Custom Made Rings

Kaisilver offers custom made rings with no limitation on design, metal (gold or silver) and gemstones. The amazing Kaisilver rings that you will see online are just some ideas to inspire your imagination. You can pick a design and request for modifications, change the gem or even send us your own ring designs to be custom made. Designing and crafting a ring might seem like an artistic job but, there is a significant amount of science and geometry that goes into the creation of a ring. You might be glad to wear a ring with the design that you like but, the function of a ring goes well beyond that. Jewelry is a luxury accessory, we all want to look and feel good when we wear our jewels. As time goes by, we develop a close connection with each of the jewels in  our collection. Every jewel showcases expression and character, this is where the sentimental value of a jewel comes in. It is important that the custom made ring that you pick stays in shape for a long time to come. Durability is an important feature, this can never be seen in mass produced jewelry. At Kaisilver we design each jewel to look good and stay in shape for a long time. Gemstones can influence the durability of a ring, some amount of care and caution might be called for when wearing and cleaning a ring. But this will pay itself when you continue to get years and even decades of satisfaction from your custom made gemstone ring. 

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men's band ring custom made with gemstones

An awesome idea for a men's custom made gemstone band ring. The gemstones in this gold or silver ring are set into the metal with very little protrusion from the surface. A smooth band inside facilitates comfortable wear, the structure of the ring is supported by a hefty metal weight. You could pick one gem for the ring or combine different gems in the same ring ... more

custom claddagh ring

Jade is a gemstone that has a mystic appeal. Green is the best known color of jade and jadeite, from Burma has always been the preferred source for this green beauty. The claddagh ring from Kaisilver is widely acclaimed as the best rendition for this 4 century old jewel. Learn more about the ring and widen your knowledge about jade, review our report ... more

ruby ring for men

An aristocratic style for this men's ruby diamond ring. A natural certified ruby gem mounted in the center is lined by a row of glittering diamonds on either side. Crafted by the finest artisans in Thailand, this custom ruby ring for men is available in gold and sterling silver. Requests for all ring sizes can be accommodated. Perfect for a special occasion ring or a wedding ring ... more

gold or silver ring for men

The sparkling green peridot gemstone set in a high end men's custom made ring. You choose the gemstone for your ring and we can also make a men's ring with a design provided by you. Crafted in gold and sterling silver, the MAN137P is perfect for daily or special occasion wear. Peridot is the August birthstone, the gem symbolizes harmony and peace ... more

custom diamond ring

Many jewelry lovers are under the impression that, diamond rings are too expensive for their budgets. Jewelers heap profit margins on diamond jewelry and this, makes diamond jewelry way too expensive. Kaisilver states that the custom made approach, allows you to wear a good and sturdy diamond ring without blowing up your wallet, review the report ... more

gemstone ring for men

Men's gemstone rings are generally preferred with darker gem colors. Green tourmaline with its impressive durability and deep olive green color, is a great choice. Kaisilver custom men's rings can be made with the gemstone of your choice. You get quality of design, gemstones and workmanship irrespective of the metal (gold or silver) that you choose ... more

moonstone ring for men

Moonstone was in ancient times, believed to be formed from the rays of the moon. A durable men's sterling silver or gold moonstone ring for men. A natural moonstone set in a hefty gold or 925 sterling silver ring. You could order the MAN138 custom men's ring with the gemstone of your choice and in all ring sizes. Superior Kaisilver quality for both metals ... more.  

spessartite mens ring

A rare variety of garnet, the orange spessartite garnet is a statement of style and exclusivity. Kaisilver procures spessartite gems directly from the mines. The MAN140 men's spessartite ring can be ordered in gold and sterling silver. With no limitation on gemstone and design, you can order your men's ring with your design or ours and with your choice of gemstone ... more

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