Tanzanite, Amazing Beauty And Versatility

The beauty of tanzanite has been universally recognized and yet,  the gemstone has been known to humans only for the last few decades. The gem belongs to the zoisite mineral family and is generally a darkish yellow-brown-green color when mined. The rough stone is heated to turn it into the scintillating violet-blue range of colors, this is the tanzanite that we all know about. As you admire the beauty of this African gemstone, learn a few things about its occurrence and rarity and you will surely adore the gem even more. The universal appeal of tanzanite runs across genders, nations, complexions and ages. Looking at it another way, the color of tanzanite is such that it looks awesome in every metal color that is represented in conventional jewelry. While gems like diamonds, rubies and sapphires have been known for many centuries and perhaps even, for a few thousand years, tanzanite was found only in 1967. It is undoubtedly the rarity of the gemstone that has resulted in such a late find. A small strip of land at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, is the only place on earth where tanzanite is mined. Experts agree that this gem is rarer than ruby, sapphire, emerald and even diamonds. Some even go to the extent of putting that in an objective sense and claim that, tanzanite is at least 1,000 times rarer than diamonds. In the remaining portion of this report, we will discuss the various ideas and concepts that can involve tanzanite gemstone rings. 

Kaisilver: As the world's leading online provider of high end custom made jewelry, we craft all jewelry in gold or 925 silver. We utilize the services of highly skilled artisans from Thailand and have built, direct contacts with gem mining centers across the world. With no limitation on design and gems for your custom made jewelry,  you have only your imagination and budget to consider. Both gold and sterling silver jewelry are given the same quality of workmanship and gems, this is something that very few other jewelers can claim. Contact our support team at sales@kaisilver.com for any queries and requirements related to gemstones and jewellery that you might have. 

tazanite claddagh ring heart

Style gurus have labelled the Kaisilver RG143 Tanzanite Claddagh Ring as one of the finest concepts for a gold or 925 silver tanzanite ring. The claddagh ring has a history that dates back to around 4 centuries, the time was when slavery was rampant. The touching story tells of a humble Irish slave named Robert Joyce, who made the ring to show his beloved just how much he loved here. We have combined the centuries old jewel with a modern and scintillating gemstone, tanzanite ... more

tanzanite ring for men

Choose the medium to dark blue-violet tanzanite gemstone for your ring. We can craft this men's ring in silver or gold, with your choice of gemstones. The side diamonds can be replaced with gems of your choice. This is a heavy men's tanzanite gemstone ring handcrafted in gold or silver. We can custom make a men's ring with your design or ours. Tanzanite is a very rare gem, the ring is crafted with a substantial metal (gold or silver weight). Available in all sizes ... more

tanzanite diamond ring

A stylish tanzanite gemstone ring, a marquise shaped gemstone in the center with a halo of diamonds around the gem. Tanzanite one of the rarest gemstones in history is found in just, one location on the planet. This tanzanite ring design, provides an excellent showcase for the thrilling beauty of the gem. The diamonds besides adding that extra dose of luxury and glitter, also protect the gem from side impact. Wear this ring for informal or formal wear, great for all occasions ... more

tanzanite gold ring for men

This men's ring design has been extremely popular for over a decade. Shown as a tanzanite ring for men, the MAN64T is built to last long - this is a tough ring with a hefty metal weight. You can order the ring in any size that you wish, the oval tanzanite gem is flanked by a natural diamond on either side. Few designs for men's rings become this popular - across 10 nations and with men in a very wide age group. Custom made tanzanite men's ring in gold or 925 sterling silver ... more

tanzanite gold ring

One of the rarest natural gemstones, tanzanite is about 1,000 times rarer than diamonds. An elegant tanzanite 14k or 18k gold ring. The wonderful thing about tanzanite is that, it looks absolutely amazing in yellow, white or pink gold. This tanzanite white gold ring, is sturdy and very comfortable to wear. With fine workmanship by skilled artisans in Thailand, this tanzanite gemstone ring is perfect for casual or formal wear. The gem is also A December birthstone ... more

tanzanite silver ring cat

Silver tanzanite ring, a special ring depicting a cute cat. This ring with tanzanite gemstone, can be ordered in gold or 925 silver. The cat ring has been one of the most popular mother's ring for decades. Each tanzanite 925 silver ring is handcrafted by highly skilled Thai artisans. We can craft a sterling silver tanzanite gemstone ring with your own design. The classic look of this cat ring, ensures that it has a timeless elegance even when done in silver. Available with all gemstone options ... more

tanzanite silver or gold ring for men

For men who love a textured look for their gemstone ring, the MAN121 would be an awesome choice. This men's ring with tanzanite or any gem of your choice can be crafted with a texture that you like - a tree bark look, the criss-cross design as shown in the image, the hammered look etc. And we can obviously make this tanzanite gemstone ring with no texture at all. Stylists suggest that rings with a texture, ensure that the rings appear brand new for a very long time ... more

big tanzanite ring

Design suitable for a big tanzanite ring, the MAN137T can be ordered with a gem size of 9x7mm, 10x8mm, 11x9mm or 12x10mm oval gem. This is a classic ring design that gives, excellent exposure to the beauty of the gemstone. Discuss your requirements with us and we will work out a specific price quote. Pick any ring from our websites and request, for them to be crafted with the gem of your choice. We can also craft a big gem ring with your own design idea or image ... more

Tanzanite Highlights Kaisilver:

  • Kaisilver tanzanite gems are sourced directly from the miners in Tanzania.
  • We custom cut tanzanite in all shapes, sizes, grades and color shades. 
  • Prices of light, medium and deep colored tanzanite gems could differ. 
  • Each tanzanite piece is certified for authenticity by an independent testing lab.
  • We  handcraft tanzanite rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings and cufflinks. 
  • Both gold and silver tanzanite rings and other jewelry have superior workmanship. 
  • The design for your tanzanite ring or other tanzanite jewelry, can be yours or ours.

How To Buy: All the tanzanite rings shown on this web page, have a brief description and a link to the complete report. Remember that all the jewels can be customized as per your preference, we can even craft a completely unique piece with a design idea provided by you. We do not place a limitation on gem selection, you need not restrict your gem choice to what is shown on our websites. Read the complete report for each product, send in your requirements and questions to our experts at sales@kaisilver.com Ask as many questions as you wish, do not be in a hurry to confirm the order unless you have all the information that you need. 

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