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Aquamarine with it's soothing pastel blue colors, has earned the appreciation of millions of gems and jewelry lovers across the globe. Kaisilver aquamarine rings are fully custom made with your choice of design, ring size, gem combinations and metal. When we say that you can choose the metal of your choice for your aquamarine gem stone ring, it might sound like a simple statement but, it really is not all that simple. If you made a general comparison between gold and silver aquamarine rings, you will find that silver rings always get secondary treatment and importance in terms of gem quality, design quality and craftsmanship. There is no technical explanation to justify the lower quality of 925 silver aquamarine rings as compared. to similar rings made in yellow or white gold.

While most jewelers prefer to make aquamarine gold rings due to the higher profit margins that come with gold jewelry, at Kaisilver we welcome both gold and sterling silver aquamarine ring orders. We can prove our commitment to making quality jewelry irrespective of the design, metal or gemstones that the buyer selects. Our strong commitment to crafting quality jewelry can be seen from the fact that, the same design, production, gemstone and quality control teams work on gold and sterling silver jewelry orders. In this section, we will introduce you to some awesome ideas for aquamarine gemstone rings. You will also learn some interesting and useful facts about aquamarine gemstones.

aquamarine gold ring with diamonds

The RG125u aquamarine gold ring from Kaisilver is a classic jewel. Crafted as a 14k or 18k aquamarine ring, we also offer the option of a 925 silver aquamarine gem stone ring. The center aquamarine gem in the gold or silver ring, is a 7x5mm baguette shaped eye clean aquamarine. The 3mm square diamonds on either side of the center aquamarine, can be replaced with gems of your choice. Check all details for this aquamarine ring ... more

mens aquamarine rings, gold or silver aquamarine ring for men

A hefty mens aquamarine ring, the MAN64 has a generous 20 to 25 grams in terms of metal weight. While many Kaisilver buyers, select this aquamarine gemstone ring as a wedding or engagement ring, it is sturdy enough to be worn as  casual everyday jewel too. The center oval 9x7mm aquamarine gem is flanked by two round diamonds of size 2.5mm. Given the high gold prices in recent years, it is a good idea ot consider an aquamarine silver ring for men ... more

sterling silver aquamarine ring, cat ring with aquamarine

 A cute cat ring with aquamarine gem stone. The durability of aquamarine makest is suitable for both gold and sterling silver jewelry. This aquamarine cat ring in silver or gold will make a great gift for a cat or animal lover. Cats never fail to fascinate ladies and girls of all ages, ensuring that classic jewels like this never go out of fashion. The Kai Silver cat ring can be custom made as a gold or 925 silver cat ring with the gem stone of your choice. An excellent March birthstone ring too ... more.

Another handsome aquamarine gem stone ring for men. The MAN06 gold and silver rings, have been one of the top sellers for men's birthstone rings over the past 4 to 6 years. You can order this ring in 14k or 18k white or yellow gold. Sterling silver aquamarine rings are also an option. You are assured of quality when ordering silver or gold aquamarine rings from Kaisilver. The gem in this mens aquamarine birth stone ring is an eye clean aquamarine custom cut by some of our finest gem cutters ... more

aquamarine diamond ring

A 7mm round aquamarine gemstone set in a finely crafted gold or 925 silver ring encrusted with 1.5mm round diamonds. You can request for a yellow, white or pink gold aquamarine and diamond ring in the any ring size ... more

Aquamarine gems belong to the beryl mineral family. You might be interested to know that gems like emerald, morganite and bixbite also come from the beryl family. If you have heard that emeralds with their almost mandatory, internal inclusions and fissures are not very durable, you are right. The good news is that aquamarine does not suffer from the same durability problems as emeralds. Aquamarine rings would not have gemstone durability issues as, aquamarine boasts of an impressive hardness rating on the Mohs scale. Aquamarine measures 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale used to measure the hardness of gem stones.

Aquamarine rings can be made in gold or silver. The durability of the jewel will stand up to daily wear. If you choose a 925 sterling silver aquamarine gem stone ring, the polishing of the ring will not affect the aquamarine gemstone. This is something that lovers of silver jewelry will appreciate. When it comes to aquamarine gem rings for men, the demand for silver rings is on the rise for some very obvious reasons. A good sturdy aquamarine men's gem stone ring, would generally weigh between 20 to 30 grams. Getting such jewels with a hefty metal weight made in gold, is becoming increasingly more unfeasible. The high prices of gold is encouraging more people to give silver a serious look.

There is one thing you need to know about the color and clarity of aquamarine gemstones. This is relevant when you choose a 925 silver or gold aquamarine ring. Aqumarine and emerald both belong to the same mineral family, beryl. While it is almost impossible to get an eye clean emerald gemstone, the same is not true about aquamarine. If your aquamaring ring has a gem stone that is not more than 3 to 4 carats, you should insist on an eye clean aquamarine gem for your ring. This does not mean that a 10 carat, aquamarine gemstone cannot be eye clean. You should expect to pay a premium price for aquamarine stones that are more than 4 to 5 carats and eye clean. 

When it comes to aquamarine gem stone color, the more saturated blue gems are expensive and are generally mined in specific mines in Brazil. The more modestly priced aquamarine stones are light to medium blue color, and this is where you will get a good equation between price paid and quality. So when you decide to buy an aquamarine gem stone ring, make sure that you are aware of the gem color that you will be getting.

Let us talk about the gold color for aquamarine gold rings. We said that the color of aquamarine gems makes it suitable for yellow, white or even rose gold colors. The point is that a white metal like white gold or silver, will better bring out the gem color in an aquamarine gemstone ring. Let us explain this with an example. If you took a loose aquamarine gem and placed it on a sheet of white paper, the color of the stone would be clearly visible EVEN IF the aquamarine stone has a pale blue color. Now place the same gem on a sheet of yellow (like yellow gold) or rose color (like rose gold) sheet of paper. The blue will not be very clearly visible on the yellow or rose colored paper. The lighter the blue shade, the more the color gets 'lost' in the yellow or rose gold jewel.

While on the topic of aquamarine gemstone rings, we would like to clear some confusion regarding 'aquamarine topaz'. Many gem and jewelry providers refer to pale blue topaz (also called sky blue topaz) as aquamarine topaz. This is not really right, as the buyer can get confused and presume that he or she, is getting an aquamarine gem. Topaz and aquamarine, are totally different gems. However sky blue topaz gems, can sometimes closely resemble the color of aquamarine. This surely does not justify the confusion and doubts generated by the name 'aquamarine topaz'.

If you decide to get a Kaisilver aquamarine ring, do not be limited to the aquamarine rings that you see on our website. We can custom make any of our rings with your gem choice including aquamarine. Since each jewel is fully custom made, it is possible to custom make a gold or 925 silver aquamarine ring with your design too.

Let us now say something about treated aquamarine gems. You should know that almost all aquamarine rough that is mined has a greenish blue color. Rough aquamarine is heated to take off the green tint and leave the blue behind. Gem experts universally accept the heat treatment process for aquamarine, it is therefore not necessary for a gem or jewelry provider to mention about the treatment to the buyer. When you get an aquamarine ring, you should presume that the stone has been heat treated. If you are very keen on getting an unheated (untreated) aquamarine gem, be prepared to see some degree of green in the blue stone.

Though aquamarine gems have a fine blue color with a light pastel shade, the gemstone is in no way fragile or delicate. Your aquamarine ring will keep its condition and form for a long time without, much of fuss and care. Just make sure that you don't bang the ring around physically. 

Please email our support experts if you have any doubts or queries related to gems and jewelry. Write to them at and get all information and suggestions to guide you in making the right buying decision. 

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