Sapphire Rings, Inheriting A Royal History

When you talk about a sapphire ring, the conversation invariably revolves around the status and price of the gemstone. Sapphires have been known for many centuries and it was presumed that all sapphires are blue. Sapphires along with rubies are rare gems that, have always left a wide gap between demand and supply. With supply falling well below demand, the gemstone has consistently shown a high price point. In ancient times, the gemstone was exclusively owned and worn by people from royal families. The common man could not wear a sapphire ring even if he was could pay for it. In today's world, it is economics that has given birth to another breed of exclusive elite - these are people who can afford to pay a lot of many for a fashion accessory. 

An interesting thing about sapphires in the early days was the belief that, all sapphires were blue in color. It was not uncommon for precious gems to be identified and labelled merely by color. Historic records tell us that, blue lapis was often wrongly called 'sapphire'. If a person came across blue spinel in those days, it would undoubtedly be referred to as a sapphire. Gemological studies have today enlightened us about the wide color spectrum in which sapphires can be found. When you talk about the gem color in a sapphire ring it could be, blue yellow, green, white (colorless), pink, orange, purple or even black. The birthstone charts define sapphire as the birthstone for September, and choosing a sapphire ring to represent the month of September often throws up some interesting debates. What should be the color of the sapphire in a September birthstone ring? If you take a strictly traditional approach, you would insist on a blue sapphire ring for a birthstone jewel for September. But gem enthusiasts who claim that, a sapphire of any color would be okay for a September birthstone, have a decent argument too. After all the birthstone charts were set up many decades ago at a time when, no one really knew that sapphires could be found in any color besides blue. Our suggestion would be to follow your mind and take a more liberal stand. 

The exclusivity of sapphires made them a favorite for special event jewels. Medium to good grade sapphires are rare and this made sapphire rings, a good choice to celebrate occasions like engagements and weddings. The relatively high price of most sapphires, meant that sapphire rings went beyond most budgets for casual wear jewels. Most people are willing to stretch and strain their expenses when it comes to weddings and engagements. This is why many couples choose to wear sapphire gold rings, as engagement rings. Toughness and hardness is a natural property of sapphire gems, this makes it fairly easy to look after a sapphire ring. If you wish to wear an engagement ring, that can pass down to your son or daughter - sapphire should be one of your top preferences. The demand for ladies and men's sapphire engagement rings, is high and this ensures that the price of the gemstone never drops. 

There was a time when it was presumed that, all expensive gems should be set in gold or platinum. Those days no longer exists and fine custom jewelry providers like Kaisilver, craft dozens of sapphire rings each year in gold and 925 sterling silver.  The gemstone is fairly easy to look after, and various methods used to polish and clean gold or silver rings will not do any harm to this gemstone. The trend for finely crafted silver sapphire rings began with the, rapid increase in gold prices. And once quality conscious jewelry buyers realized that, silver jewelry could have the same quality of craftsmanship and gems as jewelry made from gold, they became life long admirers of quality silver jewelry. At Kai Silver we noticed that, requests for custom silver jewelry rose rapidly as the price of gold moved beyond 1,600 U.S$ per ounce. And this turn towards silver remained sturdy even when, the gold price bottomed out to a more manageable 1,250 U.S$ per ounce. 

The RG220-BS sapphire ring is available in gold or 925 sterling silver. Every single feature of this ring can be customized to suit your preference. You could request for different gems to be combined in the ring. An interesting idea is to order your sapphire ring with sapphires in different colors. Three gemstone rings are have a special meaning when worn as a wedding or engagement ring. For example, three sapphires in this ring could symbolize the past, present and the future. The design structure of this sapphire gemstone ring, adds to the long term durability of the jewel. The design concept and band width of this sapphire ring ensures that, it would look great for men or ladies. If you are interested in getting a sapphire wedding band, request for the ring to be made with a uniform band width all around ... more.  

Though most of us think of blue gems when talking about sapphire rings, this amazing gem boasts of a bevy of gorgeous colors. When you order a custom sapphire gemstone ring from Kai Silver. you have a choice of white, pink, blue, green, yellow and orange sapphires to choose from. We also provide a selection of white, pink and yellow gold color for 10k, 14k and 18k gold rings. If your choice of design includes many sapphire gems, consider combining different sapphire gem colors in the same ring. Just remember that the design for your silver or gold sapphire ring can be yours or picked from our websites ... more