substantially more metal (gold or silver) weight to make them durable - this adds to the price tag. Crafting rings with your designs or ours ... more

Garnet gemstone rings until a decade ago meant red garnet, the existence of garnets in  other colors was not known. Garnet is the birthstone for the month of January, it is associated with confidence, safety during travel and success. There is an interesting reason why, most garnet rings are seen with red color garnet. Gem lovers give significant importance to folklore and ancient believes - when it comes to garnet, much of this is related to red garnet. This is understandable because, knowledge about garnets in other colors is fairly recent. Kaisilver offers the entire spectrum of garnet colors when it comes to garnet gemstone rings in gold or silver. 

garnet gemstone rings

The amazing garnet is designated as the January birthstone, generally seen in red. Gem rings from Kai Silver have no restriction on design, gemstone or metal (choose gold or silver). You get to choose from the entire array of garnet colors at Kaisilver. Green tsavorite, orange spessartine, the glittering demantoid, raspberry red rhodolite and the popular red garnet. Review the ringcollection ... more

gemstone ring for mother

Mother's ring with gemstones make great gifts. As we have said before, you need not wait for Mothers Day to gift something to the most wonderful person in your life. Gemstones for mothers rings can be picked based on color preference, you could also choose a birthstone for the special jewel. Kaisilver recommends family birthstone rings, with birthstones of all family members ... more

Birthstone Rings: Basically gemstone rings, rings with birthstones have a special meaning. Each of us makes a special connect to a specific gem (generally one) based on the month in which we were born. The concept of birthstones originated centuries ago, it is still followed even today. You should know that, there is no specific birthstone ring design - just about any gemstone ring can be crafted with your birthstone. This is even more true when it comes to gem stone rings from Kai Silver. You have no restriction on gemstone, you can choose gold or silver, all design modifications are possible - we can even custom make a ring just for you, with your own design concept. The belief is that, wearing a birthstone brings good luck, wealth and health. Matrimonial rings are often worn with birthstone, these rings can take on an interesting form. Birthstones in wedding and engagement rings, are often exchanged - he was her birthstone and vice versa. Stylists suggest that this strengthens the bond between the couple. Multi gemstone rings can be ordered as family birthstone rings. In this case the (single) ring, includes the birthstones of all family members. A ring with high sentiment and meaning, ideally worn by a loving mother. When it comes to budgeting for a birthstone ring, go for the best that you can financially handle. We would not  recommend that you get into serious card debt or anyother form of borrowing, to buy a  jewel. 

birthstone charts

Who Is Kaisilver: The leading online custom jewelry provider from Thailand, Kaisilver today serves over 12,000 clients located in 15 nations. All jewelry is crafted in gold or 925 silver to the same superior standards, there is no limitation on design or gemstone. You could pick any gemstone ring from our websites, request for design modifications and order it in gold or sterling silver with your choice of gem. We craft rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings and cufflinks with your design or ours. A team of highly skilled artisans, gem cutters and jewelry production experts work on all Kai Silver orders. Email our experts at if you have any questions related to gems and jewelry. 

How To Buy: Each item on this page has a short description and is followed by a link to the complete report. Very few jewelers online or offline, care to reveal as much detail as we do. You will find information regarding gem options, pricing, metal suggestions and more. Having said that, we encourage you to communicate with the team at before making any decision. We will be glad to help even if, you plan to buy nothing from us. 

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