Rings With Sapphire Gemstone 

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Rings with sapphire gems would be seen far more often only if, the the gem was more affordable and much more readily available. Kaisilver sapphire rings are available with white, blue, green, white, yellow or pink sapphire. While any Kaisilver ring could be ordered in gold or silver, with any of these sapphire (color) gems, we can also craft your ring with a design idea provided by you. Sapphire is a rare gemstone, while it was always thought to be found in just blue - science confirms that the color spectrum of sapphires is far wider than previously thought. Sapphire is the birthstone for the month of September, it is also a top favorite for wedding and engagement rings. Get in touch with our experts at sales@kaisilver.com if you have any questions. 

sapphire gemstone ring for men

Showcasing the sheer beauty of luxury of blue sapphire, ruby and white sapphires. Crafted in Thailand by skilled artisans - available in all ring sizes. Available in 924 silver or 14k/18k white, yellow and pink gold - can be ordered with gemstones of your choice ... more

white gold sapphire ring kaisilver

Square sapphire ring, available as a yellow, white, pink, blue or orange sapphire gemstone ring. The gold and sterling silver ring have the same superior quality. A sapphire gem ring can be crafted with a design provided by the client. All ring sizes available ... more

sapphire diamond engagement ring

White gold sapphire and diamond ring also available in yellow or pink gold. Choose a single sapphire gemstone color or combine a range of colors. You could order the RG237 as a regular sapphire band with a uniform band width. Made in 10k 14k 18k gold and silver ... more

blue sapphire ring heart claddagh

A gorgeous sapphire heart ring, the historic claddagh ring which is acclaimed as history's most meaningful jewel. Four centuries, an Irish fisherman turned slave, crafted the first claddagh ring to express his true love to his beloved. Learn more about this ring ... more

sapphire gemstone ring custom

A multi gemstone ring with a blue sapphire gem, you choose all the 5 gems for your ring. The RG229W gold or silver ring can be ordered with 3,4 or 5 gems of your choice. An ideal design for a family birthstone ring. The design can be modified to your preference ... more

sapphire gold rings thailand

A classy ring with a very organic design, blue sapphire gemstone ring with diamonds. Add a dash of color by alternating blue and white or, blue and pink sapphire gems in the same ring. Design can be modified to accommodate oval or pear shape gems ... more

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Sapphire Ring Notes: Sapphire would be the center piece in any ring, it is important to ensure that you get the right sapphire when you order a ring. What you actually want is a certified natural gemstone - for centuries sapphires have been heated to improve their color and transparency. This is an accepted form of treatment and does not diminish the value or durability of the gemstone. Stay away from synthetic (man made) sapphires unless, that is specifically something that you are looking for. Synthetic or imitation sapphires would cost a small fraction of what, natural sapphires would. We talked about sapphires being 'treated' by the heating process - newer forms of sapphire treatments are not considered to be standard. For example the treatment called 'fissure filling' or 'glass filled' for sapphires, drastically reduce their value and toughness. This is precisely why we recommend ONLY certified sapphires. A good ring with sapphire gem cannot be cheap, you want to make sure that you get a quality jewel that will serve you well for years and decades. Each Kaisilver sapphire ring is handcrafted by expert artisans, equal emphasis is given to external appearance and long term durability. Kaisilver rings have 40% to 60% more metal weight than, what our competitors provide. Metal weight is one of the prime features that defines the durability of a jewel. 

How To Buy: Each item listed on this page, has a link which takes you to a complete report. Do not be in a hurry to make a purchase before, you read and understand the details. Contact our team at sales@kaisilver.com if you need any information or confirmation. We can also craft a sapphire gemstone ring or any other jewel, with a design concept provided by you. There is no limitation on gemstone choice, metal (gold or silver) or ring size since, each ring is fully custom made. There is a production lead time of 4 to 5 weeks from the moment the order is confirmed with payment. Paypal and Western Union are the payment modes that we accept, we recommend Paypal for first time buyers. Details for the specific mode of payment will be emailed once we have your preference. 

Who Is Kaisilver: For over decades Kaisilver has been providing high quality custom made jewelry online. Over 12,000 quality conscious clients from 15 nations rely on us for all their gem and jewelry requirements. The same quality standards are maintained for gold and sterling silver jewelry. Networked to leading gem miners and cutters across the globe, we have preferential access to more than 200 million carats of gemstones. Choice of gemstones need not be limited to what is shown on our websites. We will gladly craft a unique jewel for you, with your design idea. The support team at sales@kaisilver.com will be glad to help in any way that they can.