Small Gemstone Rings, Trends And Suggestions 

There is no doubt that the demand for small gemstone rings is on the rise. By small rings we do not mean ring sizes, the ring size of your ring would be defined by your finger size. What we mean is gold or silver gemstone rings with modest gem sizes. To continue with our discussion, let us talk about what we would define as a small gem size for a ring. We will make a few presumptions in this definition for a small gemstone ring. The gem size of around 5mm to 6mm is really not tiny, at the same time it is not so large that it would have a substantial weight on the price tag of the ring. At the same time, we will not include 2mm or 3mm gemstones in our report mainly because, these gems are rarely set in single gem stone rings. Now that the concept is getting clearer, we will say that a small gemstone ring is one where the gem is within the 5-6mm size, and is the only gemstone in the ring. You might ofcourse have small accent stones like diamonds in such a ring.

small garnet gemstone ring

The RG222 garnet gemstone ring is a good case study for a medium to small gem stone ring. This ring is shown with a 6mm round red garnet, you could ofcourse request for the gemstone of your choice when ordering this custom Kaisilver ring. Notice that despite the small gem size in this custom gold or silver garnet ring, the ring does not appear to be flimsy or dainty. Our designing team created a sleek but durable ring by keeping the band width equal to the gem stone size. The diamond trimmings on the sides, add a rich and luxury look and feel without being loud.

Why Small Gemstone Rings. There are surely more than a few reasons why jewelry buyers prefer a ring with a small gem stone. We will need to view the issue from all angles, to get down to the real reasons fot the increasing demand and trend for medium to small gemstone sizes.

Gem Cost: It is obvious that a smaller gem stone in a ring will cost less than a larger gem but, there is more to this. When you talk about gems like ruby, sapphire and emerald the price per carat of the stone rises sharply as the gem size increases. So when you look at the expensive gems, you also get better quality when the gem size is within the 5mm to 6mm in size.

Metal Cost: At first, the relationship between a small gemstone ring and the metal cost might not be clear. We surely do not mean to say that your small gemstone ring should be made with low metal weight. If you do try to create any jewel with insufficiet metal weight, you can be sure that the ring would would be flimsy and prone to denting and deforming.

The fact is that a small gemstone ring would generally have smaller dimensions too, the metal weight would be proportionate to the dimensions - something that does show on the price tag. This can be very important especially if you are talking about a small gold gem stone ring.

Small Ring Size: There is one more very obvious case in which a small gemstone ring is preferred. This is when the ring (finger) size is itself small. However this once again is not a hard and fast rule, exceptions and very interesting cases do exist. We remember a French buyer that requested a ring size 6.5 (U.S) with a chunky 15 carat pink tourmaline. Ofcourse for those of you who have kept abreast with pricing developments for natural gems, you will know that a 15 carat eye clean pink tourmaline today costs a small fortune. 

The small ring size with a huge gem is not the normal trend, you will find that rings in the below 7 (U.S) size rarely choose a gem that is more than 6mm or 7mm. We will hurry to say that, for gems like ruby, sapphire, emerald and tanzanite a size 8mm round, square or cushion shape would already be termed as a 'large' gem.

Meaning Intact: Many people where gemstones for their meaning and significance, for example a ruby is supposed to bring happiness and loyalty for a married couple. Similarly, wearing a diamond for those born in the month of April corresponds to their birthstone. What you should know that when you wear a gem stone ring for the belief and 'powers' of the gem, the size of the gem does not matter. The price tag on the ring need not be huge, it could even be a silver gemstone ring. So if you are working on a limited budget, select a small gemstone ring especially if you are getting a gold ring or a ring with an expensive gemstone.

Gemstone Type: There is an interesting fact that, the idea of a 'small' gem stone will in real life, depend on the gem stone being referred to. For a blue topaz gem, a size 7 or 8 might also be considered as small. But when you talk about the more expensive and rarer, demantoid garnet a 6mm would already be on the border line, some gem providers might be tempted to take it off the 'small' gemstone label for the stone.


As we continue our discussion on small gemstone rings in gold or sterling silver, we would like to bring in the concept of gem price, gem size and even gem shape. When we talk about 6mm rubies or sapphires being a small size, buyers often express their opinions by claiming that a 6mm ruby is really not small. We need to appreciate the level of awareness of such buyers, rubies, sapphires and emeralds are not cheap even when the size is just 6mm to 7mm. If you are looking for a good quality gemstone, the price is modest but not cheap. 

small emerald gold ring

The RG153 is an interesting emerald ring with a small round emerald gemstone. This custom emerald diamond ring can have a 5mm or 6mm round gemstone. The good thing about the size is that the quality of the medium and good grade emerald will be impressive. For thos of you who are looking for an emerald engagement ring, the RG153 emerald ring is a good option. The emerald by the way is the birth stone for May and is a variety of beryl. If you are planning to get this small emerald ring on a tight budget, consider some interesting customizing options. The diamonds in the ring are optional, keeping them out of the design will moderate the price to a certain extent. The current rise in gold prices seems to be strong, a silver emerald ring with small gem stone might also be something to think about.

Let us know say something about gem size and shape, this is relevant to gem pricing too. A size 5mm or 6mm gemstone could be a square shaped stone too, however the availability of a 6mm round ruby, sapphire or emerald will be far more higher as compared to a square gem of that size. We look at this issue with an example of a square pink sapphire ring. 


small pink sapphire ring

The RG233 pink sapphire ring from Kaisilver does undoubtedly appear far more expensive than, what it's price tag says. Despite the full luxury look and feel, this pink sapphire ring has a very modest size gemstone. The gemstone is a 6mm square gem, once again an ideal size to delivery good quality even in the medium grade range. The important thing is that the price of square pink or blue sapphires, would be much higher than round gems of similar size. 

We do hope that the information in this report has enabled you to better understand the issues and features related to small gem stone rings. The rising prices of both gold and silver, will encourage buyers to understand various issues before making a purchase. Unfortunately, not many jewelers are willing to educate and inform buyers. You are welcome to send any doubts or queries that you might have to the Kai SIlver support team at We will be glad to help without expecting any sales orders in return.

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