Men's Ring Custom Made MAN63n

Talk about a men's custom ring and it is not just about customizing ring size or gem selection. As the leading online provider of high end custom made jewelry, Kaisilver knows exactly what it means to deliver finely crafted custom jewelry. The MAN63n men's  square gemstone ring is used in this report as an example. The idea is to fire your imagination and let you request for design features that will perfectly match your preferences. 

custom ring for men silver or gold
made to order men's ring

Kaisilver Men's Custom Rings Highlights:

  • No limitation on design, can request for design modifications or send us your own designs. 
  • Choice of gold or 925 sterling silver, both metal options have the same quality standards.
  • Men's custom made rings in gold, can be 10k (request price), 14k or 18k gold.
  • You can request for white, yellow or pink gold for your men's custom made ring. 
  • Since each men's ring is fully custom made, all ring size requests can be accommodated. 
  • There is no limitation on gem selection, we can procure and custom cut any gem for your ring. 
  • Metal weight optimized for ring size and long term durability, larger rings might require more metal. 
  • You can specifically request for a solid ring, with no scooping inside the band. 
  • Feel free to send us your own design images or sketches to be custom made. 
  • Laser etching of a short message, date or number inside the band done at no additional charge. 

While it is true that men love gold and silver rings that are heavy, the metal weight in a men's ring has an even bigger role to play. Durability is an important factor for all jewelry but, it takes on an added significance when it comes to men. You just cannot expect a man to fuss and care for the jewelry that he wears. Male style experts claim that, men take better care of their watches and cars as compared to their jewelry! It is very important to optimize the weight of a men's ring based on the dimensions of the jewel and the ring size. 

Assigning the right weight for a men's gold or silver ring is possible, only if the ring is custom made. Jewelers selling rings for men can merely resize a ring by physically stretching or shrinking it. So if you pick a size 9 ring and request for it to be sized to a size 11 - the ring is stretched, no additional metal weight is involved. Since Kaisilver custom makes every ring, the entire production process begins by calculating the optimized metal weight. Rings with no scooping done inside the band are not only sturdier but also, more comfortable to wear. Make a specific request for such rings if you wish to have one, our team of experts will let you know if your ring would need an additional metal weight. 

So should you go for a men's silver or gold ring. It might be true that jewelers including Kaisilver, make a higher profit margin on gold rings - the truth is that, men seem to adore sterling silver. Besides being priced more economically,  men's silver rings have that classy look without being flashing and loud. A silver ring also makes it possible to assign metal weight to the ring more generously. And to answer the often asked question - why are Kaisilver men's silver rings not cheap - the answer is quite simple. We maintain the same high quality standards for men's rings, irrespective of the choice of metal. The wax carving, master mold creation, filing and polishing, custom gem cutting and immaculate gem setting are performed by the same team of extremely talented and experienced artisans. Silver jewelry is generally designed and made with a bundle of compromises but, this is not how we handle silver jewelry orders. 

MAN63n Men's Square Ring Highlights:

  • The center gemstone is a square 7-8mm gemstone, you choose the gem of your choice. 
  • The ring is available in gold or silver, tapered or uniformed band width. 
  • Minimum metal weight is 20gms for the gold ring and 15gms for the silver ring. 
  • Exact metal weight might be increased depending on ring size. 
  • The ring is fully custom made and all design modifications can be provided. 
  • There is no limitation on ring size, all size requests can be accommodated. 
  • The ring is shown with a square green tourmaline gemstone. 
  • The design is suited for both formal and informal wear.
  • The MAN63n is a great option for a men's wedding band. 
  • We can craft a custom men's ring with design specifications provided by you. 
  • Additional metal weight might be required to fulfill requests for a solid band. 
  • Requests for etching messages inside the band can be handled at no extra charge. 

How To Buy: High end jewelry was never meant to be bought and sold with the usual gimmicks of 'Buy Now', 'Express Checkout' etc etc. We would request you to get in touch with our experts at with any queries that you might have. Check out the Men's Custom Ring Section, for full details on the MAN63n ring. You can also email us your design ideas to be custom made. 

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