Men's Rings Custom Made 

A collection of majestic men's rings custom made in gold and sterling silver. Crafted by some of the best jewelry artisans and gem cutters in Thailand, these rings provide equal importance to impressive looks and durability. Widely acclaimed as the leading online source for high end custom made jewelry, Kaisilver crafts all types of jewelry based on your designs or ours. Being networked to most gem mining and cutting operations across the globe, we place absolutely no limitation on your choice of gemstones. The same superior quality standards and strict quality checks, are applied to both gold and silver rings for men. Get in touch with our team of experts at with any gems or jewelry related, questions or requirements that you might have. 

tanzanite rings for men

Showcasing one of the world's rarest gemstones Tanzanite, a scintillating collection of custom made men's tanzanite gemstone rings. Each gem is handpicked and closely checked by our experts. Pick up one of our designs or send us yours ... more

men's garnet ring collection

A collection of handsome garnet rings and it is not just red garnet that you can choose from, Kaisilver men's garnet rings can also be ordered with the rare orange spessartite ring. Thailand's finest artisans craft each men's ring to look good and stay durable ... more

mens big rings

A collection of big rings for men sizes upto 13, 14 and 15. Crafted in Thailand by Kaisilver with your choice of design and gemstones. These large rings focus on impressive looks and durability. There is no limitation on gemstone - in gold and 925 sterling silver ... more

diamond rings for men

Diamond rings handcrafted for men in Thailand. Kaisilver custom makes men's diamond rings in gold or sterling silver. Giving equal importance to great looks and durability, diamond rings can be crafted with your designs or ours - all ring sizes available ... more

ruby rings for men custom

Custom made men's rings with ruby gemstones. A classic collection of high end ruby rings for men. Pick a design from our websites or send us your own custom to be custom made. Available in gold and sterling silver, requests for all sizes can be accommodated ... more.

wedding rings for men

Men's wedding rings, excellent ideas to inspire your mind. We can also craft a wedding ring for men from a design provided by a client. Order in gold or sterling silver with your choice of gemstone. Durable construction and certified gemstones ... more

men's gemstone rings with sapphire

Men's rings with sapphire gemstones finely crafted in Thailand by Kaisilver. An awesome collection of men's sapphire rings with inspiring designs. We can craft men's gemstone rings with your design or ours and with all gem options - all ring sizes available ... more

custom made man ring

Custom made ring for men, rugged and handsome. A quality ring handmade by skilled artisans in Thailand - gold or silver and shipped across the globe. The gem for this men's custom made ring can be selected by you. Durable and sturdy, all ring sizes ... more

amethyst rings for men

Custom amethyst rings for men from Kaisilver - finely handcrafted by Thailand's finest artisans. A handpicked custom cut natural amethyst gem is provided for each men's amethyst ring. Available in gold or silver and in all ring sizes, browse the collection ... more

white gold rings for men

Custom rings for men in white old from Kaisilver, meticulously handcrafted in Thailand. While you could order men's rings in gold or silver and in all gold colors -white, pink and yellow, the demand for men's white gold rings keeps increasing. Read the report ... more

Kaisilver: The leading online source for high end custom made jewelry in gold and sterling silver. Over 15,000 quality conscious gem and jewelry lovers across 15 nations, proudly wear jewels crafted by the best jewelry artisans in Thailand. We craft custom rings for men or any other jewel, with your design or ours. Being directly networked with gem mining and cutting operations all over the world, allows us to place no restriction on your choice of gemstones. Men's gemstone rings or other jewels, can include gems not mentioned on our website. Get in touch with our experts at with any questions or requirements that you might have. We encourage you to take advantage of our expertise even if, you plan to buy nothing from us.