Cufflinks, Customizing Cufflinks In Gold Or 925 Silver

The development of style and class in the design and crafting of cufflinks was encouraged by the demand for quality cufflinks. Men today expect their cufflinks to do far more than just hold both ends of their shirt cuffs together. Another interesting trend is to get cufflinks custom made with precious metals like gold and silver. There are unique ways in which cufflinks can be customized and we will talk about that in this report. At this point do not worry about where you should buy your cufflinks from, there are many sources and Kaisilver is surely not the only one.

Cufflinks can be plain with no gemstones or diamonds or they could have gems of your choice. You will be glad to know that both plain and gemstone cufflinks can be personalized to include your preferences. This would ofcourse be ideally accomplished by choosing custom cufflinks. Readymade cuff links are what they are, they are generally mass produced and cannot accomodate to individual requirements. You might have to wait for a while if for your made to order cufflinks to complete but, the end result will be more satisfying. It is also very likely that your custom gold or 925 silver cufflinks will sturdier and more long lasting as compared to readymade cufflinks. 

Shape Of The Cufflinks: You might wonder how the mere shape of the cufflinks could be personalized, we will explain that right here. You might have come across gold or silver cufflinks that are round, octogonal, hexagonal, square or rectangular - these are how most cufflinks are shaped. However the fact is that your cufflinks could be shaped like an alphabet, or like a tennis racket, they could even have the shape of a musical note or a car! If you plan to get a pair of cufflinks for yourself or as a gift for someone, look at the possibility of matching the shape with the interests, profession or hobby of the person who will be wearing the cufflinks.

Etchings and Engravings: The concept of initial rings is applicable to cufflinks too. The first or first two alphabets in your name, could be etched into or raised above the surface of the cufflinks. So for example, if your name was Obama Prez, the initials O and P could be depicted on the cufflinks. It goes without saying that the left and right cufflink would have the same etchings. Symbols are also sometimes depicted on cufflinks, the Egyptian Ankh, the Yin Yang and Cross are some popular options. When cufflinks are made as corporate gifts, it is common to have the logo of the company or the company initials put on the cuff links. We do get requests for cufflinks where the map of a nation, continent or even the world map needs to be put on the cufflinks.

Gemstones: Cufflinks with gems offer excellent options for customization. Birthstones are one way in which you could selec the gems for your gold or 925 silver cufflinks. Since some birthstones like blue sapphire (September birthstone) can be expensive in large sizes, you will need to select the concept for your cufflinks after deciding on the gemstones. You could ofcourse choose the gems for your custom cuff links based on your color preference. If you plan to select the gemstones in your cufflinks in this way, remember that a specific color might offer more than one gem type option. For example, red garnets are a more moderately priced option if you like gem stone cufflinks with red gems. On the other hand ruby which is also red will cost many times more than red garnet. An interesting thing is that some, gems might be sturdier but cheaper than others. Peridot or green tourmaline for green gemstone cufflinks would be priced much lower as compared to emeralds. 

Cufflink Design: This is undoutedly one commonly used way to custmize all types of jewelry including cuff links. There are thousands of cufflink styles and few of us would look at ALL of them before making a decision. You should first try to get an overall assessment of the type of design concept that you prefer. For example, do you like the antique classic look - such cufflinks could have intricate designs and symbols. It is common for sportsmen or sports fans, to wear cufflinks that could depict the sport or game that they love. A young lady once ordered cufflinks for her husband, these were to have the number pate of her husband's first car! A French hotelier recently ordered cufflinks with a religious concept. The cufflinks were to be shaped like an Indian god in seated position. The French gentleman had an Indian business partner who operated two of his restaurants in the Gulf (Middle East). A modern streamlined look is also popular for mens cufflinks. All of these could ofcourse be made with or without gemstones. Once you have narrowed down your search to the design concept that you prefer, evaluating various options will be easier and less confusing.

Corporate Gifts: We did mention cufflinks as corporate gifts earlier in this report but, we will say something that is very important here. If you choose to gift cufflinks to your business associates, suppliers or clients - make sure that the cufflinks are decent and durable. Do not be in a rush to get the cheapest cufflinks, such junk could bend or deform and even break into pieces. Remember that the image of your business is reflected in the corporate gifts that you give. If budgets are limited, try to avoid giving gifts and if you cannot do that, try to cut down the number of gifts that you need to give. 

This report has been compiled by the experts at Kai Silver. We have drawn information from the frequent queries and orders that we get related to cuff links. The idea is to equip you with all the information that is required to choose the right pair of cufflinks. We will be glad to custom make cufflinks for you with your choice of metal, gemstones and designs. You can see some of our custom cufflinks at and contact us at if you need any more information or have some specific requirements.