Sapphire Rings, RG237 From Kaisilver

The rising prices of gold and sapphires has humbled many budget jewelry buyers. Our experts decided to launch a project to design and create a custom sapphire ring that was gorgeous, durable and affordable. The RG237 sapphire diamond ring is a researched jewel, a ring that is priced to be called a 'daily wear' or 'casual wear' jewel. The more challenging part was to make the same ring suitable for a sapphire wedding or engagement ring too. It is the parameters put into place that tested the finest talents and expertise that is present at Kaisilver. When all was said and done, we ended up with a sapphire ring that is a true masterpiece. Packed with all the advantages that a true custom jewelry brings, you can now have the sapphire diamond ring customized with your own preferences.

If you had to evaluate price and good looks, this ring would be a big winner - but there are more goodies in store. The sapphires and diamonds used in this sapphire ring are natural and of a good quality. Custom made in gold or 925 silver, the ring is invested with a handsome gold or silver weight of 8 to 10 grams. This is surprising at a time when, high gold prices are pushing jewelers to design and make jewels with increasingly lower metal weight. We do know that a lighter ring would be cheaper but, we know and accept one more important fact too. A sapphire ring made with insufficient gold or silver weight cannot be durable in the longterm. A light weight jewel is also very likely to suffer from loose and flimsily mounted gemstones and diamonds. When it comes to jewelry, cheap prices are always accompanied by cheap (lower) quality - that is not how we do business. We design, craft, offer and deliver a quality sapphire ring that will retain shape for decades to come. You save on longterm repair and replacement charges, we get the satisfaction of giving you a quality jewel at a modest price.

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The above image shows the very popular Kaisilver sapphire diamond ring in white gold. You will notice that the sapphires have a good color, something that you would normally find only in sapphire gem stone rings that are priced at two or three times our price. If you plan to go for a sapphire gold ring, you could choose from yellow or white gold. While pink gold sapphire rings are not very common, we can custom make your ring with pink (rose) gold too. What is more interesting is that, you get the same quality and craftsmanship for the gold or 925 sterling silver sapphire gemstone ring. We will now discuss a few important features of this sapphire diamond ring. You will also gain some valuable insight into the type of customization that you can take advantage of.

We did mention that the RG237 sapphire gold or silver ring is suitable for a wedding or engagement sapphire ring and also, for a casual wear jewel. When you talk about a sapphire wedding ring, the popularity of sapphire wedding bands cannot be denied. The image shows the sapphire diamond ring with a tapering band width, a wedding band would have a uniform band width all around. To accomodate such specific requests, your sapphire ring can be ordered with a tapering or uniform band width. Still on the issue of band width, we would like to explain one of the reasons why this sapphire ring looks like a truly lavish and extravagant jewel. If you observe the band width of the ring in the front, you will notice that the band width is just sufficient to closely border the diamonds and sapphires in the ring. This is what gives it a 'glitter and glamour' appearance, something that looks far more valuable than what is shown on the price tag.


Let us now talk about the size of the sapphires and diamonds in this gold or silver sapphire ring. Sapphires and diamonds have a similar behaviour when it comes to the equation between price and size. The price (per carat) of these stones show a sharp increase as the stone size increases. Remember that we are talking about affordable sapphire rings that do not make quality compromises. This was what influenced the decision to use modestly sized round sapphires (3mm) and and diamonds (1.5mm) to deck up this gorgeous sapphire ring. Do not get confused with the appearance of the ring in the image and these size specifications. The researched design that made the stones and diamonds sit edge to edge, ensured that the width of the band closely hugged the stones.  

When you choose any jewel from Kaisilver, you get to choose the gemstones of your choice. For the RG237 sapphire ring, the fact that there are more than 1 gemstone (5 sapphires in all) opens up an interesting option. You can combine different sapphire colors in the same ring. You could also combine different gemstone types in the same ring. By combining gem stone types, you could explore some amazing ideas. Combine different gem types and create a family birthstone ring. When you talk about a family birth stone ring, the ring would have the birthstones of all family members. If you are interested in knowing more about sapphire colors that you could choose from, here is the related information. Sapphires are available in blue, white, yellow, green, orange or pink colors. You could alternate white and blue sapphires or yellow and blue sapphires in the same ring. A pink and blue sapphire gem stone ring would also be a terrific eye catcher.

The 1.5mm round diamonds are significant enough to shine glitter on the jewel and yet, not too overpowering as that would diminish the importance of the sapphires in the ring. Though we must admit that, we have not come across many ladies who do not like diamonds, we have allowed the possibility of excluding the diamonds from your sapphire gold or silver ring. You might want to do this to reduce the price tag and tune the price to your budget. We can discuss the possibility of replacing the diamonds with other gems like white sapphires, rubies or yellow sapphires too. Sapphires rings used as engagement or wedding rings are often made with diamonds, you can therefore base your decision on the purpose of buying the ring.

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We did mention that this sapphire ring can be custom made in gold or silver, let us say something about sterling silver sapphire rings. Jewelry buyers are often tempted to request for gold, rhodium or platinum plating on their silver jewelry. While we do admit that such plated sapphire rings look stunning when purchased, you need to be aware of the longterm scenario for platings done on silver jewelry. All platings done on 925 sterling silver jewelry will wear off over time, this will not happen uniformly all across the jewel. For this reason we would suggest that you leave your silver sapphire gem stone ring unplated. Commercially available, silver polish lotions and polishing fabrics (jewelry grade) are available to take off any tarnish that might form on your 925 silver sapphire ring.

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We cannot end this report without discussing a very important issue related to sapphire gemstones. Most of us are aware that there are natural and fake sapphire gems. Fake sapphires go by names like synthetic sapphires, lab sapphires, lab created sapphires, cz sapphires, imitation or even simulated sapphires. Natural sapphires are those that are mined from the earth. At Kaisilver, when we talk about sapphire rings, we refer to natural sapphire gems. When referrring to natural sapphire gems, we need to understand the concept of gemstone treatments. More than 95% of the sapphires used in jewelry making are treated to enhance their beauty, clarity of color. The important thing is that it is only the conventional heat process, that is accepted by gemstone experts. Conventional heat treatment for sapphires has been going on for several decades and probably for over a century. In this process no chemicals or gases are added to the oven or furnace that, holds the sapphires to be treated. The process is so common that, you can presume that the stones in your sapphire ring are heated in this way too.

The topic of sapphire treatment gets more confusing as you dig deeper. Large scale mining of sapphires has diminished the volume and quality of sapphires being brought up from the mines. With a steady demand and reduced supply, gem manufacturers have come up with many new forms of treatment to enhance the beauty of sapphire gems. A new heat treatment that uses chemicals and gases during the heating process, a fissure filling process and even a surface diffusion process are some of the newer treatments applied to sapphire gemstones. Jewelers or gem traders who sell sapphires or jewelry with sapphires treated by these new methods, are expected to inform buyers of the same. The value of such sapphires is much lower than the value of sapphires that are unheated or heated by the conventonal heating process. Kaisilver can provide sapphire rings with sapphires treated by these processes BUT we will need an express statement from you saying that, you fully understand the treatment applied to the sapphires. All references to sapphires on our websites presume conventionally heated sapphire gems.

How To Order: Do not be in a hurry to place an order, we are talking about fine high end custom jewelry - jewels that are not supposed to be sold and purchased in a rush. Whether it is the RG237 sapphire ring or any other jewel that interests you, discuss requirements with our team of experts at They will be glad to clarify doubts and come up with suggestions. Make sure that all your questions are answered, that is when you move ahead with your decision. Some of Thailand's finest jewelry artisans and skilled gem cutters, work on all Kaisilver jewelry.

We craft all types of jewelry in gold and sterling silver. Maintaining the same superior standards for gold and silver jewels, we place absolutely no restriction on your choice of gemstones or design. You are welcome to email us your own design ideas and sketches, the team will work together with you to finalize specifications and price. 

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Networked to most gem mining centers spread across over a dozen nations, we have preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones. We can procure and custom cut just about any jewel for you and place, no restriction on your gem selection. Contact our experts at if you have any queries or requirements related to gemstones and jewelry. 


I just received my ring and I had to send you a note of thanks. It is as beautiful as I expected it would be. Your patience with my questions was always gracious and the answers prompt and courteous. Please extend my thanks to the entire company and the artists who created this piece of art during extremely trying times for you. Feel free to use my endorsement of your company on your website, and I will be sure to tell everyone about your company. Thank you and God bless all of you ... Lynn St. Martin. ... more