Antique Sterling Silver Pendant, Onyx Pendant 

The PG750 silver pendant from Kaisilver is based on an ancient Thai jewel. Like jewelry from most Asian countries, this gorgeous antique black onyx pendant would most probably have originated in a royal setting. Given the thousands of onyx pendants that you might come across, artistic pendants like these are very hard to find. Most jewelers have given up producing pendants with such antique styles, especially in sterling silver. Antique jewelry relies on skilled craftsmanship rather than on trained machine operators. As the move towards producing mass scale jewelry grows, traditional craftsmen and artisans play an increasingly diminishing role. At Kaisilver we firmly believe that quality jewelry is created and not manufactured. Our production processes rely heavily on skilled craftsmen and gem cutters. When we make a custom made jewel for you, we need to satisfy only you. There is no pressure to please mass markets, so no compromise in quality or material or craftsmanship. The Kaisilver antique black onyx pendant PG750 is intricate, artistic and represents a jewel that will never run out of fashion. The surprising thing is that our dedication and determination to produce good quality jewelry is seen in both, gold and silver jewelry that we produce. 

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The PG750 silver antique pendant has a royal feel to the design. Most Asian jewelry originated in the royal palaces, this onyx pendant is adapted from an ancient Thai jewel. It is very likely that the original jewel was cast in solid gold, the gem stone would more likely be a ruby, red spinel or probably an emerald. Kaisilver experts studied the original jewel and adapted it to create something more affordable. The highend craftsmanship that you would normally relate to only gold jewelry, has been maintained even for this onyx 925 silver pendant.

 Before we move ahead into discussing the onyx silver pendant, we would like to emphasis the fact that the jewel is fully custom made. What this means is that every single feature of the jewel can include your preference. When we tell you that the onyx silver pendant is 3cm long with a 1cm bale on top of that giving it a total length of 4cm, we are not restricting your choice to these dimensions. Similarly the antique pendant as shown here has a pear shaped 15x12mm black onyx gem stone.

 Let us now look at a few variations that you can consider, these ideas should put you on track to getting the complete benefit of choosing a custom made pendant. The gem stone in this pendant is a black onyx but, custom made jewelry would imply that you can choose any gemstone that you fancy. Let us presume that your gem choice was a natural ruby or sapphire. The gem size mentioned above would be totally unsuitable for these gems. A blue sapphire that is more than 8mm to 9mm in size can be very expensive, the same is true of rubies, emeralds and even tanzanite. You would need to customize the dimensions of your antique silver pendant in that case. You would most probably go for a 9x7mm pear shaped gem in this case. With this, the overall dimensions of your antique pendant would be proportionately reduced to around 15mm or 1.5cm.

 A reduction in pendant dimensions is also recommended if you would like to have this antique onyx pendant made in gold. Should you leave the dimensions at 3cm + 1cm (bale), you will need around 40 to 50 grams of gold to make a neat and durable antique gold pendant. Taking the dimensions down to 1.5cm would put the required gold weight at around 15 grams, thus giving you a more modest price tag.

 If you are seriously into antique jewelry and classic fashion accessories, we can custom make a complete set with the design theme in the PG750 pendant. A matching pair of earrings is something that is a great idea. With options to reduce to the dimensions of the pendant, it will be possible to get this set in gold or silver with almost any gem stone of your choice. 

From the dimensions of the antique 925 sterling silver pendant, let us come up with a few suggestions on the shape of the pendant. Remember that true customization puts no limitations on buyer preferences so the entire shape of your pendant can be made to suite your requirements.  For the young at heart, you could consider a heart shaped pendant with a heart shaped gem stone. Staying with black onyx, your pendant would have a dimension of around 25mm heart shape. The gem stone could then be a 12mm to 13mm heart shaped black onyx. The heart gem could actually be set in the center of the pendant, rather than at one extreme.

 Round pendants are always popular, you might want to consider a round pendant with a round gem stone in the center. The dimensions can ofcourse be selected based on the metal (gold or silver) and the type of gem stone that you choose. If you needed a round pendant with a sapphire or ruby, stay within 7mm round sizes for the gem stone. The pendant itself could be 15mm round.

 Our discussion on the benefits of going for a custom antique pendant would not be complete without, some valuable suggestions for the gem stone. Technically you could have your antique silver pendant with just about any gem stone that you fancy. But in real life there are limitations based on budgets, avaialbility of various gems etc. If you had to make a decision to retain the onyx pendant dimensions to 4cm (including the bale) and the gem size to 15x12mm, the gem you choose cannot include rubies, sapphires or emeralds unless you have a hefty budget to splurge. As an example even a medium grade blue sapphire that is as large as 15mm, would cost you no less than 8,000 U.S$ to 12,000 U.S$ and this is just for the gem! 

Durability of the gem stone is another factor for all jewelry. For example, gems like bloodstone and even most blue lapis should not get soaked in water. Detergents and soaps can negatively affect them. Both these gems are coated with a fine waxy resign after the final cut and polish. This protects the surface of the stone, it also gives a nice shine (gloss) to the gem stone. Similarly, if you choose a kyanite gem stone for your custom 925 silver pendant, keep in mind that this is quite a soft gem and can get damaged easily.

 Antique jewelry offers a great way to get into classic style but, you need to understand a few issues involved when choosing antique pendants and other jewels. Kaisilver jewelry is designed by professionals who do more than just sketch their dreams. Our designers study the background and tradition attached to each jewel. Even after improvisation, great care is taken to ensure that the original features and meaning of each jewel are retained.

 Complete information on the PG750 antique onyx silver pendant can be found at PG750 Antique Pendant Report  You are most welcome to send your queries or requirements to our support team at You will be provided with suggestions and advice, specific price quotes will also be provided to help you make a well informed purchase decision.

  Kaisilver all jewelry is custom made in gold or 925 sterling silver. There is no limitation on design, gemstone or any other feature. Our jewelry collection is not limited to antique style jewelry, contemporary modern designs are also created by some of the finest craftsmen.