Mens Ruby Ring, Gem Size Issues

It might seem like a simple issue but, the gem size in a mens ruby ring needs a lot of decision making to be done. The main reason for this is the pricing and availability of large ruby gems. Gems in most mens rings including a gold or 925 silver mens ring, would generally be quite large. But the term large when used with gem stones, is not the same for all gems. For example, a men's ring with a blue topaz could easily have a gem size that is in the 8 to 10 carat range. However this is ruled out for a ruby gem stone ring where, a size of 3 carats is already presumed to be large. We are ofcourse talking about natural rubies that have been treated only with conventional heating. Fissure filled and glass filled rubies are very much cheaper and can be found in larger sizes too but, these stones are not durable. You should know that gemstone experts accept only conventional heat treatment for ruby, as the effect is permanent and does not reduce the hardness or strength of the gem stone.


We have had buyers refer to Indian rubies when thinking about a mens ruby ring, but this needs to be clearly understood before a buying decision is made. The opaque variety of rubies available in India can reach sizes of even 10 to 15 carats but, there is a major problem with these rubies. A high concentration of inclusions drastically reduce the durability of the ruby. If you closely observe these Indian rubies, you will notice that they have a flaky kind of appearance. This makes them prone to chipping and cracking, something which will not happen with Mozambique or Burmese rubies. Besides this, Indian rubies are normally treated with oils (yes oils) and color is often added in the treatment process. This is not an acceptable form of treatment for rubies, so it is a good idea to stay away from them.  

mens ruby ring gold or silver


Let us talk about the gem size for a mens ruby ring with MAN07 mens ruby gemstone ring, as an example. The 14k or 18k ruby mens gold ring shown above has a 7mm round ruby gem stone. If you were looking for mens ruby gem stone rings with round gems, the 7mm size can be procured without much of a problem. However since rubies are generally cut in oval shape, round sizes beyond 7mm are not easy to find.


It is therefore a good idea to select a 7mm round natural ruby for a 14k or 18k mens ruby gem stone ring. You can ofcourse select an 8mm round ruby gem stone if your budget permits but, you might end up paying around 40% more for an 8mm gem. This does seem like a high price because, a 1mm size increase results in a 40% price increase. The MAN07 Kaisilver mens ruby ring also comes with some other fine features like, good craftsmanship and a handsome gold weight of 20 to 25 grams.


Remember that a 7mm round ruby will not always have the same price even if, they come from the same region. Clarity, color and origin will together determine the price of the gemstone. However you need to keep in mind that, most rubies will show natural inclusions even when viewed with the naked eye. Clearer rubies can be very expensive. Just to give you an idea, a Burmese ruby that is a 7mm round piece, can be priced in the range of 1,500 U.S$ to even 8,000 U.S$ for a single piece. 


Now let us talk about some other shapes for the gem in a mens silver or gold ruby ring. If you were considering getting a mens ruby ring with a square shaped ruby stone, you should know that you might have to do a lot of searching to get a ruby square that is beyond 5mm or 6mm. This does not mean that, it is impossible to make a mens ruby ring with a 7mm square ruby gemstone. It does mean that, a custom jeweler will be able to procure and custom cut the gemstone for your ring. This ofcourse adds a premium to the price tag of a square mens ruby ring. It is not very often that you come across a mens gem stone ring that, has a gem size that is less than 7mm so accept the fact that you might have to pay a bit more to get a mens ruby gem stone ring with a 7mm (or bigger) ruby with a square shape.


Talking about oval shaped ruby gems for a mens 925 silver or gold ruby ring is much more relaxed! Most rubies are cut in oval shapes, sizes could be 8x6mm, 9x7mm or 10x8mm. You can ofcourse get a 11x9mm oval shaped ruby for your mens ring too, but expect to pay a huge bill for the ring. Cutting a ruby into an oval shape results in the least amount of cutting weight loss (from rough ruby to final cut ruby) - this is what makes the shape popular with gem manufacturers.


For an oval shaped gem, a ruby of size 9x7mm would be a great choice. This is especially true for mens ruby rings, if you are talking about a lady's ruby gemstone ring, a size of 8x6mm might be fine too. A ruby mens ring with a 9x7mm oval shaped ruby gem stone will give you the best equation between quality, gem size and price. A 10x8mm oval ruby gem stone will ofcourse look grand too, but expect to pay at least 40% to 60% more when graduating from the 9x7mm oval ruby to the 10x8mm oval ruby gem stone.

Other gem shapes like octogonal, baguette or even the emerald cut shape can also be used to make mens ruby gemstone rings. Howevere these shapes along with the cushion cut follow a similar price trend for similar reasons, as the square ruby gem stone that we just talked about. Also remember that a gem size of around 8x6mm, 9x7mm would be ideal with these ruby gem shapes.


Kaisilver can provide mens ruby rings with your choice of design, gem size and shape but it is necessary for you to understand which gem size and shape gives you best value for your money. For example, a 9x7mm octogonal ruby shaped gem could cost about 40% to 50% more than a 9x7mm oval ruby gemstone. It is therefore necessary to select the right jeweler who will advise you ways to get the best value for your money. You can ofcourse choose gold or 925 sterling silver for all your jewelry selections. We provide the same attention and craftsmanship for gold and sterling silver jewelry orders.


The MAN07 mens ruby gem stone ring has a structure with a tapering band width. While this is suitable for a casual wear ring or a mens ruby wedding or engagement ring, many buyers prefer to wear the conventional wedding band as a wedding ring. We will briefly discuss the RG215 mens ruby wedding ring below.



The RG215 mens ruby wedding band is awesome and impressive. By setting a modest size round ruby gem stone on the ruby wedding band, Kaisilver experts have created a ring that looks far more expensive that the price tag would suggest. A gem stone size of 6mm or 7mm would give you an impressive ruby wedding band that is modestly priced. The two diamonds on the side are optional and add a touch of extravagance to the jewel.


The interesting thing about the RG215 Kaisilver mens wedding band with ruby is that, you could also choose a square ruby that is around 5mm to 6mm in size. A gem size of just 6mm would give you an impressive band width of around 8mm, this is indeed the ideal band width for a mens wedding band.


We do not want to reduce this informative article to a sales pitch, so let us get on with the suggestions and recommendations. When choosing a design for your mens ruby ring, keep the gem size in mind. A custom jeweler like Kaisilver can provide just about any design with a gem stone of your choice. However, the cost factor is important for all jewelry buyers and this requires that attention be given to the price logistics for gems in relation to their size and shape. Few jewelers provide the kind of detailed guidance that Kaisilver does so, it is a good idea to contact our support team at before making a buying decision. Once you have all your queries answered, work with a jeweler that makes you feel comfortable. We will be glad if you get quality for your money, irrespective of where you get your mens ruby gem stone ring from.


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