Custom Jewelry Thailand

 Kaisilver is today regarded as the world's leading source for online custom jewelry. Today over 9,000 gem and jewelry lovers spread across 17 nations, proudly wear the highend custom jewelry produced by us. Our success can be measured from the fact that, we do not resort to any type of marketing gimmicks and hype. We rely completely on satisfied buyers to stay in business and grow. We custom make both, gold and silver jewelry with the same high quality standards. Our commitment to all metal options is shown by the fact that, the same team of designers, craftsmen and gem stone experts work on gold and sterling silver jewelry order. You get the same customization and flexibility when ordering custom gold or 925 silver jewelry.


The RG180 is a gorgeous custom diamond wedding band. This ring clearly shows how custom jewelry can help customize every aspect of a jewel. You can even customize a jewel to suit your budget. This ring is suitable for ladies and men. ... more 


The MAN57 has been one of the most popular Kaisilver mens rings. This ring packs in a metal weight of 25 to 30 grams making it one of the sturdiest men's ring that you will every find. Available in gold or silver, with all gem stone options. ... more.


Kaisilver expertise in producing top quality custom jewelry goes beyond rings, pendants and bracelets. We also custom make specialized jewels like belly rings. You can choose a 14k or 18k belly ring with diamonds or gems of your choice. ... more.


A spectacular pink sapphire white gold ring, perfectly suited for a sapphire wedding or engagement ring. A single gem stone ring that stands apart. Sleek design and yet a very durable jewel, one gain custom made with all gem options. ... more.


A mens emerald ring is not common, the specific properties of a natural emerald do affect the durability of the gemstone. However a good design and a skilled jeweler can craft an mens emerald gemstone ring that has impressive strength and durability ... more.

While cufflinks are generally worn for their utility value, recent years have seen men become more demanding for style and quality when buying cufflinks. At Kai Silver we custom make both gold and sterling silver cufflinks, the design and gem selection is all up to you ... more.



The HSR03 is an awesome antique style silver ring from Kaisilver. You can order this silver gem stone ring with gem stones of your choice. The ring includes handpicked gems that are custom cut by our skilled gem cutters. ... more.


A very unique mens wedding band in sterling silver. Once again durability has been built into this awesome custom made silver wedding band ring. The elephants can be replaced with other animals, symbols etc. ... more.


A sturdy sterling silver bracelet with gemstones of your choice. The BRCL01 925 silver bracelet has a healthy metal weight of around 30 to 40 grams. This makes the bracelet strong and also ensures firm gem stone mounting. ... more.


The RG150 has been one of Kaisilver's hottest selling ring. The ring shown here is a sterling silver mother's ring with three gem stones of your choice. Customization ensures that you can choose gold or silver for your ring. ... more.


Kaisilver custom bracelets, have gained tremendous popularity in recent years. The fact that the demand for gold and 925 silver bracelets has steadily increased despite the slagging global economies proves that, buyers prefer custom bracelets as compared to readymade wholesale bracelets ... more.

A stunning sapphire gem stone ring with diamonds. Fit for a fine sapphire wedding or engagement ring but, moderately priced for a casual wear jewel too. This custom sapphire ring from Kai Silver can have a tapering band or be custom made as a sapphire band ring with uniform band width all around. Available in gold or sterling silver, the gold ring can be ordered as a 14k or 18k sapphire gold ring ... more.



Buyer Testimonials 


At Kaisilver, buyer satisfaction is important for our sustained business growth. We do not indulge in extravagant marketing campaigns. These are expenses that ultimately pile on to the price tag and are borne by the buyer. Instead, we believe in customer satisfaction as the effect is long lasting and buyers do not have expensive campaigns to pay for. Below or comments from some of our buyers.


Hello, I received the ring today!  Thank you very much for the fast delivery.It is one of the nicest rings I have ever seen, and the blue lapis goes with the yellow gold very nicely.  The build quality of the ring is excellent, I can't say enough for it.  It is a very solid study ring, and I like the nice thick underside of the ring; it is even thicker than that of some large school class rings I have.  Please convey to the craftsmen who built the ring, and to everyone I corresponded with; Ms. Nok, Ms. Jittrah, Ms. Wan, and Ms. Tuk my sincere thanks.  I enjoyed very much conveying the design to you, and I hope the craftsmen enjoyed making it as well.  I will keep up with your website and ring designs, and when the mood strikes, will likely have you craft another ring for me.

Mr.H. Albaugh
Arlington, Virginia, U.S.A.


Custom men's tanzanite and diamond ring arrived yesterday. The ring is absolutely beautiful! The detail and craftsmanship were well worth the wait. I took it to my jeweler who was very impressed with the price and especially the weight /craftsmanshipJ Thank you for the time and communication to make this ring perfect for him.
Killam, Sherri Lyn (CIV)

The ring is absolutely beautiful, the ruby stunning. I was worried whether it would ever come, being delayed due to all the turmoil in Bangkok, but when it finally did, I was absolutely delighted. I’ve looked in many jewellery shops and haven’t seen a ruby as nice yet. Thankyou, my girlfriend, now fiancé, absolutely loved it! The communication and customer service was really excellent as well, customising the ring went very smoothly, and the price was excellent for the quality. Regards,
John Williams, Australia.

I just wanted to tell you how thrilled I was with the ring I ordered from you. The anxiety I felt due to the delay in receiving it it due to the flooding in your country last fall was immediately relieved when I saw it. I burst into tears in joy. It is absolutely beautiful and I could not ask for more. All the custom aspects I requested were completed with perfection. It was more fabulous than I had dreamed. Thank you very much. Ms. Laura Kennedy, U.S.A.

Kaisilver buyers include, fashion models, politicians and government officials, members of the armed forces, doctors and surgeons, housewives, professors, students, sportsmen, lawyers, financial experts, resort and casino owners and others. Over 9,000 gem and jewelry lovers across 17 nations proudly wear our custom made jewelry.

We custom make all types of jewelry in gold and sterling silver. With preferential access to over 200 million carats of gems, we can produce your jewelry with any gem stone that you wish. Over 3,500 skilled craftsmen and artisans work on all our jewelry orders. Inspired by the designing skills of 7 top notch designers, our team ensures that quality standards at the highest levels are maintained.

We were the first online custom jewelry provider to cater to the requirements of highend custom mens rings in gold and silver. We dominate the highend custom mens jewelry market even today. When it comes to traditional and historical jewels, we remain unmatched by any other jeweler. The 375 year old claddagh ring is a good example. Kaisilver claddagh rings are accepted globally to be the best rendition of the claddagh ring.  

You can contact us at for any queries or doubts that you might have related to gems and jewelry. You are never under an obligation to make any purchase, do make complete use of our expertise. No other jeweler provides such detailed and professional advice and suggestions. We are on your side and would be very happy if you made the right buying decision, from where you buy your jewelry is not important to us. We are more concerned that you make a well informed decision.