Big Ring Sizes For Men

We refer to ring sizes like 13, 14 and 15 in this report - they could surely be called - big rings. Easy to guess that big rings in that size range would be worn by men. We present a collection of size 12 to 15 men's rings, we will be glad to craft large men's rings with designs provided by you. A men's ring with size above 12 or 13, would need significant metal weight to make it durable. Ready made jewelry cannot provide customization and this is what makes custom men's rings a favorite. Kaisilver men's rings are handcrafted in Thailand, each ring gets complete attention and features are customized as per the design and ring size. Men have always been impressed by the confident and classic look of sterling silver. Men's big gemstone rings can be ordered with no limitation on gem selection - you need not be restricted to what you see on our website. 

While we can craft men's rings in large sizes like 14 and 15 in gold or sterling silver, a silver ring would have a modest price tag. Both metal options will have the same superior standards - equal importance given to external appearance and long term durability. Get in touch with our experts at if you have any questions or requirements. 

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big gemstone mens ring size 15 14

Great design for a men's big gemstone ring - your choice of gemstone some suggestions are - blue topaz, red garnet, amethyst, red garnet, blue lapis, green jade or any other gem of your choice. Suited for a size 10 to size 13, 14, or 15 ring - in all ring sizes ... more

big silver ring for men

If you wish to wear a big men's band ring, the MAN04n should be your choice. An expertly cushion cut gemstone adorns the broad band. Custom made men's ring in sizes from 8 to 12 and includes  13,14,15. Available in 14k and 18k and 925 silver ... more

men's big ring size 8 to size 14 or 15

A heavy men's ring a big ring with a large moonstone or any gem of your choice. Men's ring sizes 8,9,10 and upto 14 and 15 can be crafted with this design. The dimensions of the ring can be customized based on the gem size selected. All sizes  available ... more

big men's rings ruby and diamond

If you need a big ring for men like sizes up to 13,14,15 the MAN122R offers an excellent choice. A modestly sized ruby gem is surrounded by a row of glittering diamonds. A luxury look with a minimum god or silver weight of 25 grams, fully custom made ... more

men's big ring size 12 13 14 15

A colorful big ring for men, get that big look with two rare gems - ruby and sapphire. A very stylish look this ring is fine for sizes from 9 to 14 and even 15. You get to choose all the gemstones in the ring, a row of glittering diamonds is also available as an option ... more

big gemstone tanzanite ring for men

One of the rarest gemstones in history, tanzanite is 1,000 times rarer than diamonds. This is a men's silver or gold tanzanite ring - you can like always, choose the gem of your choice. Whether it is a men's size 8,9,10 ring or in the 12 to 15 ring size range ... more

Big Rings Quick Tips: Men's rings are rarely below size 8 or 9 and big rings in sizes like 11, 13 and 14 are not rare. Kaisilver gets a significant number of men's rings orders in the size 14 and 15 range. The dimensions of these big rings are generally large, high metal weight is required to maintain durability. And ready made jewels aim to attract mass markets with friendly price tags, so they compromise on  many quality parameters. 

How To Buy: Before you make a buy decision, click the link provided below each item. You will be taken to a compete report with details about gem options and pricing. You are welcome to discuss your requirements with our experts at . We can also craft a men's ring or any other jewel, with a design provided by you. 

Who Is Kaisilver: The leading online provider of high end custom made jewelry, Kaisilver today serves more than 12,000 style conscious clients across 15 nations. We craft all types of high end jewelry in Thailand - expert artisans and gem cutters work on all gold and silver jewels. Designs can be yours or ours and there is no limitation on gemstone. Get in touch with our experts at with any queries or requirements that you might have. 

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