Custom Rings With Many Gemstones 

It is rightly said that gemstones most often define the beauty and meaning of a jewel. Gemstone rings can be crafted with a multitude of gemstones - gems could vary in color shade, opacity, cut and surely in terms of price and toughness. Gems set with many gems have a charm of their own, various gems can be combined based on their meaning and historic significance. A classic example is a family birthstone ring that, combines the birthstones of all members of the family. In terms of style and trend, a gold or 925 silver ring with multiple gemstones will never appear dated or out of style. And don't forget that a jewel with multi colored gemstones, will pair well with most dresses lined up in your wardrobe. Kaisilver gemstone rings are finely handcrafted in Thailand in gold and sterling silver. There is no limitation put on gemstones and the design can be yours or ours. Contact us at if you have any questions or requirements. 

ring with many stones gems

A very organic design for the luxurious gold ring with many gemstones. You can order the ring in gold or sterling silver with your choice of gems. The shape and size of the gems can be selected by you. All gem combinations allowed, a sturdy ring .... more

ring with many gems

A very interesting design for a ring with many gems. The center oval gemstone is flanked by a pear shaped gem on either side. This is an antique style concept ideally suited for sterling silver but, also available in gold. All gemstones selected by you ... more.

thailand multi gemstone ring

A very interesting ring with many gems, this multi stone ring can be ordered with 3,4 or 5 gemstones. The band width of the ring can be customized based on the size of the gems. Suited for men and women - comfortable and durable. All gemstone combinations ... more

mens ring with three gemstones

A big ring combines multiple gemstones. The oval sapphire in the center is haloed with a row of rubies and an outer layer of what sapphires. As is always the case with multi gemstone rings from Kaisilver, you choose all the gems. Custom ring made in all sizes ... more

multi gemstone gold ring for men

A heavy men's ring in gold or silver with three gemstones. You can choose all the gems in your ring, custom made in Thailand in all sizes. Very sturdy good for frequent and prolonged wear. Kaisilver provides the same superior standards for gold and silver ... more

family birthstone ring with many stones

Touted as one of the finest renditions of a multi  gemstone ring, the RG229W gold or silver ring is perfect for a mothers gift - as a family birthstone ring. Custom made in all sizes with possibilities to set 3 to 6 gemstones. Suitable for all occasions ... more

custom ring gemstones

Shown as a sapphire and diamond ring, the RG237 can also be ordered with a mix of different gems instead of just blue sapphire. You could for example, combine rubies and sapphires or mix blue, white, pink, green and yellow sapphires in the same custom ring ... more

birthstone charts from Kaisilver

Choosing Of Gemstones: You could pick gems based on color for your ring with many stones. Having said that, there are two ways to choose stone colors for multi gemstone rings. You could for example, go on a color riot and mix contrasting colors like green, pink, blue, white, red etc into one ring. On the other hand, if you happen to adore a specific color like blue - consider a blue gemstone ring that combines different shades of blue. A simplest way to do this would be to mix the different blue shades of topaz (sky, swiss and london) in your ring. Good design, optimum metal weight and expert workmanship are a must. You do not want to see gems loosening and dropping of your multi stone ring. Remember that gem prices can differ widely, so price quotes would most probably involve individual calculation based on preferences.

Kaisilver Rings With Many Gems:

  • Gold and silver multi stone rings have the same superior standards.
  • All gemstones are natural and custom cut - certification is available. 
  • No restriction on gem selection - all gem sizes, shapes and cuts. 
  • No limitation on gem combinations and number of gemstones. 
  • Each ring with many gems is handcrafted by expert artisans in Thailand.
  • Optimum metal weight to ensure long term durability of the ring. 
  • Requests for all design modifications and ring sizes can be accommodated.
  • Gold and silver rings with multiple gems are available in all ring sizes. 
  • No limitation on  design modifications, we can also work with your design concept.

How To Buy: Whether it is a ring with many gems or something else that interests you, contact our experts at and detail your requirements. Remember that we can accommodate requests for all ring sizes and design modifications. You could for example, go for a ring with more or less gems or change the gem sizes and shapes. We can work with a design idea provided by you. Each item shown on this web page has a link which takes you to a complete report. You can always communicate with the team for further clarifications. 

Who Is Kaisilver: With 12,000 quality conscious jewelry lovers in 15 nations relying on Kaisilver for all their gem and jewelry requirements, we continue to be the globally preferred choice for high end custom jewelry online. A highly skilled team of jewelry craftsmen and gem cutting artists in Thailand, work on all Kaisilver orders. The same attention to detail and dedication is displayed when crafting gold or silver jewelry. Our support experts at are always happy to help with any information or clarification that you might need - this even if, you plan to buy nothing from us.