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With most men's rings being ordered in the 9 to 12 size range, there is no doubt that a men's ring with size 15 is very large. Few jewelers stock ready rings in such big sizes and honestly, that is a blessing in disguise. Kaisilver experts strongly recommend that you go for a custom ring if, your ring size requirement is big. A made to order jewel is designed and crafted just for you, it can include all the essential features even if, this increases the price of the ring.  On the other hand, ready made jewels are aimed at pleasing a wider audience. In this report we provide valuable tips to help you pick the right size 15 ring. 

big size 15 ring for men
big gemstone ring for men tourmaline

Metal: Men seem to have a special liking for sterling silver, it is probably the quiet but confident appeal of silver that men admire. While the choice of metal for a size 15 men's ring would be personal choice, a big silver ring does have some distinct advantages. Silver is white, this is a color that allows all gemstone colors to show their beauty. Both gold and silver are precious metals but, silver is much more affordable as compared to gold. A big men's ring would require significant amount of metal to make it sturdy and comfortable to wear. Silver with its modest price point will ensure that the metal cost is not too high. If you prefer to go for a men's gold ring in size 15, you could select from 14k or 18k gold. We recommend 14k gold as this option provides, the right balance between price and gold alloy hardness. While Kaisilver men's rings are normally priced for 14k and 18k gold, we can provide a specific price quote for a 10k ring. Men today show a lot of interest in gold colors, yellow is no longer the absolute favorite. You could request for yellow, white or pink gold for your size 15 ring. The per gram price of gold alloys moves up as you move from 10k to 18k gold. You can use this information to your advantage when budgeting for a size 15 ring. 

big ring for men claddagh ring
heavy men's ring

Weight: If you had to weigh a big men's ring, it is very likely that the metal dominates the total weight. Most jewelers fix a standard weight for a ring, this weight remains the same across all ring sizes. While this might be okay for rings in the small and medium size range, it is not how you want your size 15 ring to be made. At Kaisilver, each ring is assigned an optimized metal weight. The dimensions of the ring, design and ring size are all considered before the weight is determined. A men's size 15 ring would have a minimum metal weight of 25 grams, depending on this design this could be as high as 40 grams. Since each ring is custom made, you could specify any feature that you would like incorporated into your large ring. If you wish to wear a large men's ring that has a solid band with no scooping done inside, it is very likely that the metal weight requirement would move up. 

diamond band ring for men
size 15 men's gemstone ring

Gemstones: When it comes to men's gemstone rings, men love to have their gems as large as possible. This obviously takes on added importance when it comes to a size 15 ring for men. Gems can be expensive and the price per carat generally moves up sharply as the gem sizes increases. At Kaisilver, we place no restriction on your choice of gemstone, you need not be limited to what you see on our website. It might be a good idea to work on the design for a big men's ring after having, made a decision on the gemstone. When the gemstone choice is made on the basis of color, keep in mind that different gemstones can have the same base color. You can use this information to select a gem that is priced within your budget. For example emerald, peridot, green tourmaline and jade are all green gemstones but, emerald happens to be the most expensive. Kaisilver offers reliable and informative advice and information on all issues related to gemstones and jewelry. You should take advantage of this because, you will never be obliged to make any purchase from us. 

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band ring for men big size

Design: It is true that the design features of a men's ring can reveal personal likes and dislikes. The design for a size 15 ring, should also have some essential features that influence the wearing comfort and lifespan of the jewel. For example a bezel set gemstone is bound to be more securely mounted as compared to prong setting. A men's ring that has a very narrow band width on the portion behind the finger is more prone to bending and deforming. Also remember that the metal weight assigned to the ring needs to be optimized for the dimensions of the design. 

Workmanship: Like design, workmanship has a two fold role to play. Men's rings are no longer hastily crafted jewels, men insist on quality when evaluating various jewelry options. Good craftsmanship ensures that your size 15 men's ring has an impressive look. Unskilled craftsmen can deliver a shabby look no matter, how expensive the ring is. Substandard workmanship can also result in loose gemstones, sharp corners and edges and an untidy look. 

Custom Made: We mentioned this before that, going for a custom made men's big ring is a great way to get the jewel of your dreams. While few jewelers offer a 100% customization of the jewelry you order, Kaisilver allows you to pick every single feature for your ring. There is no limitation on gem selection, equal quality standards are maintained for gold and silver jewelry. The metal weight assigned to the ring would depend on the design and dimensions of the jewel. Basically the ring would be crafted and configured to your requirements. We can even make a large men's ring for you based on your design concept or idea. Kaisilver has published a comprehensive report related to size 15 rings, we invite you to review the Kaisilver Men's Size 15 Rings Report, the information has high interest and utility value. 

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