Contact Us is an online custom jewelry resource maintained by the world's leading online custom made jewelry provider. All jewelry is custom made in Thailand with designs and gem stones of your choice. We are the only highend jewelry producer to offer gold and sterling silver options for every single jewel. The Kaisilver group was set up to eliminate the need for a chain of middlemen in the jewelry transactions. In a normal scenario, a jewelry buyer from the U.S needs to pass through a website or agent, who in turn buys jewelry from a retail source, who in turn gets the jewelry from a factory. The jewelry factory in turn procures gemstones from a gem broker, who procures these gems from a wholesaler, the wholesaler gets his gems from the mining source.

At Kaisilver we have skipped the chain of middlemen. Over 3,500 skilled craftsmen work on all our custom made jewelry requirements. Our gemstone procurement process gets gems directly from miners and we do the custom cutting for the gem stones inhouse. The elimination of middlemen ensures that you get better value for the money you pay. We have also set a new standard in customer service by relying completely on satisfied buyers to stay in business and grow. We fully realize that expensive marketing campaings, smart talking sales staff and high pitched publicity finally add to the price tag that is pushed on the buyer. We therefore stay away from these gimmicks and continue to strive for a higher degree of customer satisfaction.

You can send us your queries and requirements at Images and sketches can also be included in the email to better explain your requirements. We produce all types of jewelry in gold or silver with gemstones of your choice. If you would like our English speaking support staff to contact you and discuss requirements, please provide us with your phone number. Also mention the state and country that you reside in and the time that is suitable to you. We will take care of the difference in time zones and have a representative call you, Providing as much information as possible in your email will allow us to better respond to your requirements by phone or email.