Custom Rings For Men With Ruby

A ruby ring for a man could be worn for both casual and special occasion wear. However the stiff price point of natural rubies, makes buyers reserve them for a special occasion. Kaisilver jewelry experts suggest that you read this report carefully before, shopping around for a men's ring with ruby. Rings with rubies, sapphires and diamonds can never be cheap unless, you opt for the very low grade mass produced jewelry. A custom ruby ring for a man is always preferable over a ready made piece bought off the shelf. You will understand more about this as we move ahead in this report. 

ruby ring for men with diamond

This is a big format ring, something that most men would be happy to wear. A heavy metal weight and a natural ruby gem in the center. Encrusted on either side of the ruby is a glittering natural diamond. The custom men's ring can be ordered in all ring sizes, gold and 925 silver ... more

ruby and diamond ring for men

A gorgeous ruby gemstone wears a halo of glittering diamonds in the MAN122R Kaisilver custom ruby ring for men. Available in 10k, 14k or 18k gold and in all 3 gold colors. The same superior quality is provided for the gold and sterling silver men's ruby gemstone ring ... more

Kaisilver men's ruby rings are crafted with natural certified ruby gemstones, we procure rough ruby gems from miners and do the custom cutting in house. Rubies have for centuries, been heated to improve their color and transparency. This is a process accepted by gem experts and does not, reduce the value or toughness of the gem in any way. We will refer to this as the conventional heat process. Newer treatments are now applied to many rubies, these processes significantly compromise the toughness and value of the red gem. Kaisilver rubies are natural and heat treated, this information will be clearly stated in the gemstone authentication certificate provided for each gem. Insist on a certificate from a reputed gem testing lab is important, ruby has been imitated by using everything from red glass to synthetically manufactured material. 

silver or gold ruby band ring for men

An excellent design for a men's ruby and diamond ring. The MAN141 custom men's ring can be ordered with a uniform or tapering band width. If you are looking for a ruby ring that is not too large formatted, this ruby gemstone ring is surely for you. Available in all ring sizes ... more

ruby diamond ring custom made

Ruby rings for men need to be carefully selected. The gemstone is rare and gorgeous. The RG215 is a custom ruby gemstone ring for men. You can request for design changes or send us a design of your own to be custom made. Available in gold or silver and all sizes ... more

Ordering a Kaisilver ruby ring for men brings some very obvious advantages. We are networked to almost every ruby mining operation in the world. This gives us preferential access to quality rubies, we in turn ensure that you always get an optimum value for the money that you pay. As the leading global provider of high end custom made jewelry, we have over 15,000 satisfied gem and jewelry lovers across 15 nations as our clients. Thailand's leading jewelry artisans work on every Kaisilver order, no cutting corners and no shoddy workmanship. Another very important feature of all Kaisilver custom jewelry from Thailand is that, you get the same superior quality standards for both gold and 925 silver jewelry orders. 

The design for your men's ruby ring would obviously go as per your preference. Kaisilver places no restrictions on design or gemstone. You can pick any ring from our websites and request for it to be made with a ruby in gold or sterling silver. We will gladly custom make a ruby ring for men, with a design provided by you. 

The price logistics of ruby will most likely influence some aspects of the design. The price of rubies rise steeply as the size of the gem increases. While each buyer would work within his budget, it is a good idea to pick a design that has a modestly sized ruby gem. You can really not expect to get a low priced men's ruby gemstone but, going for a ring with a 2 to 3 carat ruby gem, can give you options for a modestly priced ring. 

Get in touch with our team of experts at with any questions or requirements that you might have. You need not make any purchase to get the benefit of our expertise, so do feel free to drop us an email.