Man Ring, Large Gemstone

Men prefer to wear big rings so it is no surprise that, they expect to find a big gemstone in their ring. The MAN136 men's tourmaline ring from Kaisilver is a great example of the look, that men seek for their gold or 925 silver rings. You could order this ring with a 11x9mm or 12x10mm oval gemstone. The horizontal mount of the gem gives the ring a wider sparkle, something that modern men seem to appreciate. The selection of a gemstone for a big men's ring is an important issue, we wish to highlight some important factors that would influence gem selection. 

men's big gemstone ring
big gemstone ring for men

Factors Influencing Gem Selection:

  • Gemstone prices vary and some gems are very expensive in large sizes. 
  • Men generally prefer deeper colored gems for their rings. 
  • Most men would prefer sturdy gems that require nominal care. 
  • The same basic color can often be found in many different gemstones. 
  • Picking a big birthstone for a men's ring is a great option. 
  • Gems that protrude significantly are more prone to damage by impact. 
  • Be clear of your requirement for a natural gem and not a synthetic piece.

If you happen to be selecting a big gemstone for your ring based on color, it would help to know about different gemstones that have the same basic color. Simply put this would mean that, the sapphire is not the only blue gemstone available, green gems go far beyond emerald and red is a color seen in a range of gems - not just ruby. It is also important to understand that, the choice of gem colors for a men's big gemstone ring, need not be limited to red, blue and green. The world of gemstones offers some exciting colors like orange, pink, black, brown and purple. Talking about the MAN136 green tourmaline ring, you could identify at least 3 more gemstones that have a green color. Below is a list of gem colors and the popular gemstones that have that color. 

White Or Colorless Gems: White topaz, white sapphire, white quartz, danburite, white zircon and of course diamonds. 

Blue Gemstones: Blue sapphire, blue topaz (3 shades of blue), aquamarine, blue zircon, blue spinel, blue lapis (opaque), blue apatite, blue turquoise, tanzanite (violet blue), iolite (violet blue). 

Red Gemstones: Red garnet, red spinel, ruby, rubelite (tourmaline).

Green Gemstones: Emerald, green tourmaline, peridot, green jade, crysophrase, malachite, green sapphire, chrome diopside. 

Orange Gemstones: Orange sapphire, fire opal, spessartite. 

Purple Gemstones: Amethyst, purple sapphire.

Violet Gemstones: Tanzanite (violet blue), Iolite (violet blue).

Pink Gemstones: Pink tourmaline, pink sapphire, pink opal (opaque), morganite.

Yellow Gemstones: Citrine, lemon quartz, yellow sapphire, yellow topaz, yellow beryl. 

Once you have identified the gem colors for your men's big ring, you should know that color tone and shades generally vary across gemstones. For example, it is hard to confuse a green tourmaline with an emerald. A ruby can be mistaken for a spinel and vice versa but ,unlikely that a red garnet would be wrongly recognized as a ruby. We are presuming a basic knowledge about gems but, reputed jeweler should be able to advice and guide you. 

The toughness of the gemstone in a men's ring will decide just how durable and long lasting the jewel is. It is not uncommon for the large gem in a ring to be the biggest price component of the jewel. All gemstones have specific physical properties, no jewel or gem should be struck with physical force or brought into close contact with strong heat or chemicals and solvents. By knowing about the basic physical features of a gemstone, you will be able to care for the gemstone more effectively. The following information will help you get a clear idea regarding the toughness of the gem in your men's big ring. 

Toughest Gems: Ruby, sapphire and diamonds

Good Durability: Green tourmaline, pink tourmaline, aquamarine, morganite, spinel, iolite, red garnet, spessartite, amethyst, citrine, iolite

Some Care Required: Peridot, emerald, tanzanite

An interesting thing about gem pricing and gem toughness is that, a high price need not imply good toughness. A good example is emerald, the gemstone can cost 50 times (or more) more than the price of green tourmaline but, does require specific care when being worn and cleaned. It is always a good idea to take sufficient care of your ring, most of us develop a special connection to the accessories that we wear. A little care can ensure that your big gemstone ring stays in good condition for a long time. 

There will be times when a men's big gemstone ring will need to be have a specific gemstone, the gem in this case would choose itself. A men's birthstone ring to mark a September birthday, will require a sapphire gemstone. So if you expect to get yourself a big sapphire gemstone ring, you should know that sapphires are priced significantly higher than most other gemstones. So if you wish to wear a large men's sapphire ring, the design will need to deliver a ring with a big look while, keeping the gemstone within the 2 to 3 carat size range. 

A custom made ring would be the perfect way to get a men's ring with a large gem. The design of the ring can be adjusted to your liking and the gem shape and size, could also be chosen by you. A Kaisilver men's ring can be ordered in gold or sterling silver and both metals, are given the same quality of craftsmanship and gemstones. Besides picking a design from our collection, you could also send us your own design ideas to be custom made. 

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