Mens Pendants, The Durability Factor.

It is not just mens pendants that need durability, all mens jewelry should have inbuilt durability and strength. This is because todays men lead active lifestyles and do not take much care of the jewelry that they wear. And durability is not one feature of a mens jewel, it is a combination of many factors that work together to make a jewel strong and durable. In this report we will discuss issues related to durability of mens pendants.

If durability is really all that important, why do jewelers not produce all jewelry with good durability?  There are a few reasons for this and we will address them very soon. When you talk about a mens pendant being durable, you would mean that the jewel should not bend or dent easily when being worn, stored or cleaned. Metal weight is one of the influential features that can dictate the durability of a jewel. The metal weight of a mens pendant needs to be proportional to the dimensions of the jewel. Jewelers ignore this requirement as lowering metal weight can make price tags appear attractive to buyers. This is a selfish attitude since it does not keep the longterm interest of the buyer in mind.

There is another very cheap gimmick played by jewelry producers and sellers, once again a selfish attitude that works against the buyer. People are made to believe that good metal weight will make a jewel appear lousy and clumsy. This could happen with a substandard design but, you cannot put the blame on healthy metal weight. If the design of your mens pendant is well researched, you can push the metal weight to play a supporting role without drastically changing the external appearance of the jewel.

The gemstone that you choose for a mens pendant can also influence the durability of the jewel. For example, an emerald can get damaged relatively easily with physical impact. You should also not soak an emerald in water or keep it in contact with detergents. Gems like green jade and agates are quite sturdy and can be safely used for mens pendants. An intereting thing about mens gold or 925 silver pendants is that they are very often ordered without any gem stone. With this concept, the shape and meaning of the pendant gets more importance. Custom jewels offer good opportunities to include your preferences in the jewel, so you might want to stay away from mass produced mens pendants.

The design for your mens pendant is another key player when defining the durability of a jewel. For example, if the metal weight for your pendant needs to be restricited for pricing (or other) reasons, the design should adjust the dimensions accordingly. Maintaining large dimensions for a custom mens pendant while restricting metal weight, will surely reduce the durability of the jewel. Designs with pointed or protruding edges or corners, are more likely to get the jewel damaged by physical impact. Such designs can also cause injury and hurt delicate skin. The design also decides how gemstones (if any) will be mounted in the pendant. Prongs can stick in clothes and other fabrics and open up over a period of time, this causes the gem to loosen. So when you are choosing the design for your mens pendant make sure that, the design is evaluated from all angles and not just with reference to external appearance.

When you choose a mens pendant do not visualize the pendant in isolation, remember that your gold or 925 silver pendant needs to be worn with a chain. The chain needs to match the style of the pendants. So if you were getting a sturdy and large mens cross pendants, the chain will need to be fairly thick and large too.  It will be a good idea to budget for your chain along with the pendant. This gets to be more important when it comes to mens gold pendants, as a heavy gold chain can add substantially to the price tag. On a similar note, if a gold pendant and chain are beyond your budget consider a custom pendant in silver. Do not settle for a low weight gold pendant as it would be low on durability. This is something that would be helpful if you are buying a mens pendant as a gift, a complete silver pendant and chain set makes a great idea.

We will demonstrate how durability needs to be built into mens pendants by taking a few live examples from the Kaisilver pendant collection. The idea is not to sell you a jewel but rather, to make you aware of what to expect and demand from a good quality mens pendant.

Kaisilver jewelry is custom made with your choice of design, dimensions, metal and gemstones. Backed by over 3,500 skilled craftsmen and artisans we produce jewelry that is proudly worn by over 10,000 jewelry and gem lovers spread across 17 nations. Should you ever need any information or clarifications on any gem or jewelry related issue, please email us at You are under no obligation to make a purchase and our team of professionals will be glad to make suggestions and provide straightforward and honest advice.

The MPN15 star pendant is a good starting point to explain how good metal weight need not make a mens pendant appear clumsy and bulky. If you observe this gold or silver star pendant from the front, it appears that the segments forming the six stars and the border are quite thin. You might wrongly conclude that this 6 star pendant is not sturdy but, you would be wrong. Our designers have kept a generous thickness of 3mm to 3.5mm for the star, this adds body to the pendant and makes it strong and sturdy. This does mean that your custom star pendant gets a healthy weight of 20 to 25 grams but, it also means that you get a mens pendant that is sturdy and durable, one that will not bend or deform easily ... more.


When talking about durability of mens pendants, the MPN11 custom hayabusa pendant is another good example. This pendant is produced in gold or silver and no compromise is made in weight, design or craftsmanship for both metal options. You will also notice that the pendant is provided with rounded corners, a feature that takes safety into account right at the design stage. By providing a good metal weight we have ensured that there are no ugly metal scoopings on the back side of this mens pendant. This means that you always wear a neat and tidy pendant no matter which side it is seen from ... more.  


The MPN02 custom mens cross pendant has an antique and classic flavor, something not very common in mens jewelry. The image shows a sterling silver mens cross but, you could request for the same mens cross pendant in 14k or 18k gold too. The cross is contained within a classic antique frame design but, the center of attraction remains focused on the cross. Once again a good weight to support an impressive pendant. Such antique classic jewels look better in silver than in gold, so we do recommend silver despite the fact that gold gives better profits in dollar terms ... more.


Kaisilver is surely not the only source for mens pendants but, when you want a good quality pendant or any other jewel you will need a reliable custom jewelry provider who controls the entire production process. The production process for a custom jewel does not begin in the factory, it actually starts with the design since even the best machinery and craftsmen cannot do a good job based on a substandard design. Choosing the right jewelry provider is as important as choosing the right mens pendants.


We would like to say a bit about the chain that you would wear with your gold or 925 silver mens pendant. It is ofcourse true that, a mens gold pendant would be worn with a gold chain and a silver mens pendant would need a silver chain. However there is more to it than just matching metals for the chain and pendant. If you were choosing an impressive pendant with large dimensions and proportionate metal weight, you will need to select a fairly sturdy chain to match the pendant. When you talk about a mens sterling silver pendant, the chain and pendant can be had for a modest price. But talking about large mens gold pendants is a different story. Given current gold prices a heavy and long gold chain can be quite expensive. This probably is one of the reasons why mens silver pendants are in higher demand as compared to mens gold pendants.


Another interesting thing about mens pendants is that, they very often have a deeper meaning and tradition. For example, you do not often come across a mens pendant with a very fancy design. But cross pendants, ankh pendants, initial pendants and other pendants on similar concepts are very popular.


Who Is Kaisilver?  

We have often mentioned that choosing the right jewel is as important as choosing the right jewel. It is therefore important for you to know more about Kaisilver. The next few paragraphs will provide details.


Kaisilver is the world's leading online custom jewelry provider. Our jewelry is today proudly worn by more than 10,000 jewelry spanning across 17 nations. A team of 5 top notch designers supported by over a dozen design consultants work on all our designing requirements. Over 3,500 skilled craftsmen, artisans and gem cutters work on all our custom jewelry orders. This large resource base ensures that we produce fine jewelry with all modern, traditional and fancy concepts.


We procure gems from miners and large gem manufacturers across the globe. This gives us preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones. Each gem is handpicked and custom cut and buyers need choice and options is not restricted to fixed inventories. With this massive support to our gem sourcing, you can request for the gemstone of your choice when ordering jewelry.  


We control the entire production process and can therefore offer an unmatched degree of customization for all your jewelry requirements. The design, dimensions, metal and gem options can be decided by you. Since every gem is handpicked and custom cut, the type of cut, shape and size of the gem can all be chosen by you.  


Our buyers include, fashion models, news readers, members of the armed forces, journalists, lawyers, sportsmen, doctors and surgeons, students and professors, housewives, casino and resort owners and people from other walks of life. We rely completely on buyer satisfaction to stay in business and grow. We realize that flashy marketing campaigns can get us more business but, the cost of all these gimmicks need to be recovered from the price tag pushed on the buyer.


We provide below a few buyer comments to give you an idea of the quality of service and merchandise that we provide.

Received the cross I ordered for my wife today and it is everything I expected. It is beautiful and the craftsmanship is superb. Thank you so much and thank you for the extra gift of the jeweled neckless. If you ever need a recommendation please feel free to use me. Thank you again. Mr.Jeff Price.


The ring just arrived and it is beautiful, all white gold, the way I requested.  I can’t believe what a wonderful job you did selecting the sapphire and shaping it just the way I wanted (cabochon as opposed to faceted).  It is perfect and on my finger right now.  I will, in all likelihood, never take it off.  Right in time for the new year and so wonderfully and carefully wrapped that it took me a full, five minutes to open it! Thank you, again, and a very happy New Year to you and all of the fabulous staff that worked so hard on this.  To say I am grateful is an understatement. Best regards. Ms.Marilyn Assenheim.


You have my permission to use my comments on your website.  I have enjoyed wearing my ring.  I have worn it daily since receiving it.  Also, I have received several complimentary comments on the design of the ring and the quality of the star sapphire. Thanks again for your assistance. Regards, Lee D. Curtis


How to order?

Ordering jewelry from Kaisilver is a pleasant experience, we do not rush you to place your order and there are no 'Buy Now' or 'Order Now' icons on our website. We urge you to discuss your requirements with our team of professionals and understand their recommendations. Email us at and include any images or sketches that you have to better explain your requirements.