Choosing Gold Or Silver For Bracelets

Gold and silver remain the most popular choices when it comes to bracelets, so which of these two metals is the best option. The information in this report is meant to provide you with all the inputs so that, you could make the right decision. There is growing maturity among jewelry lovers today, the emphasis on quality has never been so high. The centuries old belief that ruby, sapphire and emerald are the only valuable colored gems is no longer supported. Gems are being selected for their beauty, history and even for the unique formations that they present. The same thing is true about the choice of gold and silver, jewelry is being evaluated based on design, structure and workmanship - metal choice is left to personal preferences. 

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Most of us would work within a budget so begin by setting one that suits your plan. Work on the features in your bracelet that you would like to have. If have a strong dislike for gold or 925 silver, your choice is almost made since one of the metals would be eliminated. If you are open to the idea of a gold or 925 silver bracelet, here are some useful suggestions.

While the choice of design and gems can be yours, there should be no compromise on durability of the bracelet and workmanship. Saving on metal weight to lover the price of a sterling silver or gold bracelet, will most likely get you a flimsy jewel. The fact is that, jewelry is a luxury, we wear it to feel good and enhance our style and overall look. Bad workmanship can make a shabby statement, you will be better off not wearing such a bracelet. 

The issue of high metal cost is likely to come up if you choose a gold bracelet. Options do exist to moderate the gold cost but, reducing metal weight is surely not one of them. Pure gold is not tough enough to be crafted into long lasting jewelry, this necessitates the preparation of 10k, 14k and 18k gold alloys. The price of the gold alloy moves up as its 'k' number rises. Choosing an 18k, 14k or 10k  gold bracelet, will give you some leverage in terms of budget and price. They would all be referred to as 'gold' bracelets so, keep this option in mind. Remember that you want to invest a gold weight that will make your bracelet, sturdy and suited for long and frequent wear. 

If you wish to have a gold bracelet but cannot budget for a sturdy piece, keep two options open. Go for a sterling silver bracelet, insist on the same superior quality that you would expect from a gold bracelet. This might be easier said than done because, most jewelers do not wish to design and craft single piece unique silver jewels. Kaisilver has always given equal attention and importance to gold and sterling silver jewelry but, few other jewelers can make this claim. You might have to look for another jewelry provider if, your requirement is for a good quality silver bracelet. 

Still on the issue of gold bracelets, don't overlook another very interesting feature. You might be familiar with white gold and yellow gold but, there is a gorgeous blush pink color that is also available. You can choose any of the three gold colors but, consider the possibility of picking a gold color that pairs best with the gem colors in the bracelet. At Kaisilver you can request for a 14k, 18k or 10k gold bracelet and specify white, yellow or pink as the gold color. 

Let us know talk about silver bracelets. To begin with remember that 925 sterling silver bracelets, should have superior workmanship just like their gold counterparts. Silver is a precious metal but, is much more budget friendly make sure that the bracelet has a good metal weight. Most jewelers plate sterling silver bracelets with white rhodium, yellow gold or rose gold. There is no doubt that the plating instantly gives a bracelet a more extravagant look but, there is something that you should know. A silver jewel that is plated will always show a wear and tear on the plating after a while. As the plating comes off, cleaning and polishing the bracelet can pose a challenge. It is therefore to keep your sterling silver bracelet with no plating. Cleaning a tarnished silver jewel will not be very tough, if you do the cleaning operation just as the tarnish sets in. 

Kaisilver Bracelets: We custom make bracelets and all other types of jewelry in gold and sterling silver. You can send us your own design sketches or images to be custom made or, pick one of the pieces from the Kaisilver Bracelet Collection and specify your requirement for gemstones and metal. The support team at will be glad to provide any information or assistance that you might need. 

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