Jade Pendant

Gemstone To Touch Skin

The demand for the PG3001 jade pendant has been amazing. While the classic antique style of this gold or 925 silver jade pendant is awesome, the beauty and tradition of jade gems is a significant factor that drives demand too. In this brief report we will discuss one specific requirement that many buyers have requested for. The fact that this jade pendant is fully custom made means that, the gemstone type can be selected by you. The requirement for the gemstone to touch the skin is put forward by buyers who believe in the special powers and properties of gems. We would like to clarify right here that, we do not claim that any of the gems that we offer have any super powers or magical properties at the same time, we are always willing to fulfill specific requirements made by buyers. While we will discuss the issue related to gemstone touching the skin, with reference to the PG3001 jade pendant - the information will be applicable to all types of jewelry.

 Tradition: Belief in the special powers of gems has existed for many centuries. The earliest recorded cases of gems and crystals being worn by ladies and men, connected specific gems to specific powers of each gemstone. For example, the belief that wearing a carnelian gem brings self confidence and calmness. Another example is the strong belief that a bloodstone can help blood circulation, and also clear other blood disorders. It is traditions of this type that, bring up regular requests for the gem in our jade pendant to touch the skin from the back side of the pendant. 

Gem Cut: With specific reference to the gem stone in the jade pendant being discussed, you will notice that the jade gemstone has no facets. It has a smooth cabachon cut. Such a cutting style for opaque gems generally means that, the lower side of the gem would be quite flat. When it comes to faceted gemstones, the lower portion of the gem is normally a bit pointed. Keep in mind that our objective is for the gem to touch the skin from the back side.

Safety: If the gemstone in the PG3001 jade pendant is to touch the skin, we need to make sure that it is safe and comfortable to wear too. Had this been a ring, it would be important for the gem not to press against the skin too tightly as this, can lead to discomfort - however for a pendant this is not very relevant as the pendant is suspended around the neck and not pushed against the skin. You could order your jade pendant, with a request for any other faceted or cabochon cut gemstone. If the gem was to touch the skin it is necessary, for the back side of the gem to be a bit rounded, sharp corners and points can damage delicate skin.

Special Cut: One of the ways in which the gemstone in this jade pendant could be made to touch the skin, is for the stone to be custom cut. You could then give a slight curvature (bulge) on the back side of the gem as well. With this option, you could have just one gem in the pendant, that one gem could fulfill the special requirement of the gem touching the skin. You should however keep in mind that, not all jewelers can handle specific gem cutting requirements - most jewelers rely on the fixed set of ready cut gems that they have or that can be easily procured from the markets. We are fully equipped to custom cut gems since we have complete control over the entire production process.

Two Gems: If the option to custom cut a single gem as mentioned above is not possible, here is what can be done. Keep in mind, that we want to leave the overall appearance of the jade pendant intact. You could have two jade gems mounted back to back, the gemstone mounted behind will then quite obviously touch the skin. If the gem cost component is going to significantly rise because of the two gems, you can consider using a gem with a moderate quality for the gemstone to be mounted at the back.

Cost Factor: With reference to the PG3011 custom jade pendant, the requirement to have the gem touch the skin might slightly push up the price of the pendant. Since the pendant can be made with the gemstone of your choice, the type of gemstone used will also need to be considered. For example, if you requested for a jade, black agate, blue lapis or stabilized turquoise gemstone pendant - we might be able to fulfill the specific requirement without any addition to the price tag.

This report gives you a clear insight into the requirment for a gemstone to touch the skin. Different types of jewels, different designs might require specific customization but, the main concepts would be very similar to those explained in this report. You can read more on the PG3001 jade pendant at http://www.jewelry.kaijewels.com/silver-pendant-jade-pg3001-kj.htm