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A birthstone is a special gem, each of us has a (at least one) gemstone that makes a meaningful connection to us. The historic breastplate of Aaron the Israeli High Priest, had 12 stones set in it. The gems in the breastplate were meant to be linked to each of the 12 Israeli tribes. As time went by, the 12 stones were taken to imply the 12 zodiac signs. The calendar detailing the 12 months of the year evolved next, interestingly the 12 zodiac signs did not perfectly overlap to the months. We then transposed the birthstones on to the 12 months of the year,  a few months are blessed with more than one birthstone. 

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A pendant is an awesome way to wear a birthstone, the design of the pendant can add to the beauty and style of the piece. What you would know is that, an elaborate flashy birthstone pendant and a simple uncluttered pendant would both, have the same meaning and significance. This means that, a gold or silver pendant with your birthstone can be had at a wide range of price points. It is more important to ensure that the gemstone in your pendant is natural and not a man made 'look alike'. Focus on quality in terms of workmanship and gemstone, insist on this irrespective of the metal that you choose for your birthstone pendant. 

A few notes about the design concept for a birthstone pendant. To begin with it is a good idea to presume that, you will be wearing your special pendant often or even all day an night. So make sure that the pendant you pick is comfortable to wear, sharp edges and pointed corners, might not make you comfortable. If you wish to wear a big pendant with your birthstone, you should know that some gems are quite expensive and they show a steep increase in their price (per carat) when the gem size increases. What this means is that, the size of the pendant that you wish to have might need to consider the actual birthstone. For a big pendant with expensive birthstones, consider choosing a design that encrusts many smaller gems in the design. Step back and get a little adventurous and innovative, you could go for a cross pedant and have it studded with your birthstone. 

One feature that many people request for birthstone jewelry is for the gemstone to touch the skin. Jewelry lovers who select their gems based on ancient traditions including the belief in birthstones, believe that a gem that touches the skin delivers more 'benefits'. If you require that the birthstone in your gold or 925 silver pendant touches the skin, make sure that you discuss this requirement with the support team right at the beginning. If you have a design that has many small birthstones, it is sufficient for one of these to touch the skin. Kaisilver recommends custom pendants, these make it possible to configure any design to allow the gemstones to touch the skin. Most of us would not like the bottom tip of a gem to scratch or poke delicate skin, this issue can be resolved by accurately custom cutting the gemstone. 

Consider an elegant pendant with a birthstone for a gift, the good thing about birthstones is that everyone loves them. The feeling that the gem is 'truly yours' builds a sense of grounding, this helps boost self esteem and confidence. You could gift a birthstone pendant to your girl friend, make one really special one for a loving mom, gift it as a graduation gift to the young scholar at home, we could just go on and on with that list. We should say something about a family birthstone pendant, gifting or wearing a pendant with the birthstones of all members in the family is a tremendous idea. Talk to Kaisilver if you have something as wonderful as this in your mind, we can work together to finalize design, options and pricing. 

Is it okay to wear a bridal pendant with a birthstone, the answer is surely a yes - but here is a note. Most brides ready for the big day with immense attention being given to dress, jewelry, hairdo, shoes, makeup, nail polish etc etc. If you plan to put on a birthstone pendant for the day, make sure that the design, metal color and gem color harmonize well with the rest of the attire. You really don't need to be an expert stylist to get things right but, some thought and advice from close friends will go a long way in getting it right. 

This report packs a lot of detail related to gemstone pendants, make sure that you review the information and share it with your friends. There is no sales pitch to this content, you can contact Kaisilver for any issues related to gems and jewelry. We will be glad to advice and help even if, there is no purchase made from us. 

Kaisilver: As the leading global provider for online custom made jewelry orders, we craft all types of gold and silver jewelry with superior standards. Equal attention is provided for both metals, this is something that few jewelers can match. We are directly networked to leading gem miners and gem cutters across the world. When you order a custom pendant or any other jewelry from us, we place no restriction on gemstones or design. Get in touch with our team of experts at we will gladly share our expertise with you without, expecting any purchase order in return. 

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