Mens Emerald Rings. Essential Features

This report on men's emerald rings covers some very intereting and important issues related to emerald gem stone rings for men. Most jewelry buyers would lay complete stress on two factors when choosing a 14k or 18k mens emerald ring. The first thing that many buyers look at is the price tag. All of us do our shopping within some budgetary constraints so checking out the price tag is perfectly understandable. The next thing to be evaluated about the ring would be the external design. This is a personal decision based on individual taste and style. In reality there is some very vital information being overlooked in between the price and the external appearance of the mens emerald ring. These are things that every jeweler is aware of but, the information is kept away form buyers. This is sad but true, and the purpose of this report is to educate buyers regarding such closely guarded 'secrets'!

men's band ring emerald
emerald ring for men gold and silver

An emerald is a variety of beryl, the same mineral family that brings us aquamarin, morganite and the lesser known bixbite. The gem stone has been known to man for many centuries. There was a time when every green stone was called an emerald and every red stone was called a ruby! Times have changed and the study of gemstones has developed into a science. History tells us that Cleopatra was crazy over emeralds and emerald jewelry. What history did not know was that, many of her highly valued emerald jewels, were infact set with another green gem stone called peridot.

With such a long history it is no surprise that emerald rings have a high degree of popularity. Both ladies and men's emerald rings are worn for reasons of beauty and other beliefs and traditions. For example, if you were looking for a men's birth stone for the month of May, emerald would be the gemstone that you need. Many people also believe that this gem stone brings peace and harmony into married life. You might therefore find that an emerald mens wedding ring is not very rare.

We will now focus our discussion on men's emerald gem stone rings. The MAN71 Kaisilver men's ring is just one example of an emerald ring for men. However it is one of the very few rings that is customized to look handsome and incorporated with inbuilt features to enhance the durability of the jewel.

Durability is expected in all types of jewelry but, mens jewelry needs a much higher degree of this. This is because ladies take far more care of their jewelry than men do. We have seen men repairing the electric furnace wearing a gold ring. Car repair is another activity where men's jewelry can be damaged but, they most often do not seemed worried about that.

Before you even think of choosing a mens emerald ring, you need to understand what your ring expects of you! Emerald rings and other jewels with emeralds should not be worn when doing a lot of physical activity. The gemstone can break or crack with moderate physical impact. Do not soak your emerald ring in water for a long time, the natural oils used to teat ALL emeralds will be affecte. Wearing or storing your emerald mens ring near heat sources will also affect the gem stone. Strong chemicals, solvents and detergents should not be allowed to come in contact with your emerald ring. Jewelers often use ultrasonic cleaners to clean jewels, such devices are not recommended for jewelry with emerald gemstones. The design structure of your emerald ring can enhance the strength of your ring but only to a certain extent. Though the design structure of an emerald ring can help to add strength to the ring, you will also need to take the above precautions.  

A good emerald ring for men needs to take the characteristics of the gem stone into consideration.  So we can list the main charateristics of emeralds here and simultaneously link those, with the desirable features for a mens emerald gem stone ring.

One of the important things that you should know about emeralds relates to internal fissures and inclusions within the gem. All emeralds have these, the quantity of inclusions and fissures and their placement within the stone would ofcourse differ. You should not be under the impression that good quality emeralds would be eye clean. So you can rest assured that the gem in your gold or silver men's emerald ring would have these too. A good quality emerald would have fewer of these and those might be present away from the center of the gem stone. So no matter how much you pay for your mens emerald gemstone ring, the possibility of getting an eye clean gem is nil.

An emerald mens ring should consider the presence of fissures and inclusions in the stone during the design and production stage. Remember that physical impact can damage the gem, the gemstone size is a relevant fact in this case. A mens gold or silver emerald ring with a large gemstone might seem great if you can afford the price tag. At the same time, a larger gem is more likely to hit against or get hit by hard objects like tables, walls, doors etc. Take a quick glance at the image of the MAN71 emerald mens ring and you will notice that, the square emeralds are neither too large nor too small. This emerald gem stone ring uses square emeralds with a size of 6mm. This not only moderates the price but also, reduces the chances of the gemstones being damaged by hitting against hard objects.


The design of your mens gemstone ring would determine how the gems are mounted in the jewel. Prong settings are often used in jewels, they are easy for the craftsmen to handle and also use lower gold or silver weight. However the bad part about prong settings directly affect the buyer. Over a period of time, prongs tend to open up when they get stuck in pockets and other fabric. The Kaisilver emerald mens ring shown on this page borders each gem stone with metal. This does require additional care during the crafting and gem setting stage. We are well equipped to take this task to ensure that your ring is more durable. The metal border mounts the gems firmly and also protects the edges from chipping or cracking.

When you choose a 14k or 18k emerald mens ring, make sure that the gem stone does not protrude too much beyond the surface of the ring. The MAN71 mens emerald gemstone ring shown here has the gems almost flush with the face of the ring. High profile gems can get more easily damaged by coming in contact with hard surfaces.

Since Kaisilver emerald rings are fully customizable, you could choose emeralds or any other gemstone in the shape and size that you wish. It is possible to combine different gems in the same ring too, you could therefore have all or some of the emeralds replaced with gems of your choice.


Kaisilver custom makes all types of jewelry in gold or sterling silver. Each jewel is tailor made to suit your preferences, you can therefore choose the design, gemstone and dimensions of your ring or other jewel. Our support team at will gladly work with you on any doubts or queries that you might have. You can even email pictures or sketches of your own designs to be custom made.