White Gold Men's Rings 

The MAN04n men's white gold ring is shown here with a citrine gemstone. As is the case with all custom made jewelry from Kaisilver, you can choose the gemstone of your choice when ordering the ring. The demand for 10k 14k and 18k white gold rings for men has shown a sharp increase in the past few years, there are some clear reasons for this. 

rings for men white gold
white gold rings for men

Men are showing an interest in colored gemstones, the beauty and sparkle of the gemstones are being carefully selected. The interesting thing is that the metal color can, influence the overall look of a men's gemstone ring. Talking about the MAN04n the ring is shown with a citrine gemstone. The yellow gem gets clear exposure when set in a white metal, this is because the color of the metal does not add any color tone to the gem. 

Until not so long ago, many jewelry buyers believed that white gold was much weaker or softer as compared to yellow gold and rose gold. Since men's rings are generally put through much wear and tear, the idea of wearing a white gold men's ring was not very popular. The important thing to understand about gold alloy hardness, relates to the 10k, 14k and 18k rating of the alloy. The hardness of the gold alloy moves up as you move down from 18k to 10k, this remains true irrespective of the color of the gold. What this implies is that, 14k white, yellow or pink (rose) gold have the same hardness. 

One glance at the impressive look of the MAN04n men's white gold citrine ring and you will agree that, the ring does not appear dainty or feminine. Men now understand well that, the appearance of a ring depends on the design and dimensions - the metal color has no role to play. 

A few words about the gemstone in this white gold citrine ring for men. The mineral quartz has bestowed a bevy of gorgeous gemstones on us. Citrine like amethyst, is a member of the quartz family. The yellow gem has since ancient times, been linked to wealth and brightness. Many gem lovers wear citrine today believing that, the gemstone will make them wealthy and prosperous. Asian merchants often wear a citrine ring or pendant, they refer to the yellow gemstone as 'the merchant's stone'. 

Highlights Of The MAN04n White Gold Ring For Men:

  • Custom made in gold of 925 sterling silver, all size options available. 
  • The gemstone is 10x8mm cushion or 8x6mm octagonal. 
  • The men's gold ring can be ordered in 10k, 14k or 18k white, yellow or pink gold. 
  • Plating is optional for the silver ring, we recommend that no plating be done.
  • There is no limitation on gem, you can request for a gem beyond the mentioned list. 
  •  The men's gold and silver rings are crafted to the same high quality standards. 
  • The rings have a minimum metal weight of 20 to 25 grams. 

White Gold And Sterling Silver Silver: We did mention that men's white gold rings have become popular in recent years but, silver another white metal has impressed men for decades. So let's quickly compare the two white metal options for men's rings. Gold is many times more expensive as compared to silver, this does have an impact on demand. Silver by nature, tarnishes over time - it is of course possible to clean and polish tarnished silver. On the other hand a men's 10k 14k or 18k white gold ring, would not tarnish. Before moving ahead we should mention that, a sterling silver ring that has been left without any plating, will be easier to clean and polish when it does tarnish. Men prefer to wear heavy rings, dimensions are generally quite large, this preference is more economically fulfilled when the metal is silver. Kaisilver crafts all types of custom made jewelry in gold and sterling silver, with no limitation on gemstones or design. You can contact our team of experts at sales@kaisilver.com for any queries or requirements that you might have. 

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