Custom Tanzanite Ring For Men

A tanzanite ring for men is not something that you will come across very often. Tanzanite the exotic blue-violet gem is rare, 1,000 times rarer than diamond. The scintillating gem is suited for both men and women and looks awesome when set in yellow, white or pink gold. Kaisilver can custom make your men's tanzanite gemstone ring in gold or sterling silver. Choose any ring from our websites and request for it to be crafted in gold or silver, with a tanzanite gemstone. If you have a specific design idea for your tanzanite men's ring, send us an image or sketch and we will custom make it for you. Send in your questions and requirements related to gemstones and jewelry, our experts at will be glad to assist you even if, you plan to make no purchase from us.  

tanzanite ring for men

A heavy men's ring with a stunning tanzanite gem. All tanzanite gems used by Kaisilver are natural and certified for authenticity. The oval tanzanite gem in the center is flanked by a natural diamond on either side. Finely crafted in gold or silver, available in all sizes with all gem options ... more

tanzanite diamond ring for gents

You want that super luxury look but, prefer to wear a men's tanzanite ring that is moderately wide - the MAN61 answers your preference. A sturdy men's gemstone ring, the center tanzanite gem is lined by a row of natural glittering diamonds on either side. Custom made in gold and silver ... more

tanzanite gemstone ring men's

This tanzanite ring for men comes with a natural certified round tanzanite gemstone. The MAN121 men's gemstone ring comes with a plain band or a texture finish as shown in the image. You can also request for an oval gemstone to be set in this ring. Requests for all ring sizes can be accommodated ... more

A big tanzanite ring for men, the classic oval ring design for men's rings. Custom made in white, yellow or pink gold. You can also order the MAN137T men's tanzanite ring in sterling silver and get, the same quality standards as the gold ring. Check out details and options for the ring ... more.  

About Tanzanite: Found in just one location on earth, tanzanite is mined in a narrow stretch of land lying at that foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Wear a men's tanzanite ring and you reveal your refined taste for style and class. You should also know that the gem in your tanzanite ring is at least a 1,000 times rarer than diamond. Gemstones come in a range of prices and tanzanite, is priced at the upper end. This is no surprise given the sheer beauty and rarity of the stone. 

You might hear that tanzanite is not tough and durable but, this is something relative that needs to be explained. Diamond which is considered to be the hardest known natural substance on the planet, will also crack if struck with strong physical impact. Kaisilver men's rings are designed to improve durability of the jewels, the gemstones are securely mounted with importance given to the long term condition of the jewels. Our men's rings weigh around 40% to 60% more than what similar rings provided by other jewelers weigh. This helps add toughness to the jewels and also makes them more comfortable to wear. 

Jewelry should never be worn in environments where, they can be struck by physical force or be exposed to extreme heat, strong chemicals etc. This is true irrespective of the gemstones or diamonds set in the jewels. 

Who Is Kaisilver: Widely accepted as the preferred online source for high end custom made jewelry, Kaisilver crafts all types of jewelry in gold or sterling silver. We place no restriction on design, gemstones and metal (gold or silver), for all custom made jewels ordered with us. Choose any design from our websites and request for it to be made in gold or silver with gems of your choice. Gem selection need not be restricted to what you see on our websites. We will gladly execute your order with a design concept of image provided by you. Over 12,000 quality conscious jewelry and gem lovers, proudly wear jewels crafted by us. Our experts at will be glad to assist you, with any questions or requirements that you might have.