Black Onyx Jewelry

A black opaque gemstone, might not seem to be the kind of gem to boast of a consistent and steady demand. But black onyx is a unique gem that has managed to impress millions of gem and jewelry lovers across the globe. Black onyx jewelry includes, onyx rings, onyx bracelets, onyx earrings, onyx pendants and even onyx cufflinks. When it comes to men's black onyx gemstone jewelry, it is the confident but yet calm appearance of the gemstone that men respect. Ladies are not far behind, fancy shapes and fancy cuts are in demand when it comes to ladies onyx rings or bracelets. Thailand and Indonesia produce some of the finest and artistic onyx pendants, these are generally crafted in sterling silver. In this report we discuss various issues related to black onyx gemstone jewelry. Without keeping a sales pitch, we would rather provide you with relevant information and let you make your own buying decisions.

black onyx jewelry

If you have never seen a black onyx gemstone from close, it might be hard to believe that, a simple black opaque gemstone can command such a high degree of recognition and respect. The stone when well cut and shaped looks awesome in gold or 925 sterling silver black onyx jewelry. When it comes to the design concepts of black onyx gemstone jewelry, the gemstone poses few limitations. It is possible to get large black onyx gems in fairly large sizes at a modest price. Fancy cuts and facets are all possible with this black gemstone.

There are a few things about black onyx jewelry that you need to keep in mind. This information will help you evaluate various options, and ensure that you get the right piece of black onyx gemstone jewelry. Remember that mere external appearance is not enough, the jewel needs to have longterm durability too. You will learn all about that and more, in this report on onyx gem stone jewelry.

The fact that onyx is moderately priced even for large pieces, encourages gem cutters to cut gems with a big height. To explain this, let us take an example. A 16x12mm black onyx gem, would have a depth or thickness, we refer to this as the height. If your black onyx ring has an onyx stone that is cut very high, the gemstone will protrude well beyond the mounting. When this happens, the possibility of the gemstone hitting against hard objects or surfaces increases, this could lead to the black onyx getting scratched. We do understand that a gemstone that is cut very thin, can also break easily but - a moderate height is an ideal solution for this.

If you are mounting an onyx stone in an open mount, like the one with a few prongs to hold the stone in place, make sure that the border of the stone is not too thin - again related to protecting the gemstone from side impact.

A couple of years ago, we had an Irish lady contact us for a pendant repair job. The lady had purchased some gold onyx jewelry from a famous British jewelry store in London. The gem was a huge heart shaped black onyx gemstone. The face of the gem was cut with a checkerboard (multi faceted) style. The problem was that, after a few years of wearing the gemstone seemed to be scratched or pitted in many places. We did not take the job after we saw some close up high definition images that she sent us. On scrutiny we found that the gemstone was damaged along the facets probably, due to physical impact with hard surfaces or objects. It is impossible to repair such gems without a complete recut and repolish. For this task to be accomplished well, it is required to take off the gemstone.

We have mentioned the above example as a case study. You should know that faceted gems and especially multi-faceted gemstones would show up wear and tear marks more easily. So if you are keen on getting black onyx jewelry with faceted onyx gems, be prepared to take some care of the gems.

Another important issue related to black onyx jewelry is the gem mounting. The two popular gem mounting methods, are the prong setting and the bezel setting. From the longterm durability point of view, the bezel setting where the entire gemstone is bordered with metal is a good choice. If the gems in your onyx jewelry are mounted with prongs, make sure that the prongs are sturdy. Sharp prongs can scratch delicate skin and pointed prongs can stick in pockets and open up.

Some jewelers use an easy way to mount gems like black onyx, they use glue to stick the gem into place! This is a very cheap gimmick, since there are many disadvantages in using this type of gem mounting. The glue can weaken over time, heat, water and range of other conditions can cause the gemstone to become loose due to the glue losing it's strength. It is not difficult to imagine what expenses and problems a lost gemstone can cause. We would therefore rate the issue of glue being used as one of the top, considerations that you should give when selecting your onyx gem stone jewelry. Avoid jewelry where the gems are stuck with glue. 

We have compiled this report to assist you in selecting black onyx jewelry that is right for you. We have also drawn attention to the fact that, many issues besides external beauty need to be considered before buying onyx gemstone jewelry. A more comprehensive report on onyx jewelry has been published at Read the report and understand what to expect from the onyx jewelry that you buy. Our experts at will be glad to hear your comments and suggestions.