Ruby Ring For Men MAN64r

The popularity of ruby cuts across all genders, age groups and regions. To any gem lover, ruby is one of the most irresistible gemstones. Men love rubies, the bigger the better and men's ruby gemstones symbolize status and prosperity. There are a few interesting and important features of rubies that you should know. Few jewelers care to talk about them so, keep this information for your reference. 

Ruby Important Information:

  • Ruby is a variety of corundum (mineral), the same is true of sapphire. 
  • Gem quality ruby is rare, prolonged mining rapidly depletes resources. 
  • Burma (Myanmar) and Mozambique account for most of the ruby resources. 
  • Ruby by nature is a very tough gemstone, comes second to only diamond. 
  • The gemstone is expensive and larger sizes carry a high premium. 
  • This is one gemstone that is popular with both men and women.
  • Ruby has always symbolized love, compassion and sincerity. 
  • It is very popular in high end engagement and wedding rings.
  • Ruby is the birthstone for the month of July. 
  • The gemstone marks the 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries. 
  • Heating rubies to increase their beauty is an accepted practice. 
  • Newer forms of treatment like fissure filling have evolved. 
  • Numerous fakes, synthetics and imitations exist. 
  • Make a purchase only from a reputed jeweler. 
  • High priced rubies should come with an authentication certificate. 
ruby ring for men
men's ruby diamond ring

Let's now talk about the MAN64r, one of the most sturdy, handsome and luxurious men's ruby rings that you will every come across. Designing this men's ring was a challenge, the parameters defined were all high end and yet, the target price point was very down to earth. The design team worked along with our gem and production experts, what we did achieve is nothing short of a miracle. Expertise in gemstone buying combined with our habit of adding very modest profit margins, allowed us to deliver a tremendous jewel that will serve you well for many generations.

We did say that ruby is tough gem but, there are many other factors that worth together to create a strong and long lasting jewelry. Advanced features have been incorporated into this men's ruby gemstone ring to ensure, that it retains its condition for a very long time. A minimum metal weight of 25 grams, a very secure bezel type mount for the gemstone and diamonds that are set without any protrusion, are just some of these. At Kaisilver, we work to build long term relationships, we do not cut quality just to lower prices and grab your order. We list the main features of this awesome ruby ring for men below.

MAN64r Men's Ruby Ring Highlights:

  • This is a men's custom made ring, all features can be customized. 
  • You can order a gold or sterling silver ruby ring for men. 
  • The superior quality standards are maintained for both metals. 
  • We offer options for 14k or 18k, white, pink or yellow gold. 
  • A price quote can be provided for a 10k gold ruby ring.
  • The metal weight of this men's ring is a hefty 25 grams. 
  • Ruby rings for men in very large sizes could be heavier. 
  • We can also craft a ruby ring with your own design idea. 
  • The center gemstone is a 9x7mm oval natural ruby gemstone. 
  • You could order this men's ring with the gemstone of your choice. 
  • The ruby gem comes with a gem authentication certificate. 
  • There are two 2.5mm round diamonds in the ring. 
  • Prices for a smaller or larger, diamonds and gem can be quoted. 
  • Clearly specify if you need a solid band with no scooping done inside. 

Customization: When ordering a men's ruby ring from Kaisilver, keep the key word 'custom made' in mind. We can craft a ruby ring for you that includes, all your preferences. With the gold and silver ruby ring getting the same detail to attention and being made with the same gem quality, you could make a choice that fits within your budget. Gems like rubies and sapphires are very expensive, you could choose just about any gemstone for your men's ring. Many gems might allow you to accommodate a larger ring in you budget. Discussing your requirements with the support team, will ensure that you get the best ring for what you pay. 

Buying From Kaisilver. Regarded as the leading online provider of high end custom made jewelry, we craft all types of jewels in gold or 925 silver. While you could review the designs presented on our websites, we can also make a jewel based on a design provided by you. Read the complete MAN64r Men's Ruby Ring Report and get to know about pricing details and other options. Our support experts at will be glad to help you with any information  or clarifications that you might need.

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